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- for a good study society ~1~

Who is the Studentersamfundet? Chariman: Christian Andersen (Mea 5)

I’m 24 years, previously been a ski instructor in Austria, and played drums in many different bands and genres. Unfortunately there is not much room in a 2 bedroom apartment, that’s why I had to leave the set to be packed up. Skiing is still cared for, and I try as far as economy and time suitable to go. Even when I started AAU-CPH I made a deal with myself that I will be in the various associations, and be active in the students’ environment. I started there-

fore in the Board of direction in the contemporary student organization DSF, which was a mixture of IHK and AAU students. I did not agree with several of their ideologies. They were a contractor, every year got a pool of money that they have to manage for the students. But I think that the students have to manage their interests, with the possibility of having a main body that can assist students in obtaining the necessary permits to get started with their interests. This problem was solved quickly itself, since we already after the first semester got wind of us to move into Nokia’s buildings. This meant that a new student union also should be created. There were, in cooperation with the Studentersamfundet (hereafter referred to as ”S’et”) AAU held a founding meeting, the outcome of which is the organization we know today. Thanks to the good cooperation between the Studentersamfundet and AAU, it has been possible to get to where we are today, and more to come in the future.

Studentersamfundet provides an opportunity to improve life on campus, because it gives you a vote in the decisions that affects you and your fellow students. ~1~

Vice Chariman: Simon Frank Påskesen (Media Management 7).

Kasserer: Emilie Als (Mea 5)

In short so I’m studying Operations and Innovation Management: Media Management at 1 semester of the candidate. In the past year I have been a board member of the “S” and in this connection I have been the only representative from the Faculty of Humanities of the Board. I have during the year spent some time on sports and very much on building up our electronic platforms, including our website and the administration and distribution of newsletters. Among my key priorities is to continue the “S’” development as an organization, to improve the learning environment for students and to continue my work with sports as well as our technical infrastructure of the “S”.

My experience with the “S” started when I was elected as Vice-President of study bar –Slusen - at AAU CPH. Here I used a year of starting the bar from the ground up. Through my work with Slusen I could see the S fight for other cool initiatives, and then I felt it was time to move on in the governing bodies of the AAU CPH, then the S was the obvious choice. I sit as treasurer of the S because I like to have an overview of the situation, and would continue to have close contact with the bar, which is after all still my darling here at campus.


Board Member: Mikkel Rasch Nielsen (Mea 9)

Board Member: Albert Glies (Tek-Ant 5)

I am part of the Studentersamfundet because I wanted to do other creative things than my study. I missed several alternatives within my interests and would like to work more with film and animation than what my study offered.

Pro Alumni, Per Alumni Muligheder er der nok af, men gennem S’et bliver dine idéer til virkelighed. Da AAU-CPH stadigvæk er en ny institution, er det vigtigt at styrke sammenholdet blandt de studerende. Netop derfor går jeg i front for alle events, og dette år kan vi som noget nyt præsentere OpstartsFesten.

Why become a part of the Studentersamfundet? Because if you’re like me, feel like more than just studying while you’re in university, you get the opportunity to participate in or start your own groups within your interests.

”A membership only costs 250 kr and apply throughout your studies at Aalborg University Copenhagen.”

Board Member Mads Hagemann Nielsen (Mea 5)

The “S” is something you should join! We make sure that there will be a good atmosphere on campus, both socially and academically! My primary work is to have communicated the different information out to all the students. If you need help to get communicated something out please contact me.


Political representative: Nanna Finne Skovrup (Tek-Ant 5)

The Organization’s primary purpose is to help create an exciting and inspiring study environment for everyone at Aalborg University Copenhagen. It is possible for students to urge to be allowed to create autonomous groups under Studentersamfundet Cph. The purpose of these is to handle specific events or interests among students at Aalborg University Copenhagen.

I am studying Techno-Anthropology at 5 semester, and has been featured at the student CPH since its inception. I am the “S” student political spokesman and I am especially fighting for that the students is heard and represented in all cases at the university. No matter which study you are in, and no matter how many students there are, everyone should have an equal right to participate in the active student life. Additionally, I have been part of the sports committee on campus, where we among other things have kayak.

Board Member: Mick Neupart (Mea 5)

The university is not just about how much you love your study, but just as much about the context that creates a good study environment. Therefore, I am fighting for the small cozy interest groups can get a place at university, and where people across studies can meet. Therefore, I started the student café - Kaffepletten (The Coffee stain) last year along with 3 others, but it was just the first step towards a better study environment


The driving force in the organization, are the students, and it is therefore the be-all and endall to have some engaged people, who have the desire and willingness to lend a helping hand. This applies to people to start and run groups, be in the board of directions or people who just want to support the study environment with a membership in The “S” CPH

“By the students, for the students” This is our motto. This means that our work is make this university to an even better place to be, both academically and socially. We will always be able to take office if you think something is not right in the education policy issues. When it comes to the social environment, it is all of us at the university, who together must stand up and organize various social events. We will be at your disposal with administrative and even financially if there is a need to provide this. This requires that we get as many as possible to become a member, if it shall be affordable for everything.

We already have several groups you can choose to be an active part of!

Slusen: AAU-CPH’s Friday bar for all

students! Here you can come and drink a beer, soft drink or whatever you like every other Friday at Frederikskaj 12. Come and be social, and learn your fellow students to know. It’s a good way to expand one’s horizon!

