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The Madison Opera Center | Exterior View

The Madison Opera Center | Rehearsal Hall

The Madison Opera Center | Ground Plan 335 W. Mifflin Street

Main Entrance

Broom Street

Rehearsal Hall

Madison Opera Offices

Leasable Space

Conference Room

The Madison Opera Center | Basement Floor Plan

Costume Shop

Rehearsal Studio

Storage Space

Storage Space

Storage Space

Why We Need the Madison Opera Center Financial Stability

A Bright Financial Picture Owning our own space allows us to control costs, rather than being subject to fluctuations in the rental market for offices, rehearsal space, and storage. When added to probable earned revenue streams, such as leasing our 88 parking stalls and non-utilized square footage, this promises greater financial stability for Madison Opera.

Community Opportunity Location, Location

Conservative projections put us significantly ahead over the next 15 years, making this the strongest move we could make for the company’s long-term health, keeping us an important part of Madison for generations to come.


The Opera Center is in the heart of Madison’s cultural center. The arts are an integral part of downtown Madison, chiefly with the Overture Center, but also with the Bartell Theater and more. The Opera Center expands that artistic impact, with rehearsals literally at street level. Imagine walking down Mifflin Street to the Farmer’s Market or the new Central Library and pausing to peer into the Opera Center’s windows to see art being created!

opera begins long before

the curtain goes up and ends long after it has come down.

— Maria Callas | 608.238.8085

Shared Resources

Artistic Opportunity Broadening Reach

Owning our own space will enable us to expand our artistic, educational, and outreach activities. Examples may include free lunch-time recitals with our new Studio Artists, a regular preview series, summertime programs for youth interested in opera, open houses for the general public as part of National Opera Week, and even the occasional open rehearsal.

The rehearsal hall will allow us to share our resources with our community. According to the Dane County Planning and Development Department, artists in our county have identified access to affordable work and rehearsal space as their most critical need. Several performing arts groups have expressed interest in becoming regular guests of the rehearsal hall, and we have begun to identify other resources that can be shared as well.

Madison Opera Center  

Renderings and plans of the Madison Opera Center.

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