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Future Generation Intern Process Manual

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Introduction Welcome to Madrivo What is Affiliate Marketing? How Do You Fit? Madrivo PR and Marketing Collateral Roles, Duties, Goals Roles & Duties Tools & Sources Open Time Clock Podio Podio Overview How to Add to Leads How to Assign Leads to Madrivo Sales Rep Goals Expectations Tracking KPI How to Pull KPI Reports Prospecting Where and How to Find New Leads Finding New Advertisers Google Forums, Social Media Groups HitList, Current Offers Seeds Lashback Requests by Reps TV, Mail, Radio Affiliate Appointments Techtelligence Prospecting Module Existing Podio Leads LinkedIn Chain of Redirects Visual Visitor

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Opportunity does not knock; it presents itself when you beat down the door. – Unknown



Welcome to Madrivo Madrivo is a world-ranked affiliate network that partners with advertisers and affiliates that want to utilize digital marketing strategies to spread brand awareness and acquire new customers on a global scale. Madrivo targets two separate categories of clientele. We seek advertising agencies and direct brands with marketing budgets allocated to digital media channels, and we recruit diverse and effective affiliates to promote these brands through proven publication strategies. The performance marketing industry is in its earliest stages and, although Madrivo is considered a young company in terms of years in the business, we’ve made significant achievements and earned industry-wide notoriety for our positive impact. Madrivo is shaping performance marketing, leveraging a competitive pricing structure with an unrivaled value proposition to position ourselves apart from other digital marketing agencies. We are a top-5 network on mThink’s Top-20 CPA Networks, we are listed on 2016’s Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies, and we were nominated as a top US employer by 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For. Madrivo is shaping the performance marketing space as an elite online marketing platform for reputable brands and proven publishers. We plan to further our reach through new and innovative distribution channels that will better engage consumers, enhance the user experience, boost new customer acquisition, and further solidify Madrivo as a top contender in the affiliate space.

What is Affiliate Marketing

In short, affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing in which an advertiser pays a commission to one or more affiliates that facilitate a specific event, ranging from a website visit to a completed purchase or form submission. As an affiliate network, Madrivo works with a large number of advertisers (and agencies) that want to promote a product or service through different offers and are



looking for affiliates that will generate traffic. We then partner with affiliates (aka publishers) that have the resources to run digital media campaigns through various traffic channels. Madrivo is a digital media marketplace connecting reputable, global brands to deliver data-driven lead generation, customer acquisition, and brand awareness campaigns through email, mobile, social and display advertising by partnering with the most proven, ethical, and compliant publishers to deliver sustainable, scalable returns. Our unique value proposition of high-volume, cost-effective, and trackable online traffic yields higher returns than TV, radio, print, Google, Amazon and many other traditional marketing solutions. Furthermore, our revenue is performance-based. In other words, an advertiser only pays out a commission when a customer performs a pre-determined action that meets defined qualifications. As mentioned above, this action could be as simple as a click or require something more significant such as submitting an application or purchasing a product.

How do you fit in? Madrivo’s goal is to spread awareness about affiliate marketing so that advertisers and affiliates can prosper from its efficiency and versatility. From the advertiser’s perspective, using affiliate marketing is a nobrainer! Advertising companies want to allocate budgets to marketing channels that are proven, measurable, and effective. Madrivo’s network can offer all of that, and so much more. Our affiliates benefit from the magnitude and reputation of the brands we work with, especially when they have access to offers that appeal to a broad audience base, putting our publishers’ scalability resources to work. This internship program supports our initiative to further our own brand awareness and work for companies with global accreditation, serving reputable brands and engaging with new consumers worldwide.

Finding prospective advertiser and affiliate candidates that turn into qualified leads is very important for Madrivo’s growth. We’re counting on you and your fellow interns to do what it takes to find the right clients, get them interested in our company, and introduce them to the appropriate sales team member. To accomplish this, all interns must become masters of strategy. They must understand our product, learn the competition, understand our unique value proposition, and leverage this knowledge to connect with the right prospects. Your goal is to generate qualified leads for our sales executives who will close the deals and deliver the best service to these clients. This is a perfect way for you to add value from the very beginning and explore advancement opportunities to the roles in which you can excel. Just remember: it isn’t all about the money! Madrivo has had a real impact on the world. Take a look at our case studies listed on page of this manual when you have a chance. We’ve helped tens of thousands of homeowners install solar panels on their homes and save over $300 million in electricity consumption. We have also helped over 13k homeowners save their homes with the HARP refinance program. Thousands of people have received LASIK eye surgery or attended college or learned a new language because of Madrivo’s efforts in lead generation and customer acquisition. Madrivo connects reputable companies with real people who benefit greatly from their services or products. We care most about having a positive contribution in all that we do – and so should you!



Industry Terms There are a number of acronyms, terms and phrases you will need to be familiar with in the online marketing space. Many of the terms are listed below so that you can search for them yourself or you can refer to our blog What is Affiliate Marketing? 20 Definitions that will help you understand. You can also read up on Affiliate Marketing HERE. Click on anything you find interesting and read as much as you can. You will learn a lot by doing this! Feel free to ask Madrivo team members if you have any questions on the below.   PPC PPV PPI CPA CPS CPL CPC Mobile RevShare (revenue share) Pay In / Pay Out Media Partners Affiliates/Publishers Networks/Affiliate Networks Mailers Pixels Traffic Links Unique URL Unique Link Conversions CTR (Click Through Rate) eCPM (effective Cost Per Mille) Conversion Rate Where does the pixel fire? Is the pixel secure? B2B B2C What are the filters? SDK ESP Spoofing

