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Dear Mad River United Players, Families, and Supporters, The Fall 2011 season was record breaking in many ways! Out of the 10 MRU teams, 6 placed in the top three of their league, 2 teams won the league championship, and 2 teams were finalists for their league championship! This past fall wasn’t without its own struggles. This was the first year that the California Coast Soccer League, CCSL, was in full swing. This new league presented its own difficulties in properly placing teams in appropriate brackets, an issue that MRU and the CCSL are working to solve for future teams! One question that I have been consistently asked, is on the topic of US Club and the NorCal Premier League, and more specifically why isn’t MRU a part of it? To be very clear, MRU teams can be registered as a US Club team. In fact almost all of our teams are duel- registered with US Club and CYSA. As a parent, this might be something your team registered for without you even realizing. We do this because it allows a wider range of options when looking for tournaments to register for. The second part of the question has to do with NorCal Premier League. This is a league that is run below the umbrella of US Club and in my opinion this is a very well run league with a lot of good people in charge. In fact I know the president of the league and have spoken to him many times about our teams, or some of our teams entering NorCal. Based on these conversations our teams would be able to play in NorCal, but with a few expectations. • MRU teams would never have a home game. This is based on our location and part of the reason why NorCal originally broke away from CYSA. • MRU teams would be expected to travel a minimum of 6 weekends for league play. This would not take into account additional travel for tournaments.

This is very different from our current travel expectations from the CCSL. Most of our teams were able to negotiate their league schedule down to three travel weekends. One team was not able to secure home games, but this is not the expectation for most of our teams. Based on these two expectations we have felt that it is best for our teams to continue to playing in the CCSL. Also I have spoken with coaches of teams that are at the level to compete in NorCal, offering their individual teams the option to join, and they agree that we should continue with the CCSL. So what can we expect from the CCSL next year? Better placement of our teams! Now our teams, and everyone else in the league has established history. Based on these past results, and league finishes, teams will be recommend to stay in the same bracket, move up, or move down. This promotion/ relegation system is the same that is used all across the world in soccer leagues from youth to professional! Tryouts: Dates for tryouts have been finalized so mark your calendars. Boys and girls Under 11 - 14 tryouts will be held March 3rd and March 24th. Boys and girls Under 9 & 10 tryouts will be held April 21st. All tryouts will be held at the Indoor Field-house on the Humboldt State Campus. Exact times will be announced and posted at More details to follow! Winter Academy: This winter MRU will not be holding a Winter Academy. The main factor in this decision was playing conditions. Let’s face it, during the winter it will be wet in Humboldt County, however soccer is meant to be played outside! Unfortunately this meant battling mud and field conditions every week while using a grass field. This year Humboldt State Soccer will be hosting their own Winter Academy using their brand new turf soccer field! MRU fully supports this program and encourages anyone interested in playing soccer this winter sign up for the First Annual Humboldt State Soccer Winter Academy. Details can be found at, click Men’s or Women’s Soccer, and then Camps. Information is also available at Spring Soccer 2012: The Spring 2012 6v6 Soccer League will look very different on game day his year! Instead of battling cancelled games and terrible fields at Hiller Park, all games will be held on The Humboldt State Campus on the College Creek Soccer Field! More details will follow! I’m sure you’ll agree that there is a lot of excitement around the corner for all of our MRU Players! Our G17 team coached by Joe Homem will start the college recruiting process this spring... two teams will be preparing for state cup... and everyone is working toward the same goal of improving MRU every year! Sincerely, Sean Connors

Mad River United ~ Director of Coaching

Youth sports and costs, unfortunately go hand in hand. At MRU we strive to keep costs low, while maintaining a top end soccer organization complete with Professional Coaching. This isn’t always an easy task! Financial aid plays a huge role in being able to maintain our teams, and in an effort to expand this base, in Fall 2012 MRU and MRYSL will be hosting their first annual Dinner and Auction, October 3rd at the Blue Lake Casino.

Mad River United and Under Armour look to strengthen their partnership in 2012! It has been only two short years since MRU and Under Armour partnered up to become the only sponsored club in Humboldt County! Our teams took on new colors, new brand, and an all new look! The feedback since then has been amazing! There are some ordering and distribution issues that we are working out in an effort to make team gear more accessible, but the quality of the new gear is unmatched! Plus we have been able to see this brand grow and grow and now it seems like you canʼt watch a sport and NOT see a team wearing Under Armour! For 2012, the uniforms will be decorated with the same logos, however the fan gear will be redesigned! Further information about uniforms and gear will be announced early in the new year.

This event promises to be a fun evening while supporting local youth soccer! Details about tickets and auction items will be announced August 1st 2012.

MRU is always accepting applications for coaches. For the most current information visit our website,, Click on the “Coaches/Teams” tab, and download our application form.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact the MRU Office at 707.822.3333.

Complete applications can be submitted to Sean Connors, MRU Director of Coaching, at, or retuned at the Arcata Office.

Interested in Coaching for MRU?

See you there!

January 2012 Letter Revised  

Letter to parents

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