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The Hitchhiker By Hannah Roll

EXT. COUNTRY ROAD. NIGHT A car is traveling down a narrow, windy road and at points the mud on the road is causing the car to slide however it is still traveling at a reasonable speed. The only source of light is the headlights from the car, shining rather dimly onto the road. In the driver’s seat is TOM and in the passenger seat in his daughter DENISE. Tom is a business man, dressed in a black suit and has dark circles under his eyes and Denise is a young girl, with long blond hair and doesn’t glance up from her phone. CUT TO: INT. CAR. NIGHT Tom looks fidgety while driving, his eyes darting between the road and his daughter every now and then. There is no interaction until after Tom takes a deep breath. TOM (with a sigh, exhausted) That phone will reduce your brain cells, you know. Denise continues on and it’s apparent that she has ignored him. TOM Conversation with your relatives is very important. When was the last time you spoke to Granny? Denise giggles to herself after reading a message, still ignoring her father. TOM (to himself) That’s good to know. After a short few moments of silence, Tom slows down his driving as he notices a figure of a GIRL and a bright light in the distance. He fumbles around in his pocket for his glasses, and places them on clumsily, he leans over the steering wheel to try and get a better view. As he leans over, the light is shined directly into his eyes from ahead, causing him to let go of the steering wheel with both hands to shield his eyes. TOM Jesus! That was a tad bright... CUT TO:


EXT. COUNTRY ROAD. NIGHT POV the girl. The girl is standing straight, slouching slightly in the direct center of the road. She is wearing a white dress, a giant birthday badge attached to the front, and there’s no shoes. She continuously stares at the car, and keeps the torch shining in Tom’s face as she slowly steps towards it, without hesitation. When she reaches the window she taps on the window and Tom, with a slightly scared expression, winds the window down. Her face is covered by her long brown hair. CUT TO: INT. CAR. NIGHT TOM (stuttering) H-hello? The girl stays silent, however turns her head to the right and points into the distance with a straight arm. Denise has also looked up at this point, and slides up in her seat, leaning her head forward and stares at the girl also. TOM Are you okay there? DENISE She’s creeping me out Dad. TOM (nodding his head slightly) Yeah, me too. The girl turns her head back, places her arm back at her side. She walks to the back door of the vehicle, opens it and gets in, closing the door behind her. Tom and Denise both turn to each other, with confused expressions, and then turn and stare at the girl in the middle back seat. TOM (voice shaky) Are you lost? DENISE At this time of night, Dad? Are you crazy? TOM She must be lost. There’s no other explanation. (CONTINUED)



Denise thinks for a moment before continuing on to stare at the girl. The girl then leans forward between the two front seats, causing Tom and Denise to lean back in surprise. Her face still out of sight. She points forward with a straight arm, in the same direction as before. TOM I’m guessing she wants to go this way. Should I continue on? DENISE I don’t care. You’re the one driving. I just can’t stop staring at her. Tom gulps nervously, before starting the car up again. TOM It’s rude to stare. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. GIRL’S HOUSE. NIGHT The car eventually comes to a stop outside an old, country house surrounded with trees with no leaves. The lights appear to be on in the front rooms of the house, and there is one lamp hanging above the door frame. CUT TO: INT. CAR. NIGHT TOM Well, do you think this isAs Tom turns around slowly to check the girl in the back of the car, he realises that she is gone. He reacts by becoming speechless, slightly pale and placing his hand over his mouth in shock. DENISE Dad, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Tom doesn’t do anything to reply, only continues to stare at the empty back seat. After a few moments, Denise follows her Dad’s gaze.




DENISE (shocked) Oh god. CUT TO: EXT. GIRL’S HOUSE. NIGHT Tom and Denise stand shaking, cold, outside the house. They wait for a few moments, before Tom knocks on the door a couple of times. A few moments later, a WOMAN answers the door. She is quite chubby, dressed in a dressing gown, still chewing on food impolitely. She eyes Tom and Denise up and down. WOMAN Yes? TOM We just saw a young girl, with long brown hair and a white dress. We were wondering if she may of been lost or? The woman stops chewing and her face turns pale with realisation. WOMAN I think you better come in. CUT TO: INT. GIRL’S HOUSE. NIGHT Tom and Denise sit in the living room of the house. They are now joined by the woman’s HUSBAND. Who, in contrast to the woman, is very thin. He sits at a desk, not looking up from his paperwork, lit up with a dim lamp. TOM So, you think you know her? WOMAN Yes. Actually, our beautiful daughter went missing a couple of years ago. It was such a tragic day. After a shaky breath she continues on, looking down at the floor, stroking her hands in her lap nervously.




WOMAN It was her birthday.

The Hitchhiker