Madrivo PR and Marketing Resources When it comes to learning about our industry, the internet will be your best resource. You can also refer to our press and marketing materials to better understand how Madrivo fits into the affiliate marketing space. Use the resources below to further your knowledge so that you can perform your very best. As you go, be sure to make mental notes that you can ask about later. The entire team is here to help you succeed! Madrivo Media Kit Madrivo Video Content Madrivo’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Madrivo’s Affiliate Marketing in 30 Seconds Madrivo Case Studies Madrivo’s Lead Generation Campaign Helps Thousands of Americans Find Affordable Life Insurance Policies Madrivo's Mortgage Refinance Lead Generation Campaign Benefits the Nation Madrivo's Direct Response Advertising Efforts Contribute to the Solar Boom Madrivo Press Releases Inc. 5000 Welcomes Madrivo to 2016 List of Fastest Growing US Companies National Mortgage Refinance Lenders Choose Madrivo as Lead Generator for HARP Madrivo Ranks in the Top 100 Employers in the US Digital Advertising Leader Kevin Hamor Chooses Madrivo to Expand his Portfolio of Fortune 500 Brands Madrivo Blog Posts 6 Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Give Affiliate Marketing a Chance Trying to Grow Your Start-Up? Here are 5 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Help 5 Ways to Refresh Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Are you motivated? Are you ready for advancement in your career? Are you ready to be a part of an innovative organization that’s determined to make a difference in the world? Let’s get started!


Roles, Duties, and Goals


"The secret to getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain


Roles and Duties Each day, your primary responsibilities will be: -Researching new prospects -Contacting the new leads you’ve found to learn more about their needs -Connecting the qualified leads with a Madrivo Sales Rep -Tracking your daily activities -Updating your KPI This manual will provide detailed instructions on completing each the above tasks. If you are ever confused about your role or need clarification on the processes written throughout the manual, don’t hesitate to ask!

Tools and Resources Here is a brief summary of the tools and resources available to you. It does not include the tools and resources you will use to find prospects; those are mentioned later in this manual. Gmail – Use your gmail account as your primary email inbox. It is linked to your email and allows you access to your Google Drive account. If you’re new to gmail, click here for tutorials and FAQ to get started. Google Drive – Use your gmail email address when creating and sharing google docs with colleagues. A majority of our internal documents are accessible through Google Drive, making it easy to share information and group projects with your other team members. If you’re new to Google Drive, click here for tutorials and FAQ to get started. Open Time Clock – Each shift, you will be required to clock in and clock out via Open Time Clock. While you’re clocked in, your screen will be monitored to insure the safety and integrity of our intellectual property. The step-by-step process to track your time is detailed on the next page.

Podio – Podio is our CRM platform that is used to organize and store important information, documents, and contact details for our clients. You will use Podio on a daily basis to store contact information and notes about new prospects, track progress with new leads, and assign the leads to Madrivo’s Sales Team. You will also use it to pull reports that measure your KPI. The user interface and processes you will be following start on page 11 of this manual. Slack – Use Slack to communicate with your fellow Madrivo-ites. If you’re new to slack, click here for tutorials and FAQ to get started. Skype – Use Skype to chat or schedule voice/video calls with new prospects. Slack doesn’t have a voice/video call feature so you can also use it for internal communication, as needed. If you’re new to Skype, click here for tutorials and video guides to get started.

Open Time Clock How to clock in at the start of your shift: 1. Go to: 2. Enter the username and password provided by your manager 3. Click CLOCK 4. A timer will show up and start tracking your payable hours from your clocked time. Default Login Page

Successful Clock In



How to clock out at the end of your shift: 1. Go to: 2. Enter your username and password provided 3. Click CLOCK OUT 4. A green arrow will pop up to confirm you have clocked out and you payable hours will stop tracking.

Successful Clock Out

Additional Information Your schedule will be programmed into Open Time Clock. If you clock in prior to your start time, the clock will not start tracking billable payroll time until your start time. On the same note, your hours will stop tracking once you’ve reached the end of your scheduled shift. If you work past the end time of your shift, you will still need to clock out as normal, but the hours will not be billable. If you’ve been asked or have requested to work more than your allotted hours, your manager must approve the additional hours by email. If you forget to clock in or clock out for your shift, email your manager and cc Accounting will update your timecard manually when your manager approves. Frequently forgetting to clock in or out will result in a written warning from your manager and may be grounds for termination. Excessive tardiness, absences, and manipulating the Open Time Clock system in any way will result in immediate termination.

Podio Intro video General Help & FAQ Video Tutorials Workspace Overview

Intern Workspace You will be using the Intern workspace to add, track and assign new leads. All new leads found by you and your fellow interns will be added here. You should add a lead into Podio prior to making initial contact. The Intern workspace has 4 sections: -New Advertiser Leads -New Affiliate Leads -Existing Advertisers Index -Existing Affiliates Index You will use the Intern workspace to: -Add new leads and store their contact information -Track progress of all leads, new or existing -Find potential leads in the Existing Advertisers and Existing Affiliates to add to your prospect list -Pull weekly and monthly KPI reports



New Advertiser Workspace – All existing advertisers are stored here. When you introduce a new advertiser lead to a sales rep, Podio will create a page in the Advertiser workspace for the rep to use. Once you assign a lead to a rep, the page you created will link to the Advertiser workspace, but you will not be able to access it. All advertisers in this workspace will be listed in the Existing Advertiser Index section of the Intern workspace. New Affiliate Workspace – All existing affiliates are stored here. When you introduce a new affiliate lead to a sales rep, Podio will create a page in the Affiliate workspace for the rep to use. Once you assign a lead to a rep, the page you created in the Intern workspace will link to the Advertiser workspace, but you will not be able to access it. All affiliates in this workspace will be listed in the Existing Affiliate Index section of the Intern workspace. Tracking Lead Progress As you make learn more about the companies you’ve added as leads, keep track of your progress using Lead Status. You change the status by simply clicking on the current status button as it changes.

