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Day of the Dead

By: Madison and MyKala

This morning I woke up to the smell of warm, fresh chocolate chip pancakes and immediately jumped out of bed and rushed down the stairs.

As I was running downstairs I heard someone say “Marigold, escuchame.” When I got to the kitchen, I asked “Dad did you call me?” He replied “No sweetheart but happy Halloween!”

After finishing my breakfast I put on my beautiful Hannah Montana costume and hopped on the big smelly bus to go to school.

The moment my friends and I stepped off the bus and into the school it was complete chaos. We didn’t recognize anybody! I was surrounded by witches, princesses, fire fighters, and even a teacher dressed as a banana!

As I was running around the classroom with my friends deciding on what Halloween game to play, I heard someone say “Marigold, escuchame.” “Mrs. Nolin, did you call me?” I asked. “No I did not” she said.

When I got home from school, I ran straight to my room to start sorting out my candy. Again, I heard a voice saying “Marigold, escuchame.” I walked into the living room and asked “Mom, did you call me?” “No” she said.

I then told her about the voice I have been hearing all day. She was overjoyed! I didn’t understand why until she pulled up onto her lap and told me about my grandmother.

She told me about the Day of the Dead and how they believe our relatives can talk to us during this time!

My mom explained to me that in order to prepare for Day of the Dead they would make the dead’s favorite meal in addition to chocolates, a special bread called pan de los muertos, and sugar skulls.

She then told me how her mother and her used to walk to the graveyard leaving marigolds trailing behind them.

When they arrived to the graveyard they would begin decorating the graves with flowers, candles, and pictures before asking a priest to bless the grave.

They then gathered around to tell old stories of the dead, dance, and feast! I sat on my mom’s lap for what seemed like hours listening to old stories about our culture. I couldn’t wait to go to school the next day and tell all of my friends!

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Day of the Dead