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INT. DAD’S HOUSE, KITCHEN, EVENING. With the sound of the kettle boiling, a MAN in his mid-40s is sitting at the dining room table reading a newspaper open wide in front of him. The kitchen is lit brightly, with light shining in through the closed windows. The kitchen is also spotless, with every surface shining. Just as the kettle whistles, DANIEL, a teenager, rushes into the room through the open door. He is wearing his pajamas still; consisting of a shirt too big for him and baggy pajama bottoms. His brown hair is messed up as a couple of clumps of hair sticking out. DANIEL (rushing) I’ll get that Dad. The FATHER places his newspaper back down on the table gently, while peering over his thin framed glasses. He is wearing a black suit, cleaned the same morning. He has a clean shaven face, and his black suitcase lies on the table in front of him. FATHER You’re in a kind mood today, son. The FATHER once again lifts up his newspaper, waiting patiently. DANIEL makes the cup of tea quickly, with his hand shaking as he stirs. He looks up through his hair and stares at his father, placing the tea spoon back down and leaning down on the counter with straight arms. DANIEL Dad? FATHER Yes son? DANIEL (gulping) Do you have a moment? The FATHER sighs, quickly trying to finish reading the article on the page. He then places down the newspaper, clearing his throat and leaning forward, grasping his hands together and glancing at his son in the kitchen. FATHER I suppose. DANIEL takes a few deep breaths, and goes back to looking down trying to avoid eye contact with his father.




DANIEL I think I’m gay. After a few moments DANIEL looks up, meeting direct eye contact with his father, who coughs and in response leans back in his chair, looking away and adjusting his tie nervously. FATHER I see. Well... I guess there’s nothing I can do about that. After a few moments of silence, with a quick movement the FATHER folds the newspaper shut and places it under his arm. He grabs his suitcase in the other, and without another glance, stands up. FATHER I’ll be off to work then. DANIEL’s face turns to a mix of confusion and sadness, as he then turns to look at the clock on the wall. DANIEL You’ll be early. The FATHER pauses for only a second to give a gentle smile to DANIEL who looks back at him. The FATHER then leaves the kitchen before DANIEL can get another word in edgeways. After the sound of the front door shutting, DANIEL stares at the seat at where his father was. He chuckles to himself, as if he already knew the result, picks up the tea and takes a sip for himself.

Screenplay 1  
Screenplay 1