Lead Status Definitions: Lead – New prospect found; ready to contact Initial Attempt – Called/emailed lead; pending response Progress – ongoing communication with lead by phone or email Assigned to Madrivo Rep – Assigned to Rep and Date of Intro fields completed; lead is qualified and ready to meet Madrivo sales rep No Opportunity – Lead is not qualified to work with Madrivo No Response – Lead is not responsive to contact attempts Not Now – Lead may qualify but is not ready to move forward for various reasons; state these reasons in the Intern’s notes section for future reference

IMPORTANT: Clicking on Assigned to Madrivo Rep in the Lead Status section will trigger automated workflows on the back end of Podio. Before clicking on this status, you must select a Madrivo rep in the Assigned to Rep section AND select a date for Date Assigned. Be sure to save the page before updating the status to Assigned to Madrivo Rep. If your lead page was saved correctly, clicking this status will create a new advertiser or affiliate page in Madrivo's corresponding workspaces and will send an email to the assigned rep. Checking for Existing Clients Before adding a new affiliate or advertiser lead into to Podio, you must check if the company is an existing client. To check: 1. Using the search bar tool in the top right hand corner, type in the name of the company and click “search globally” when a drop down appears to make sure you’re searching the entire database of clients. (TIP: Write out company names as one word, multiple words, and any variations that could possibly identify the lead to make sure you’re not missing an existing client. Also, many affiliates work under their own name instead of an entity so you can search by the contact name as well.) 2. Click on Show all results or press ENTER to review the results. 3.If the client is not in Podio, move forward with adding the lead per the process detailed in on page 14. However, if the client is already in Podio, click on the company’s profile page check the status. 4.If the existing client’s status is No Response, Inactive, or Not Now, you may consider them a prospect. See the process for using existing Podio leads as new prospects on page 30.



How to Add a New Lead When logged in: 1. Per the above process, search globally to make sure the lead does not exist. If the lead does not exist, continue on to step 2. If you find the lead in the Existing Advertiser or Existing Affiliate section, check Sales (Status) of the lead. You may only pursue the lead if the status is Inactive, Not Now, or No Response. Do not add a new lead if it exists. Instead, ask the Madrivo sales rep for approval by email first. 2. To add a new advertiser or affiliate lead, start by clicking the New Advertiser Lead or New Affiliate Lead icon on the top menu bar. 3. Click the green Add Lead button in the right hand corner

4. Enter the information in the below fields and then click SAVE: • Company • Contact – create new; include name, email, phone • Intern Name • Client Description – important info about company offers & traffic needs • Source of Lead – based on prospecting tools • Lead Status – Select Lead for status when creating a new lead page. Once the page is saved, you can update Lead Status as needed.

How to Delegate a New Lead to a Madrivo Rep When logged into Podio: 1. Open the page of the lead that is ready to be assigned. If you are creating a new lead page at the same time you're assigning the lead, you must save the page before clicking Assigned to Madrivo Rep as the Lead Status. 2. Make sure Client Description and Intern’s Notes are complete and accurate 3. Go to Assigned to Rep and select the name of an advertiser rep 4. Go to Date of Intro and select the current date 5. Review the page once more to make sure all information is correct 6. Save the page 7. Under Lead Status, click Assigned to Madrivo Rep. This action will trigger the following events within seconds:

- A new Advertiser or Affiliate page will be created in the Advertiser/Affiliate

workspace with matching information from your lead page - An email will be sent on your behalf to the assigned rep with the information from Client Description and a link to your lead page - The current lead page will show Status (Sales) as Lead and will link to the new page via Advertiser Page in Madrivo or Affiliate Page in Madrivo (Note: Interns do not have access to the Advertiser or Affiliate workspace - clicking on this item will redirect you to a Sorry page, but the Madrivo reps will have visibility) If assigned correctly, the lead page will automatically update Status (Sales) and Advertiser Page in Madrivo as seen in the example below.



8. To verify the flow completed correctly, check the Activity Feed on the right hand side of your lead page. It should show that the page has been referenced from the workspace and the current lead page has updated Status (Sales) to Lead. It will also reference a page in the coordinating Advertiser or Affiliate workspace for the Madrivo rep's use. 9. Formally introduce the Madrivo Sales Rep to the new lead via email. Suggested email introductions for each rep can be found starting on page 46 of this manual. 10. Using the KPI process on page 35, check the progress of your leads to see if they become qualified. Every time a new lead is qualified, RING THE BELL! Then, sit tight and watch what happens next... In addition to the email you send to Madrivo rep, Podio will automatically generate an email like the example below. This email is intended to provide the Madrivo rep with a link to your podio lead page so that you do not have to include it when sending a formal email introduction to the lead.



Madrivo expects all employees to pursue excellence. Your expectations, goals, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will be clearly communicated to you. Your income potential and advancement opportunities are directly correlated with your performance to consistently reach or exceed KPIs goals. Each day, your efforts should focus on pursuing and vetting new leads that will have the lifetime value Madrivo seeks. Plan your daily actions strategically to achieve these goals. The following are the monthly goals and the corresponding bonuses for your internship position (based on a 20 hours per week position):

What is a qualified lead? Lead Qualification is based on the current status selected under Status (Sales). Remember, you are not supposed to change the status selected on your lead page at any time. The status will automatically update as the assigned Madrivo sales rep makes progress on the new leads you introduce to a sales rep or existing leads you reconnect with. Changing the status in this section to modify the results of your KPI could result in immediate termination. If you change the status by accident, change it back immediately. If you’re not sure what the previous status was, ask the assigned rep to check in their workspace so you can fix it to match again.



