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aspire not to want more, but to be more

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VERNON GOD LITTLE Four Double page illustrations inspired by the book, Vernon God little. The aim was respond to a book in terms of character, theme, setting and characteristics and to finalise this research in the form of double page spreads. My approach was to set the scene for the aggressive metaphors and the vivid imagery of the book, using ink, oil pastel, felt tip and collage.

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ILLUSTRATION AS A VISUAL ESSAY A reportage project, recording information visually from working mens clubs in the West Midlands district of England. Commonly known for its role in the industrialisation of middle England, ‘The Black Country’ remains to be a significantly forgotten place. The aim was to take a look into the great sense of community behind the social centres i visited and to represent the people who make that so.

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ZINE: Welcome to... A collaborative zine workshop, whereby the aim was to represent the community of Easton, Bristol. Being a deprived area, it was depicted as a grey lifeless place, however upon arrival Easton was surprisingly colourful to us all. A combination of mixed media was used to represent the energetic vibe.

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IDIOMS Narrative and Sequence A handmade book with a collection of illustrated idioms, chosen with relevance to my Grandparents. The aim was to create a playful guessing game whereby the list of idioms were placed separately on a perforated page, so the reader can compare and match the illustrations to the idioms. all the imagery was sourced from the origins of these idioms and watercolour and ballpoint pen were used as a tool.

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Queen Victoria on suffrage; ‘‘ let women be as god intended, a helpmate for man’’ A response to the words, balance, enclose, support and disperse, with the aim of representing the frustrating struggle for womens rights, using ballpoint pen and collage as a form of mixed media.

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Etching; ‘Weston Super-night-Mare’

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Youth Culture


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Observational Painting

Observational Drawings

Thank You Danke schรถn


This was a small A5 booklet i bound and sent off to a school in Berlin as part of an application to study abroad on an Erazmus. it doesnt lo...