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Pucara rolls in urban style with unique 13 color set-ups.

Passion We are a group of bike riders, sports enthusiasts, and nature lovers who share a passion for living life to the freest. FreeCity Cycles™ are an expression of who we are. With fun bike designs built with the best materials, we live to make the right product for you to enjoy and ride safe.

Pucara FreeCity Cycles™ Pucara is a fixed-gear bicycle line for everyone, with safe components and colorful combinations.

M a king Puca ra : 1.

Track bicycle geometry.


Steel Frame.


700 x 23c racing style wheels and tires.


Bullhorn Bars for maximum comfort or Racer Handle Bar for

maximum maneuverability.


50mm Deep V Rims.


Rear alloy caliper brake with an option to add front brake.


Flip-Flop hub that lets you ride as a single speed or fixed gear.


85% preassembled. cycles

Our Pucara Pucara is a single speed bicycle

fixed. And back. Fix or free - you

with a fixed/free hub. Fixed gear


or track bikes have their rear cog

When designing the FreeCity Bikes

attached or “fixed” to the rear

we had one goal in mind –world-


class functionality and safety. Our ambition is to deliver a safe

A fixed gear bicycle is essentially

and solid ride; our bicycle is the

a single speed bicycle. However,


single speed bikes allow the rider


to coast without pedaling, but on

runner. With the bright colors and

a fixed gear bicycle you cannot

eye-catching design, the quality of

coast without pedaling. You are

a FreeCity bikes is often mistakenly

always pedaling on the fixed-gear


campus or



daily errand

bicycle. Each model is equipped with a If it is new to you, riding a fixed gear

coaster brake for easy stopping and

bicycle takes a bit of getting used

a clean visual, choice of bullhorn

to. Pucara comes standard with a

handlebar or raiser bar, full bearing

fixed/free dual hub. So if you are

baton bracket to have a more

new to a fixed gear bike, or need

durable paddling rotation and full

the comfort of the occasional coast,

bearing head set to absorbed the

Pucara serves both purposes. Flip

impacts to the rough terrains.

around your rear wheel anytime to switch from fixed to not. Or not to



MODEL: B-3-3-R

MODEL: B-3-2-R

Bullhorn or Riser? MODEL: B-3-4-B

We love bike’s pure lines and street cred.

MODEL: G-2-1-R

Feel alive, feel real, feel the moment.


MODEL: Bk-4-3-B


MODEL: Bk -4-1-R

Built with the best materials!

MODEL: W-1-4-B

MODEL: B-3-1-R

And yeah, breaks are optional! MODEL: GY-5-1-R

MODEL: W-1-1-B

MODEL: W-1-2-R

1. The subculture in the city. People love the subculture especially when its protagonists are perceived cool. Parkour in Paris, skateboarding in California, fixed-gear in the city. It is all about having a good time, feel life, feel real, feel in touch of the moment. 2. Fixies are simple bikes that do not attract thieves and are very low maintenance. 3. Light and clean looks. In our times when economical living and simpleness have become desirable values, fixies are so clean as it gets for bikes, just light frames, no gears and thin tires. 4. Endless customization. There is a whole culture of customizing fixed gear bikes; everybody can express him/herself by riding a unique looking bike. 5. Speed, Danger, Feel the Thing. As you cannot coast with them, you are pretty much pedaling all the time and accelerating, so the bikes can get really fast. You also have a better feel of the road and how much traction you are getting. These things, some claim, create and extra connection to the road and a rush.


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