Advertiser Leads A qualified advertiser is one that is marked in Podio with one of these Status: Progress (Madrivo or Client) If terms (Credit app, renegotiating, accounting approved) Intro email sent to Advertiser (payment terms or funded) Setup’s Pipeline Live On Hold (Madrivo or Client) Not Now An unqualified advertiser is one that is marked in Podio with one of these statuses: Lead Initial Attempt No Opportunity No Response Final Notice Affiliate Leads A qualified affiliate is one that is marked in Podio with one of these statuses: Process Signed Up Qualification Sent to Manager Approved by Manager Pending Accounting Setup’s Pipeline Live Inactive (signed up) An unqualified affiliate is one that is marked in Podio with one of these statuses: Lead Initial Attempt No Opportunity No Response Terminated

KPI spreadsheet On your first day, you will be given access to a KPI spreadsheet via Google Drive. The accuracy of this document is critical to your success. When you open the spreadsheet, you will see four tabs: Graphs – This will update automatically based on the information added to the below tabs. You will see 4 graphs displayed here: Total Leads (Raw & Qualified), Total Advertiser Leads, and Total Affiliate Leads KPI – You will update this on a weekly basis and at the close of each month. Month-end updates should be done on the 6th of the following month or on the nearest consecutive business day. The numbers on this tab will automatically sync with the first 3 graphs on the Graphs tab. Activity Log – You will update this tab on a daily basis, as frequently as possible. All calls made and emails sent will be added to this log. Daily KPI – You will track the total activities logged per day on this tab. Update it throughout the day to gauge productivity and meet your goals. Activity Log and Daily KPI

The activity log, as seen in the example above, should track your daily actions and include the date, action, company, contact information, and details about the prospect. Activities should be listed by date, with the most recent activity at the top. As the day goes on and before clocking out for the day, update the Total Actions quantity on the Daily KPI tab. To start, your goal is 30 actions per day. The Graphs tab on your KPI spreadsheet will include a chart showing your total daily actions over the past 20 days based on your Daily KPI tab.



Pulling KPI Reports in Podio You will update your KPI each Monday (or the first day of your work week) to track MTD qualified leads. Then, on the 6th day of the month, you will pull one last report for the previous month’s qualified lead count. If the 6th falls on a weekend, you should pull the report on the nearest consecutive business day. KPI will be tracked per month, with the most current month at the top. To check your MTD Qualified Lead KPI: 1. Open Podio and your KPI spreadsheet. 2. On the home page of Podio, you will find four reports for each active intern. The report titles will be formatted as follows: [Your Name] - MTD Qualified New Advertiser Leads [Your Name] - MTD Qualified Existing Advertiser Leads [Your Name] - MTD Qualified New Affiliate Leads [Your Name] - MTD Qualified Existing Affiliate Leads 3. These four reports will show your MTD qualified leads and are the starting point for pulling the previous month’s qualified leads. Click on the report title and a page of your MTD qualified leads will load. 4. At the top of the listed leads, you will see the quantity to the right of the funnel icon, listed as ‘X of’ the total workspace lead count. X is the quantity of qualified MTD leads. 5. Update the corresponding column (column F = Qualified Advertiser Leads; column I = Qualified Affiliate Leads) on the ‘KPI’ tab of your KPI chart with this number and make sure the reports on the ‘graphs’ tab updates. 6. Add each total to calculate the quantity for Total Qualified Leads (column C) and update accordingly 7. Click on the graphs tab and make sure each graph matches the updated totals you added If for some reason your MTD report is not accessible from the workspace homepage, let your manager know. The manual processes for pulling the saved reports are on the following pages.

To pull a MTD qualified lead report in the New Advertiser or New Affiliate Lead sections: 1. In Podio, open either the New Advertiser Lead or New Affiliate Lead section 2. Make sure ‘All Advertiser Leads’ or ‘All Affiliate Leads’ is selected on the left sidebar or the report will not be accurate. 3. Click on the funnel icon. A menu with several tabs on the left sidebar will pop up. 4. Click on ‘Created on’ and select ‘This month’ 5. Click on Status (Sales) and select all of the qualified lead statuses (reference the list above when selecting) 6. Click on ‘Intern Name’ and select yourself 7. Click out of the pop up menu and the resulting list of leads will show your MTD report of qualified leads. 8. At the top of the listed leads, you will see the quantity to the right of the funnel icon, listed as ‘X of’ the total workspace lead count. X is the quantity of qualified MTD leads. To check your Qualified Lead KPI for previous months, follow the process above, but, in Step 4, select 'Last Calendar Month' or 'Custom' to choose a specific period of time.

Select all statuses that apply Total would be 4 if qualified lead results were shown as below



To pull a MTD qualified lead report in the Existing Advertiser Index or Existing Affiliate Index sections: 1. In Podio, open either the Existing Advertiser Index or Existing Affiliate Index section 2. Make sure All Existing Advertiser Index or All Existing Affiliate Index is selected on the left sidebar or the report will not be accurate. 3. Click on the funnel icon. A menu with several tabs on the left sidebar will pop up. 4. Click on 'Status (Sales)' and select all of the qualified lead statuses (reference the qualified status guidelines on page 18 when selecting) 5. Click on 'Intern Name (if any)' and select yourself 6. Click on 'Date Intro by Intern' and select 'This Month' 7. Click out of the pop up menu and the resulting list of leads will show the current month’s report of qualified leads. 8. At the top of the listed leads, you will see the quantity to the right of the funnel icon, listed as ‘X of’ the total workspace lead count. X is the quantity of qualified leads from the previous month. 9. Add the number of qualified leads in both the New Advertiser Leads and Existing Advertiser Index reports for your total MTD qualified leads. 10. Update your KPI sheet and review the coordinating graph to make sure it’s updated as well. To check your Qualified Lead KPI for previous months, follow the process above, but, in Step 6, select 'Last Calendar Month' or 'Custom' to choose a specific period of time.


