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INT. JANE’S BEDROOM. DAWN JANE, 30, sits slumped forward on a computer chair which is in need of repairing. Her bedroom is a small, cramped room not one made for company. At the back of the room is a large window however completely covered by loosely held black curtains. Cramped behind the desk are shelves that are just withholding the weight of the many pieces of paperwork, which now serve the only purpose of building dust. On the very top shelf is a picture of JANE in a smart frame, however cracked. It shows her standing outside a tall office building named TOWER OFFICE, dressed in a business suit smiling, looking like a different person. The lighting now is dim with the only light source being the laptop, which itself is much like the chair; in need of repairing. JANE herself isn’t much better, unable to remember the last time she properly ate and washed, her long jet-black hair tangled at the ends. She wears black jeans, a gray jumper and no socks, the rest of her clothes in a pile by the door. The light exaggerates JANE’S facial features: mainly the dark bags under her eyes. She types fast on the laptop, not even glancing down at the keyboard once. Without even taking a break from typing she glances down at the time in the corner of the screen, 6:30AM. Sighing deeply, she grabs a comb from the draw beside her, and quickly brushes her hair through before pulling on some black pumps and pulling her hood above her head. Leaving the laptop in the same state, she exits the room, shoving her hands in her jumper pockets. CUT TO EXT. JANE’S HOUSE. EARLY MORNING She pulls the door shut behind her, not bothering to lock it. She hops down the steps lazily and carries on walking down her pathway. The house she leaves is small and in need of a repaint, surrounded by overgrown grass and plants. The only plant life surrounding the house is the large tree behind. CUT TO EXT. CHURCH ROAD. EARLY MORNING JANE slowly walks down the road, yawning widely. CUT TO


EXT. TOWER OFFICE. EARLY MORNING JANE trudges up the concrete steps up to the pristine looking building with the words TOWER OFFICE written at the top. She ignores any eye-contact with any other passing people, who are mainly dressed in business suits like JANE’S in the picture frame earlier. CUT TO INT. JANE’S OFFICE. EARLY MORNING JANE slumps down into her office chair. Sighing, leaning forward and immediately switching on her computer. She stretches out her fingers, and begins typing on a Word document. After a few moments, her BOSS walks past the wide glass windows, stopping and giving her a disapproving stare. JANE returns with a weak smile, and waits until he has left before she quickly turns and begins typing again. CUT TO EXT. TOWER OFFICE. EVENING The dim streetlamps now light up the street. It looks cold. JANE, once again, trudges down the steps but also puts her hood up, shoving her hands in her pockets and yawning yet again. CUT TO INT. CORNER SHOP. EVENING JANE stands in front of a shelf of bread, and sighs deeply. Grabbing the closest loaf to her, she hands it by her side loosely, and walks dragging her feet behind her. When she reaches the counter, she swings the bread up onto it and then places a £2 coin next to it. CUT TO EXT. CHURCH ROAD. EVENING She trudges back to her house slowly. She trips slightly up the steps and sniffs, overall showing her tiredness. CUT TO


INT. JANE’S BEDROOM. EVENING She slumps down on her computer chair, throwing the bread onto the bed behind her. (SHOW MORE OF HER ADDICTION) She opens her laptop, then clicks on the browser to open up Facebook. JANE’S look up in surprise to see that she has a message. She clicks on it, her eyes scanning words in front of her. She shakes her head, mouthing the word ’no’ before clenching her fist and hitting the desk. She then, as if falling forward, hits her forehead on her laptop keyboard with frustration. CUT TO INT. JANE’S ENTRANCE WAY. EARLY AFTERNOON JANE opens the front door to be face-to-face with the MOTHER, her hands on the shoulders of her son JAMEY who is standing straight in front of her. The MOTHER is dressed in black trousers, a white polo shirt and her bright blonde hair tied up in a tight bun. JAMEY is just a smart, wearing a brown jumper, light blue trousers and his brown hair combed neatly to the side. The MOTHER smiles a somewhat fake smile, her eyes showing worry but on the other hand JAMEY steps forward, practically resting his chin on JANE’S stomach, looking up at her grinning. The MOTHER crosses her arms tightly, is about to open her mouth when suddenly she turns at the sound of thunder booming over outside. She steps into the house more, and then crouches down to JAMEY’S level. MOTHER Be a good boy for ’Auntie Jane’ now Jamey. The MOTHER stands up, looking directly at JANE. JANE merely turns around and stares at her laptop in the bedroom. She sighs, turning back round at the sound of the MOTHER’S voice. MOTHER You’ve become a real recluse haven’t you Jane? I really didn’t want to have to do this, but I had no choice. Another sound of thunder roars over, causing all three of them to turn their head to look at the door. The sound of heavy rain also sounds, causing the MOTHER to quickly kiss JAMEY on the head and then neaten up his hair again. She turns round, placing her folder on top of her head and running out the door. JANE steps forward, causing JAMEY to (CONTINUED)



