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CONCEPT: SUCCESSION OF SPACES By manipulating the light and transitional elements of the space, I joined three distinct spaces within one infill location.


+ Chicken Point Cabin

Water Lily Basin

Lemon Tree


Through an analysis of Tom Kundig’s Chicken Point Cabin, I began to outline the ways spaces are joined and what dominant architectural elements define the space.

I constructed a model and drawings to better understand the building’s visual structure and spatial qualities.

Using basic geometries and themes from Chicken Point Cabin, I crafted my own models and drawings depicting hierarchies, visual language, axes, and repetition in space.

MONET’S WATER LILIES The reflective qualities of Claude Monet’s painting, Water Lily Basin, influenced the lighting in the space. Light filters through openings, highlighting the rippling pools of water and emphasizing the light and dark areas. However, the openings are placed strategically to give this effect only at certain times of the day, emulating Monet’s technique of painting a very specific moment.

LEMON TREE An enclosed courtyard encircles the lemon tree, which is illuminated by daylight and given an ethereal glow. Here, one would not be distracted by neighbors or activities on the street.


THE STORY Carol and Chuck Fetters are a fun couple who enjoy making things together, including quilts, woodwork, and chocolates truffles. Currently they make hundreds of truffles a year to share with family and friends, but now they want to share their creations with the world.

CONCEPT: SOPHISTICATED , FUN CURVES Early concept models and floor plans delineate the idea of a free-flowing form that invites you into the space.

PROGRAM: CAROL + CHUCK’S CHOCOLATES + products: truffles and other fine chocolates + confections available for immediate enjoyment or to take home in wooden boxes (hand-made by Chuck) + a space for people to sit and enjoy their treats (ceiling height is high enough to accomodate a loft space) + an inviting store front to distinguish the shop from other businesses along the city street + kitchen area for preparing and packaging chocolates on-site +restroom available for customers and employees + display shelving +storage area

The final design resulted in an energetic and modern color scheme joined with the elegant curvature of the walls. The ribbons of color accentuate these curves and in some places extrude out of the walls as seating or form niches to store products.


CONCEPT: HARMONY To shape a space that fits the needs and desires of the family while cultivating a love of music.


Kristie and John Beasley-Jung live in the suburbs with Kristie’s mother, Mrs. Beasley. All three of them are music teachers: Kristie and John both teach music at local grade schools while Kristie and her mother also conduct music lessons out of their home. Although they are moving to downtown Cincinnati, they want to maintain the privacy of their home and have spaces to both relax and entertain.


A curved wall both distinguishes the music room as a prominent and public space where the family’s students can gather. It is open to the entire loft both figuratively and literally. There is no door, allowing the sounds of people playing the piano or singing a tune to be enjoyed throughout the entire loft. A gap between the wall and floor is filled with glass, giving the illusion that the wall is floating. This feature runs the entire length of the wall through the East-West axis of the loft. Shown above is a study model depicting the early conception of this idea; work by Todao Ando, whose method of lighting spaces inspired my design; and the first floor plan, which further illustrates the curved wall.


“we love having company. Over the summer we had about 13 guests at the same time!” --Kristie

2. QUIET SPACE “my mom knits and reads a lot of books” --Kristie An area that is separate from the main entertaining space provides an enclosed, serene space for family members to read or simply rest.

The family room is visible from the kitchen and dining area so the family can entertain and prepare food simultaneously. A partially enclosed staircase separates Mrs. Beasley’s bedroom from the family room.

MUSIC ROOM “my mom teaches piano lessons” and “I play the saxophone and teach music lessons” --Kristie The music room, while open to the house, has acoustic paneling to absorb some of the sound.

OUTDOOR INFLUENCE “we have a wooded lot, and it reminds me of being in the Smoky Mountains” --Kristie Natural, unfinished materials were used to mimic a cabin-like atmosphere.




CONCEPT: CONCENTRATED LIGHT AND SHADOW To represent the visual characteristics of a gallery space of the 21C Hotel in Cincinnati.

I interpreted the gallery as a space that highlighted static points (the artwork, the center of the room) and cast shadows in more dynamic areas, such as major pathways.


CONCEPT: UNDULATING SCREEN As a group of 35 students, we collaborated on the design and construction of this cardboard screen, installed in the atrium of Alumni Hall at Miami University. The goal was to work together to create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the space’s staircase while improving the area’s acoustics.

FINAL DESIGN Our final design grew into a wave-like form that cascades down the staircase. Descending structural forms connect to the railings, holding the installation in place, while these forms then house panels made up of thinly-sliced corrugated cardboard. The design provides a beautiful backdrop for performances and displays on the concrete slab (left) while the paneling controls some of the sound in the atrium.


CONCEPT: DEFINED VERSUS UNDEFINED SPACES Through an analysis of the Seattle Central Public Library by OMA + LMA, I created drawings and a parti model to demonstrate the main ideas of this building. Understanding this library and the decisions and goals its designers had in mind helped me prepare for my next project, to design a library in Clifton, a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

PARTI MODEL A parti model of the Seattle Central Library shows the idea of rigid floors alternating with temporary, “moveable” spaces.


CONCEPT: GROWTH THROUGH EXPERIENCE Utilizing our knowledge about current issues in libraries today, the Cincinnati Public Library, and knowledge of the Clifton area, my group members and I wanted to reestablish the Clifton Library as a prominent community space. By visiting this library, patrons can grow by understanding more about themselves, encountering others, and learning more through the library’s resources.

A primary aspect of our design is the use of color to illustrate the movement throughout each space and the green wall that serves as a visual spine in the library.




An analysis of the Clifton area and the existing library helped us decide the appropriate height, shape, and character of the building. Studying the area’s demographics also allowed us to better understand the people we would be creating this space for.



A large focus of our project included using sustainable materials to promote a green lifestyle among the community and to provide a long-lasting place in Clifton. We used materials such as wheat chaff and Marmoleum flooring, which are highly recyclable and cause no harm the environment. Additionally, our green roof collects rain water, which travels through piping in the green wall and is collected in an underground cistern. Finally, solar panels on the roof also allow the library to generate its own power.




Howe Center for Writing Excellence IIDA Alpha Rho Chi IES Miami University Honors Program


HOWE CENTER FOR WRITING EXCELLENCE I currently work as a writing consultant and designer of marketing materials at the Howe Center for Writing Excellence at Miami University. As a consultant I meet with students who want to improve their writing. As a designer I create posters, flyers, and other materials to promote the Writing Center.

IIDA As the Secretary for the Miami University chapter of IIDA, I maintain the email account and online calendar, record the minutes of each meeting, and help plan activities for student members (including trips, tutorials, and lectures). I also have participated in IIDA’s Student Mentoring program, where I had the opportunity to shadow SHP Leading Design and Shaw Industries.

ALPHA RHO CHI ISIDOROUS As a member of the Isidorous chapter of Alpha Rho Chi, I attend weekly chapter members and assist with Pledge Education. I also participate in and assist in planning Fundraising, Philanthropic, Social, and Professional events.

IES I have attended several events planned by the Cincinnati/Louisville chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society and participated in their “Linked-Up� day where I shadowed lighting engineer Matt Minard.

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Madison Sabatelli Portfolio 2013