"Do sharks complain about Monday? No. They’re up early, biting things, chasing stuff, being scary — reminding everyone they're a freakin’ shark. -Unknown


Prospecting Your first task will be to get a list of about 100 advertisers and publishers you want to reach out to. You will then enter your prospects into Podio so you can keep track of who you are searching for and any contact you have made with them. It’s very easy to pull a report from Podio on all your leads. The bigger the name brand, the better the offer will be for you and Madrivo. Below are some great tools to use when deciding who to prospect. Where and How to Find New Advertiser Leads Google Google is an endless source for finding the brands you should have in your prospecting list. These brands/ advertisers are spending a lot of cash on search engines and can get a lot more for their money with Madrivo, in a much more trackable way with less financial risk. Example: Health insurance is a popular vertical so you want to find brands that already spend money in Google Adwords/ AdSense. 1. Go to and search 'Health Insurance'” 2. Check for listings on the results page with a small green box that says Ad. The companies behind the sponsored listings have a CPC bid on the keyword term health insurance. In this case it would be the first four companies that appear in the results of your search. 3. Add all of these companies to your prospecting list. 4. Refer to prospecting tactics for information on how to find and approach the prospects you add to your prospecting list.

Forums, Social Media Groups Join Affiliate Marketing Groups on different social media sites. See what groups the sales executives belong to for a good list. You can go through the sites and find advertisers and publishers. The image above is a small list of some of the sites Madrivo's employees are on that you can easily join. Hit List and Current Offers The Hit List is a list of offers and advertisers that Madrivo's publishers are looking for. All of the offers on the list will go into process quickly and will count as qualified leads for you. This Hit List will be ongoing,so you need to check it at least 3 times a week. Whoever adds an item to the Hit List will also email, which redirects to the entire team of interns. Interns will be assigned based on a round-robin rotation and the intern will have a week to get the lead into the sale team. After a week, another intern can assign the lead to him or herself and go after it. Current Offers are also an effective way to get revenue in quickly. You already know the offers work, and if the offer is not direct, we are losing out on a relationship with a brand and revenue. Go after brokered offers and bring them in direct. You can find the “Brokered Offers” tab on the Hit List Google Doc. Seeds Seeds are email accounts that allow you to receive promotions into your inbox, and add the advertisers and/or publishers to your Hit List if they’re not already working with Madrivo. On your password list, you will find logins for a few seed accounts you can explore. Please make sure to not click “spam”/ “Junk”/ delete any email messages within those accounts.



To set up your own seed account, go to different email domains and set yourself up with an email address. Once you have an email address, you can start using that email address to get on mailing lists and to receive promotional emails. Go to the following pages and sign up with the email address you just set up: Search for any other “lead” sites and sign up.  The more places you sign up, the better! Lashback You will receive a Lashback login on your first day. Once you receive your login, you can start looking for publishers that are running a specific offer. When logged in: 1.From the home page, click Brand Alert, then SEARCH. 2.Search by the criteria “Email Contains”, and add the Advertiser Name you are looking for. 3.You will get a lot of results. To decipher which ones you need, look at the friendly URL. 4.Find from lines that link directly to the advertiser. Example Using AIG as the advertiser name, you will search for from lines directly linked to this brand in order to find the advertiser.

Request by Reps / Verticals List The Affiliate Managers (aka Publishers’ Reps) and Business Development (aka Advertisers’ Reps) will send you specific requests for offers/ campaigns, advertisers and publishers. They will also add brands and offers that we want to work with to the Verticals list found here. This is proven to be the most effective part of your prospecting so pay close attention to their requests and prioritize them. Finding the requested brands and connecting them to the requesting rep will pretty much guarantee you to score a qualified lead. TV, Mail, Radio A great way to build a prospecting list is to notice commercials! Look at commercials and see if there is any product/ advertiser who can benefit from our services. An offer does even better with online performance marketing when it is also promoted on TV, Radio, or by Direct Mail. Do you get “Junk Mail” in your mailbox? Take a look at it and add those credit card, loan offers, and insurance offers (along with others) to your prospecting list. Keep your radio on during the day (if it’s not distracting you) and listen to the commercials. If it is being promoted, they are paying for that spot. If the advertiser is spending money on radio advertising, moving some of their budget online to us is a no-brainer. Affiliate Appointments is a 3rd party company that’s prospecting new clients for Madrivo. Madrivo acquired this company and is now utilizing it to reach out to prospect as a 3rd party and making an introduction to the sales reps. 3rd party validation is known to be a strong tool to quickly build credibility with a new prospect and is proven to be a very sophisticated and effective tool to bring in new business. You can utilize this tool by building a mailing list and setting up an automatic chain of emails to go out per day. When prospects reply, check Podio if they’re currently a Madrivo client and make the introduction to a rep. Only new prospects introduced by you will be counted towards your lead goals. However, please also forward the replies from existing clients to their rep (these will not count towards your goal).



You can build that mailing list using the resources available to you and your creativity. You may also utilize the “Techtelligence Prospecting Module” to look for email addresses with selected company names and position keywords. Interns can use the alias to send individual emails as they wish. 1. Gather a list of email contacts and save them in an excel. The excel should be formatted with column headers identical to this example. 2. Draft an email message, including the subject line, with a clear value proposition and call to action. Be sure this message correlates with the contact list you’ve compiled. In other words, if your list is made up of affiliates, you should be promoting proven and exclusive offers. If you’re reaching out to advertisers, mention lead generation, exclusive traffic sources, and scalability. 3. Email a draft of the message you want to send to your manager and cc, requesting that the message be approved and scheduled through Affiliate Appointments. 4. Your manager will review the list and draft you’ve provided. If approved, he or she will respond and advise on the schedule quantity, frequency, and deployment time for your message. 5. When approved, upload your list of contacts to a google spreadsheet and share with Include the company name, contact name, and their email address. Name the column headers as follows: Company, Firstname, Lastname, Email (Click here to see a sample list) 6. Add the details of your requested message to the Affiliate Appointments Outreach Log. Note: All subject lines must be unique. All interns will share the Affiliate Appointments alias so you will track which email responses are assigned to you by the subject line you drafted. If you want to use a subject line that has already been used, add your initials to the end to decipher which emails are replies to your message. 7. Setup will scrub your contact list and manage the automated scheduling. 8. When Setup confirms the message has started to deploy, check the Affiliate Appointments alias inbox regularly to see if you’ve received any responses. Make sure you’re tracking by subject line so that you don’t respond to another intern’s message.

