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INT. EMILY’S BEDROOM. DAY EMILY, pacing around her apartment bedroom in circles, is around 30 years of age. Her bedroom is messy, with heaps of unwashed clothing in every corner and also on her bed. Her dyed blond hair is in a tight bun and she wears blue jeans, a red shirt and too many bracelets for her right wrist, which make a jangling noise as she walks. She continuously looks down, talking to herself as she paces. EMILY (with shaky breaths) It’ll be okay. Of course it’ll be okay. He can only say yes or no, right? It’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything, right? Yeah, that’s right. Okay. EMILY stops pacing and rushes into her bathroom. The bathroom, like the bedroom, has many piles of unwashed towels. The mirror is still steamed up from a shower she had in the morning. She grabs a jumper from a pile behind her and quickly wipes down the mirror, staring into it, taking deep breaths. EMILY Let’s do this. EXT. PARK. DAY EMILY is sitting on a bench in a spacious park. The park has very fresh, cleanly cut grass and there are just a few people scattered around. She is nervously holding the bench below her and leans forward looking at the floor. She wears the same clothes as earlier but has added a denim jacket. She looks at her watch every now and then to check the time. EMILY looks up as front of her. She t-shirt and black steadily looks up

suddenly a pair of feet appear right in looks up to see a MAN, dressed in a yellow trousers; an apparent work uniform. EMILY as the MAN smiles kindly down at her.

MAN You wanted to talk with me? EMILY (hesitating) Maybe. MAN You’re the one who called me here, you know.




EMILY Did I? MAN EmilyEMILY I have a question to ask you. The MAN’S smile fades and his facial expression becomes more serious. MAN May I sit down? EMILY nods nervously and avoids eye-contact. There are a few moments silence before EMILY mumbles something that is incomprehensible. The MAN, in response, turns to face EMILY quickly. MAN What? I didn’t quite catch that. EMILY takes a deep breath but still doesn’t look up from the ground. EMILY I was wondering if you, maybe, I don’t know... wanted toMAN (laughing slightly) I’m free after work later? You want to get a bite to eat? EMILY looks up suddenly and meets face-to-face with the MAN. Her face is of surprise but after a few moments, a small smile appears. EMILY I would love that.

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