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The UK Democratic Election Process National and Local Politics

Who is entitled to stand for election • Any registered citizen • A person living or working within the local authorities border • Any person aged 18 or over

What excludes a person from standing for election • Being an undischarged bankrupt • Holding an unspent criminal record • Becoming either of these 2 means you automatically lose a held position

Signatories needed to stand • A Prospective Parliamentary Candidate needs: • A proposer • A seconder • 8 other signatories resident within the constituency

• A council candidate needs: • A proposer • A seconder • 8 other signatories resident within the ward

The Selection Process for PPC’s • Attending a selection day, undergoing training, interview and test • If accepted, declared a PPC • Vacancies are distributed as they arise • Any PPC can apply to a local constituency without residency qualification • Go before a local selection panel • Appointed (local residency is preferred)

The Selection Process for a Political Councillor • Candidates recommended or self refer • Usually an activist or person with strong commitment holding membership • Interviewed by a selection committee • Successful candidates identify their preferred ward • Attend a selection meeting of ward members

The Selection Process for an Independent Councillor • Self select • Apply directly to the local authority at the appropriate time • (Still needs 10 signatories)

Period of holding a Seat MP’s • No set time for a term of office • The Prime Minister must call a General Election • No Parliament can sit for more than 5 years

Councillors • Hold a seat for 4 years unless voted in during a bye election • Some councils elect All In, All Out • Some councils have a 1/3 election each year

Publicity and Electioneering Activities Undertaken • • • • • •

Party Political Broadcasts on TV and Radio Newspaper Ads Posters (In windows, on bill boards, in cars) Personal Media Interviews Public Meetings Leaflet distribution

Publicity and Electioneering Activities Undertaken • Door knocking and talking to local residents • Talking to local residents in a shopping centre • Being out and about in the local area • Text Messaging • E mails • Campaign Website and/or Blogs

Voting Systems in the UK • Computerised System Piloted • Postal Votes • Voting in Person • Local and National wins are simply First Passed the Post

Election Day Activites • Each Authority must provide: • A Returning Officer • Polling Stations and staff • Ballot Papers and Box • A Counting Centre • Secure transport for Ballot Papers • Police Presence

• • • • •

For Candidates Early Bird Leaflets distributed Phone calling known supporters Telling Local Candidates out and about Attendance at the Count

The UK Democratic Election Process  

The UK Democratic Election Process

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