Additional Information Emails provided will be scrubbed against the current suppression file for Affiliate Appointments and de-duped against the email contacts added into Affiliate Appointments in the past 30 days. This may lower the quantity of emails on your list if you’re pulling contacts from the same source as your fellow interns. It’s in your best interest to be creative and resourceful when gathering email contacts so that your sending to a unique audience. You can use Affiliate Appointments to send to as few as one email contact at a time. If you’ve already emailed someone directly and did not get a response, emailing them through the Affiliate Appointments alias may help. You should use the same process noted above to be sure the contact has not been contacted recently or opted-out. Techtelligence Prospecting Module - temporarily inactive, do not use

1. Login with user name and password provided on your password list. 2. Click on Actions drop down and then click on Search



3. The next page you will input the following: Name this Search: Name your search by what you are looking for Main Keywords: Input all the companies you are searching for Email Address: Input your email address Secondary Keywords: Input the titles that you want to reach Country: Put the country you are looking for (mostly USA) Combining Fields: click on all possible combinations 4. Click Look Up 5. You will receive your list of prospects within 24 hours. Send the list to LA and ask them to scrub it against Madrivo's master suppression file and to de-dupe it against email contacts provided in the previous 30 days. You can also use Affiliate Appointments to send emails to the list. Be sure to follow the process on page 27 if you do so. 6. When you have a clean list back from LA, reach out to your prospects on your own via Linkedin, Madrivo email, or phone.

Existing Podio Leads When a Podio lead does not have any movement in 90 days, the contact has been unresponsive to the reps outreach attempts, or the company is a promising prospect that was not ready to move forward when first approached, the lead will be under one of the following statuses in Podio: Inactive, Unresponsive, Not Now These leads were at one point a viable and of interest, and are available for you to add to your prospecting list. To pull a Podio report, you will do the following: When logged into Podio: 1. Start in either the Existing Advertiser or Existing Affiliate app of the Intern workspace 2. Click 'All Existing __________' on the left sidebar menu to make sure you're viewing the entire list of advertisers or affiliates stored in the index. Click on the funnel icon and scroll down to Status (Sales) then select Not Now, Unresponsive, and Inactive. 3. Click out of the menu and the eligible companies will automatically be listed on the page. 4. When you find an existing affiliate or advertiser with an eligible status (Not Now, Unresponsive, or Inactive), email the assigned Madrivo rep and ask for permission to add the lead to your prospecting list. 5. If approved, the rep will provide the contact information for the advertiser or affiliate if they have it. You may need to find another contact at the company if the current contact has been unresponsive. 6. Reach out to the existing advertiser or affiliate and keep track of your progress in the comments of the lead page. Ask the Madrivo rep to add your name and the date of initial contact attempt to their podio page so that it syncs with the Intern index page and allows you to track progress by your name and the date. 7. If the Madrivo rep makes progress with the lead once you reconnect them, they will update the Sales (status) on their Podio page as the account moves forward and it will sync with the Sales (status) seen on the Existing Advertiser Index or Existing Affiliate Index page.



LinkedIn Start building up your LinkedIn account. Having contacts on LinkedIn will benefit you greatly. Search for “Affiliate Manager”, “Business Development” and other related titles and start adding them to your LinkedIn account. Another proven technique to build your LinkedIn and expand your relevant connections is to look for the “connections” and “groups” under the LinkedIn accounts of our sales reps, executive team, and even better: our competitors’ sales reps and executive teams. Connect with these individuals. Once you are connected with these individual, you can send them emails through LinkedIn, and through your Madrivo email. These LinkedIn connections should also be on your prospecting list, and you should be going after them. You can also look up advertisers via LinkedIn and can then search for employees that are in LinkedIn. Add those people to your prospecting list and include a compelling message in your invite. You can also send them emails. To find their email while in LinkedIn go to the Sell Hack section in this manual. Chain of Redirects via Affiliate Managers will send you seeds, or you will find links to offers in newsletters and seeds. 1. First, trace the link with: affiliate_link_tracer.php 2. Copy/paste the link and look at all the chain redirects. 3. Once you see where it’s from you will find the last two and find the person you need to talk to.  LinkedIn is the fastest way to find the person you need to reach. See examples on the next page for further guidance.

Example 1 - - In the example below, the last two redirects are the ones you are interested in: Credit One is the last redirect,then it's CommissionSoup.

Example 2 To the left is another example of tracing a link,,although,, it is not as easy as the one above. When you see a link with the domain ad.doubleclick, move on to LinkedIn or another tool. The link tracer is not going to help you in this case.



Visual Visitor - temporarily inactive, do not use

Visual Visitor is a tool that will help you in reaching out to potential clients who have visited our site, but did not take an action. It will allow you to keep an eye out for companies on your hit list, find new companies that you have not thought about yet, and track customers that you have sent a custom link to. When you log in to Visual Visitor (user and password will be provided on your password doc), you will see a dashboard with a weekly activity report. There are several different ways to use the platform, but browsing via Latest Visitors will be the most effective in terms of finding and contact new leads. The following page provides a brief summary of what each section includes and how it can be used to generate qualified leads.