stumble backwards out the way. JANE looks once out the door, before shrugging and closing it and resting her forehead on it. She turns back round after a few moments, to see JAMEY standing there holding the packet of bread in one hand and a piece of bread in the other, with a couple of bites in it. JANE groans, turns back around and hits her forehead on the door in frustration. CUT TO INT. JANE’S BEDROOM. LATE AFTERNOON JANE sits back at her laptop, leaning forward, with her earphones in, trying to escape from the real world as much as possible. JAMEY suddenly runs past the bedroom door, screaming, holding two transformers in his hand. After a few moments, he runs up to her desk, his eyes fixed solidly on JANE. JAMEY grabs JANE’S left arm and tries to pull her out of her chair. JANE shakes JAMEY off angrily, pushing him away and trying to focus back on her laptop screen. JAMEY pouts, but doesn’t give up. He runs to JANE’S bed, climbs up onto it and starts jumping and laughing. JANE clenches her fists, and then rubs her head as if having a headache. JAMEY continues jumping until he notices an iPhone on top of a stack of folders on the shelf. The iPhone is slightly dusty and has many scratches. JAMEY jumps off the bed onto the floor and runs over to JANE, pointing up at the phone with a straight arm. JANE does a double take, her eyes then locking with JAMEY’S before following his arm and looking to where he’s pointing. JANE sighs heavily, clumsily standing up from her chair and reaching up to grab the phone. After grabbing it, she drops it in JAMEY’S now cupped hands and slumps back into her chair. With a satisfied look on his face, JAMEY then grins widely, awkwardly hugging JANE before running back through the door. Not too long later, a splash sounds and JANE again hits her head against the laptop keyboard. JANE stands up from her chair, and walks through to INT. JANE’S BATHROOM. LATE AFTERNOON JANE looks down at JAMEY standing in front of the toilet looking and pointing down into it. JANE leans against the door frame loosely, rubbing her temples with closed eyes. After a while, JANE opens her eyes sighing. Her line of sight changes from JAMEY, to the toilet and then back to JAMEY. She then nods her head towards the toilet, sternly. JAMEY falls to his knees and whines. JANE face palms herself, her hand slides down her face as she steps over to JAMEY, and looks into the toilet at the sunken iPhone.


INT. JANE’S KITCHEN. LATE AFTERNOON JAMEY sits on the kitchen counter, looking down sadly and slowly swinging his legs. The kitchen, just like the whole house, is dimly lit. The darkness if exaggerated by the black coloured counters which are covered with a thin layer of dust. Next to JAMEY is the sink, a couple of empty glasses laying at the bottom. JAMEY looks up at JANE, a sad look in his eyes as if he is about to cry. He knows what he’s done wrong. JANE gives a small laugh, somewhat quiet as it’s the first time she has made a noise in a long while. She places both her hands on the counter, leaning forward on them and continues to make a smile grin at JAMEY. After a few moments, another sound of thunder roars over and JANE looks worriedly out the kitchen window. She kindly motions for JAMEY to get off the counter, and he obeys her orders, pushing himself off and scurrying towards JANE’S bedroom. JANE once again looks outside the window, concerned at the heavy rain. INT. JANE’S BEDROOM. EARLY EVENING JANE sits in her chair once again, sitting with her feet firmly planted on the floor. JAMEY sits on the other side of the living room, which JANE can see clearly from her spot. Suddenly the lights blow out. Panic. JANE rises up from her chair quickly, jumping forward just as a bright flash sparks from outside. The sound of a falling tree sounds. A boom of thunder muffles the sound of JAMEY’S scream, just as the tree falls through ceiling above them. All JANE sees before the tree falls through is JAMEY’s terrified look and JANE, in a state of panic, doesn’t know how to react. She clears her throat. JANE (yelling) Jamey?! All she can her in response is a muffled, scared cry from JAMEY. JANE looks around her for a solution. She jumps forward to the her desk, pulling a draw open quickly, fumbling around and then grabbing a torch. She nervously switches the torch on, shining it up and around investigating the damage. JANE looks up at the now huge hole in the ceiling. The night outside is cold. The wind and rain blowing strongly through the hole and onto JANE.

Communication [Draft 2]  
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