Kaffepletten: On the 5th floor at

A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, is Kaffepletten (The Coffee stain) - A student cafe where everyone is welcome. Every Wednesday from 14 to 18, you can at Kaffepletten buy cheap but good coffee and Mick’s famous cookies. You can free of charge use our wide range of board games. Kaffepletten makes each month an event where everyone can participate, even the international students can participate, as the events take place in English. At Kaffepletten you will be served by student volunteers, who will meet you with a smile. Are you interested in meeting other students across the education and classes? Then Kaffepletten is the place for you. You are also warmly invited to join Kaffeplettens association, lend a helping hand in the cafe, and thereby helping to create a better study environment at Aalborg University Copenhagen.


BlĂŚkhuset: Is a forum for students,

who will care for the part of their creative side that has the visual expression to do - drawing, painting, doodles, graphic design, avant-garde etc. It is a place where you can meet with peers and practice, present and discuss one’s works, get tips and tricks to techniques (as well as the always important criticism). In the end, it is also a place where one can relax, forget their homework for a while and enjoy oneself in good company.

FilmRADS: FILM RADS is an associati-

on for film buffs and for whom are interested, it serves as a forum on campus. Here you can look for people to photograph, film or movie cozy evenings. Our association consists of both professional, who would like to get into the film industry and ordinary film geeks who love to discuss special effects, directors, film trends and the latest upcoming movies. We can be found on facebook

GameRADS: Game Research And De-

velopment Society, a discussion group of students, lecturers and professors, which have debates about Games and Game Development! The group has also helped to arrange Nordic Game Jam 2013 here at AAU-CPH, and working to get it again in 2014! Game RADS was founded for those who want to develop or research anything game related and who would be better to arrange game related activities than people who are passionate about games?


The Hollesen Hall: Is an old ware- Football: You can use the hall for foothouse, which for several years has been more or less empty and unused. Over the winter, some enthusiasts from CBS Sports made a huge job to set an indoor football field with goals and boards in the old building. In collaboration with campus management at AAU-Cph and CBS Sports, Studentersamfundet Cph has got a deal that makes it possible for students book time in the hall, in the period in which it is available.

Attention! The hall is unheated and that

there is no toilet and shower facilities in the building, but this can be found at A. C. Meyers Vænge 15 in the basement.

More information about the different groups can found at:

ball or form his own football teams and use the hall. We are working to create an AAU-CPH Football team and make college sports so we can fight against other universities.

MiSport: This is where MiSport is the

step towards this .You can use the MiSport’s app to find other students to do sport. It’s up to you for what you want to do, run, walk, play football etc. You will find each other through the app


Studentersamfundet Cph has made an agreement with Nokia Siemens Network, which owns the existing kayaks, which means that it is possible for students and staff to borrow them . All you have to do is join the kayak. It costs 50 kr. / year for students and staff. If you are already are a EPP2 rower of sea, trip or in competition kayak you must take your certificate to the office. Then you get a login for the booking and then it’ll just start kayaking. If you are not an EPP2 rower, then there will be organized Rallies on weekday evenings from May 2013. We are a strong team of four guides who are looking forward to showing you around the harbor. We can have four with us each turn, because there are five boats in total. Booking takes place at the Studentersamfundet’s general booking system - ask the office how it works.



UniFitness Copenhagen is a campus-integrated center for students, staff and external companies, who spend their days in Aalborg University buildings surrounding Teglværkskajen in Sydhavn. UniFitness is newly established in Copenhagen, but has for several years been a great joy among students on campus Aalborg. It was decided in the spring of 2013 to start up in Copenhagen too.

UniFitness is supported by the Studentersamfundet, which provides for the daily operation of the center, and it is the mission and UniFitness’ goal that;

• All students and staff, regardless of age and gender, can feel welcome in UniFitness.

• The physical surroundings invite to

The prices are also indicated on the website are as follows:

a social and active environment, by being broadly appealing, so it will be a good and attractive experience to stay in shape.

Member Studentersamfundet: 360 kr/4mth. via Cash

• Involve the fitness center’s users,

Member Studentersamfundet: 90 kr/mth. via PBS payment

• Members’ expenses are kept to a

minimum, while personal advice and inviting fitness is a high priority. so that students and staff have influence on decision-making processes, and can help to shape UniFitness future actions..

The gym is located in the basement of the ACM 15, ext. 0001, behind the large auditorium. In the basement there are also changing facilities, showers and sauna. All students can be registered as users of the gym and get advice, guidance and training of UniFitness’ instructors.


Not a member Studentersamfundet: 400 kr/4mth. via Cash

Not a member Studentersamfundet: 100 kr/mth. via PBS payment

Annual events

New Groups:

Do you think that there is missing a group or something else? Then contact us with your idea! Have planned a little, like what you want and if it requires money, make a budget that may be around the 3000kr. \ annually.


Here for the studystart we will have our new annual event Boat race! Get together in a small group, build a boat and then race sailing out in Sydhavn! The winners get a nice trophy!

Parties: During the study period will

there be held annual parties, like StartUp Party, Oktoberfest, J-day, etc. We make sure that all of us here at Campus are having fun together!

Membership Benefits: By being a PBL & Readiness: Make use of PBL member of the S gets you, among other things: • Ability to influence university • Discount ticket for the Start-Up Party • Cheaper access to UniFitness.

Practical advantage:

The best advantage is when you are active in the “S” or even better active in one of the interest groups. This is something you can write in your CV and employers love when there is volunteer work involved. It shows that you as a person can do more than just meeting on time.

Café Flisen:

Café Flisen is nearby Enghave St. and gives you discount on beer!

in a different way, the groups that you now are in or are a part of – there you will be able to test PBL in a different way as you get to be with students from other studies and faculties. This is also a good way to be prepared for the job market, as it usually you are not ONLY going to work with someone within your own field of expertise.


So if you want to help make the social environment at the university better and improve your attributes, so join us already today! Sign up for out newletter and get the latest news:



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