Research – This tab will likely be your best friend. You will use any number of the sites listed here to try and locate a contact for the company that visited our site. Linkedin will be a great tool to start with. Contacts – This tab will also be very useful for your search for new clients. You may want to visit this page before doing research on Linkedin, and then double check with the contacts on Linkedin. Set as ISP so that it does not show up when you have the “only companies” checkbox marked. Search Leads – This section simply lets you search the leads that have been tracked in the system. You can search by a number of criteria including Company Name, Location (Country, State, City), URL, Referral Source, Keyword, Email, or IP Address. Again, Dates and the “Only companies” checkbox can be changed. Forward – You may forward the lead to your email so that you have all the information you need, or you may forward to your supervisor with questions. Watch – This is going to be an important feature for you. You will be able to add companies that you are going after to your watch list and you will be alerted if they return to our site. Exclude – If you know someone else is watching for a certain company, that may mean that you don’t have to, so you can exclude them from your search. Tag – Allows you to update information and add notes on this company. Google – you can search the company on google by clicking this link


How to Contact Advertisers Once you have a list of prospects ready, it's important to find the right contact to insure success. There are several ways to track down the ideal contact. Some companies' contacts are very easy to find while others may require using all of the prospecting tactics to reach someone. LinkedIn Search There are two ways to search via LinkedIn. LinkedIn Method 1: 1. Via, search:[COMPANY NAME] [KEYWORD] OR 2. Browse the search results, paying close attention to each person's title. As you can see from the picture below, the people that work for Lending Tree show up. Choose the contact with the title most relevant to our industry/affiliate management,and reach out via LinkedIn. Example search term: "Lending Tree" KEYWORD OR As you can see from the picture on the right, the results include people who work for Lending Tree. You would then browse through several of the results to find the contact with the most fitting title and reach out via LinkedIn.



LinkedIn Method 2: 1. Via LinkedIn,,search by company name. 2. On the right sidebar of the results page, browse through the contacts listed under How You're Connected�(TIP: click See All' for best results.)

3. Browse the search results, paying close attention to each person's title. 4. Once you have found the correct contact you will use the instructions for Sell Hack shown below to find their email address. Connect with as many employees as you can while in LinkedIn. A.

Example using search term Supercell : A: Supercell company profile B: Pull results of contacts under How You're Connected


Sell Hack 1. Once logged in, click on the @ symbol on the left hand side. 2. Click on Go Discover�

3. Once you have entered the information, hit the green Run Search button. From there, it will give you its best guess as to what the person's email address is as well as a confidence level in accuracy.

4. Add everyone to your list, this will keep a list of everyone you looked up.


38 1. Go to and click on “WhoIs” on the black menu bar at the top. 2. Once you have selected the “who is” tab, enter the web domain of the offer you are trying to track down and click search. 3. After clicking search you will be brought to the page shown below. 4. Look at the items in BLUE items below. Reach out with the contact information provided in the email, phone and mailing address fields. 5. Use the LinkedIn prospecting methods to find the right contact if the domain is privately registered. Example 1 Domain Name: AIG.COM

Example 2 Domain Name:

Contact Us and Chat Support One of the simplest ways to get in touch with the right person is to utilize the chat feature that many advertiser sites have. 1. Go to the prospect's website and scan the page for a chat tab. 2. If available, initiate a chat conversation with a support rep from the company. 3. Ask the rep to put you in touch with the person or team that handles affiliate and/or advertiser relationships (TIP: Make sure to ask for a full name, email, and phone number to reach them.)



How to Find an Affiliate Email Seed When searching for a publisher, you can use the from domain or the footer information. The next step is to copy and paste that domain into in an effort to find the publisher behind the from line. In the example email below, you would use the seed email to locate the domain name:

Then, browse for any contact information you can find for publisher that owns the domain.

LinkedIn Another way to find publishers is through LinkedIn. The most proven way to find affiliates is by browsing through people who are 1st connections with the affiliate managers who work for competing networks. Askkyour manager to provide you with the name of a publisher so you can start prospecting. 1.Search LinkedIn for the known publisher and go to his or her profile page 2.On the right sidebar, browse through the list of connections under People Also Viewed to find contacts who are associated with the publisher or who have the same profession. 3.Towards the bottom of the publisher's profile page, browse through the endorsed skills to see who endorsed the pub. 4.Repeatedly browse through the recommended connections and people who endorsed the affiliate to build a list of prospects. In the example below, our affiliate, Eyal Moshe, CEO of Media Force, is connected with a number of potential new leads. A. Affiliate's profile page B. Recommended connections C. People who endorsed the affiliate for various skills






Facebook Facebook is very similar. Check for pictures of industry events and see who is tagged. Check for industry groups and see who belongs to them and who participates. Find sales reps who are working with our competitors and see who they’re connected with that’s in the industry. Sponsored Ads (Display Pubs) Search engines such as will have a number of Sponsored stories. News network sites like and will also feature a number of stories labeled with Advertisement, Paid Content, or Sponsored. Your goal is to find the publisher behind that listing.

Lashback You will be given a Lashbacklogin on your first day and can use Lashback to look for publishers that are running a specific offer. Once logged in: 1. From the homepage, select Brand Alert then SEARCH. 2. Search by the criteria Email Contains and the advertiser name you are looking for. 3. You will get a lot of results. To decipher which ones you need, look at the friendly from, you will need to search for the ones that are not from the advertiser.

Introducing Yourself by Email Initial Attempt Subject line: [Company Name] & Madrivo Initial Attempt - Email Template #1: Hi [Contact First Name], I am trying to find whoever’s in charge of managing [COMPANY NAME]'s affiliate relationships. My name is [INTERN NAME]. I’m a junior account executive for Madrivo, an email, display and social super affiliate. We're consistently driving thousands of new customers to many branded sites similar to yours and I’m confident we can do the same for you. My director can give you more details on how we can drive engaged new customers to your site on a performance basis. I promise we won’t waste your time. When do you have a 15 minutes for an initial call? Additional info: In case you haven’t heard of Madrivo, we’re ranked in the “Top 5 Performance Affiliate Networks” in the world by mThink and The “Fastest Growing Company (US)” in our space by Inc 500. We’ve proven quality, compliance and volume at the highest levels to many big brands and my job is to find more valuable advertisers like yourselves. Hope we can connect soon. Thank you, [Intern Name]


Alternate Option - Initial Attempt Subject Line: We are BOTH losing money by not working together! Initial Attempt - Option #2 Email Template: Hi [Contact First Name], I am confident that we can drive engaged consumers to the offer shown below at a fraction of the cost with limited financial risk (per performance only). INSERT SCREENSHOT OF OFFER Do you have 5 minutes this week to jump on a call with my director? I promise we will not waste your time. Thank you, [Intern Name] First Follow Up Subject: Ready for a call on [INSERT DAY]? Email Template: Hi [Contact First Name], I know you are busy and emails get overlooked. Every day we do not talk, you are losing out on quality customers that we would be sending your way. Let’s jump on call [Enter day of week].  Will [Enter time] work for you? Thanks! [Intern Name]



Second Follow Up Subject: [Company name]and Madrivo Email Template: Hi [Contact First Name], I haven't heard from you in few can only assume that 1 of 3 things has happened: 1. You are busy and you didn't see my emails 2. You were just about to email me, and then I sent this 3. You are being chased by a "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" and need me to call animal control!!!

