Pragasi's Dream

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Pragasi´s Dream

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Pragasi´s Dream

Text: Cristina PĂŠrez Design: Marta Mendoza


Hello, my name is Pragasi , I live in India and I have one brother and one sister: my twin brother Rajish and my little sister Deepa.


My village is in the south of India.


There , I go to school and I live with my parents and grandparents, in a little , colorful house . 4


Every morning I wake up early and I ride my bike to the fountain , to get some water.



Afterwards I run to school with my sister Deepa. I love going to school!



Once the lessons have finished , we cannot waste any time . We go home very fast, we have to help with the housecleaning. The laundry is waiting for me , we have to go to the market, bring some more water‌



When I finish early, I paint some mandalas with many colours and I read tales.

Rajish and I will finish our primary studies this year‌ 12

- We cannot let Pragasi go to school next year, because it is even farther away and she would waste a lot of time . Who else is going to help with the home tasks? – my father says.


-It is a pity she will not continue , she is an excellent 14 student – my grandmother answers.


I wish I could go on studying‌. and one day I may become a teacher and help the girls of my country learn many things.


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