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2013/14 SEASON | VENUES & TICKET PRICES Wait to buy your tickets and pay full price... or subscribe today and save! Overture Hall Only Subscription: Subscribe to just the two Overture Hall productions and receive 10% off.

Full Season Subscription: Subscribe to all three productions and receive 15% off.

Overture Hall

(includes both operas) Full Price (if not bought as part of a subscription)

Overture Hall Only Full season Subscription Price Subscription Price

A ($242)

A ($218)

A ($206)

B ($202)

B ($182)

B ($172)

C ($162)

C ($146)

C ($138)

D ($118)

D ($106)

D ($100)

E ($98)

E ($88)

E ($84)

F ($50)

F ($46)

F ($42)

G ($36)

G ($32)

G ($30)

Please note that supertitles are not visible from Section G seats, except in the balcony.

Capitol Theater


Full Price

Full Season Subscription Price

A ($107)

A ($91)

B ($83)

B ($71)

C ($59)

C ($50)

D ($25)

D ($21)



Subscribers also enjoy exclusive benefits.

Madison Opera 2013/14 Season Brochure  

Brochure for the 2013/14 season.

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