P.S. They are fast; I know from experience and so does this guy^^. Let me know if you’d like to help me out. Thanks! [Intern Name] Third Follow Up Subject: We have consumers for [Insert name of offer/advertiser] Email Template: Hi [Contact First Name], There is a fine line between talking and stalking. I'm only interested in the first one.

I'd like to provide some information about Madrivo in order to provide some insight into what we can offer you. We've steadily built a strong reputation with publishers and advertisers worldwide, in large part due to our high performing offers. We provide a wide variety of owned, top branded exclusive and direct offers, these include the Exclusive Proactiv, Norton Security Specials, Fidelity and Metlife offers. We’d like to discuss possible opportunities with you when you have a moment. Feel free to send us an email with a few dates and times that work best for you and your team. Thank you, [Intern Name]

How to Introduce New Leads to Madrivo Sales Reps New Affiliate Leads Jenny Rozario Director of Affiliates Skype: JenRozario Conference line: 712-770-4010 code: 723441 Email Template: Hi [Contact First Name], My name is [Intern Name]. I specialize in Business Development for Madrivo, an email/display/social publisher and affiliate network. I'd like to introduce you to Jenny, our Director of Affiliates. She has been in the industry for 10 years as both an affiliate and an affiliate manager. Jenny currently works with some of the top email and display publishers in the world, including our exclusive super affiliates, and would love the opportunity to work with you, as well. She is also a consultant with mailers on delivery, whitelisting/unblocking IPs and other resources.



To get started, please complete the attached questionnaire and send it back to Jenny and she’ll be in touch once she reviews. Thank you, [Intern Name] Jason Holmes Affiliate Manager Skype: Madrivo.JasonHolmes Conference line: (563) 999-2090 code: 315748 Email Template: Dear [first name], My name is [Intern Name]. I specialize in Business Development for Madrivo, an email/display/social publisher and affiliate network. I'd like to introduce you to Jason Holmes, our Affiliate Manager. Jason has a proven record of increasing profitability for his affiliates with strong strategy and analytics. To get started, please complete the attached questionnaire and send it back to Jason and he’ll be in touch once he reviews. Thank you, [Intern Name]

Anthony Norris Junior Affiliate Manager Skype: Anthony.Norris_10 Conference line: (712) 770-4634 code: 134079 Email Template: Dear [first name], I have cc’d Anthony Norris, our Affiliate Manager. Anthony is an expert in the field and has proven to bring his strategic knowledge and analytic skills to increase the profitability of his affiliates. To get started, please complete the attached questionnaire and send it back to Anthony and he’ll be in touch once he reviews. Thank you, [Intern Name]

New Advertiser Leads Ninfa Cabello Director of Business Development Skype: Ninfa.Cabello Conference line: (712) 432-1500 code: 252090 Email template: Hi [Contact First Name], Let me introduce you to Ninfa Cabello, the Director of Business Development for Madrivo. She has experience working with some of the largest advertisers out there in a variety of verticals like health and beauty, home finance, and retail, just to name a few.



She personally put together Madrivo's current exclusive offer with Guthy Renker and is incredibly easy to work with. For any questions you may have regarding the opportunity Madrivo offers through affiliates, Ninfa can handle all of them. She can also supply presentation materials and setup a quick intro call if you're interested. I've copied her on this email thread as well. Thank you, [Intern Name]

Nate Seibert Business Development Skype: NateSeibert0014 Conference Line: (712) 432-1500 code: 155693 Email template: Hi [Contact First Name], Let me introduce Nate Seibert, a senior Business Development rep for Madrivo. He has experience working with some of the largest advertisers out there in a variety of verticals like education, home finance, and retail, just to name a few. For any questions you may have regarding the opportunity Madrivo offers through affiliates, Nate can handle all of them and then some. If you'd like to connect, be it today or a later time, Nate can set that call up, no problem. Thank you, [Intern Name]

New Video Leads Idan Miller GM, Madrivo Digital Skype: Idan.Miller Email Template: Hi [Contact First Name], Thank you for contacting Madrivo. I’ve cc’d Idan Miller, the General Manager of our video exchange. Idan is an expert in the field and has a proven record of increasing the profitability for publishers through strategy and analytics. He'll reach out to learn more about your company and see if we can build a partnership. Thank you, [Intern Name]


"Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting. –Christopher Morley

Closing Summary This manual will be your go-to guide for all questions on processes and prospecting during your internship. Keep this handy so you can refer back to it and make sure you are not missing a step when finding, contacting, and assigning advertiser and publisher leads. Your role comes with a lot of responsibility, but the advancement opportunities are second to none! Think outside of the box and ask yourself these questions:  Is there a better way of doing this?  Is there a new tool you found that would make your job easier? What do you need to be successful? How can Madrivo help you be successful? How can you utilize all the aforementioned tools to maximize your success rate? Madrivo is fast paced, and constantly changing, leading an exciting industry to a new level. Enjoy the ride! It is not easy. It’s going to be tough, it’s going to get repetitive and competitive, and you will face a lot of NO’s, but YOU need to keep focused and motivated on the bigger picture. Be creative, and find your way to make this work for you. Show Madrivo you are the Super Star we’re looking for!  



Madrivo - Future Generation Intern Manual  
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