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Diet - You Have To Go Gluten Free!

If you are afflicted by acute and persistent abdominal discomfort and bloating after meals, have excessive gas, or have large bulky stools which may have blood in them, you should go to a physician. While there are numerous causes for this particular series of signs including dysentery and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which can only be treated with medicines), it can be something called celiac sprue that's treated simply with a change in diet to a gluten free diet. Celiac sprue is an allergic condition of the small bowel that causes inflammation and damage to the liner hindering absorption of nutriments. This is exactly why you get the indications of malabsorption and intestinal injury (bleeding) explained above. You could also have weight loss and also suffer from nutritional deficiencies like iron deficiency anemia and B12 deficiency neuropathies for example. The substance your body is sensitive to turns out to be something called gluten that is really a protein found in most of the grain products in a typical diet including wheat, rye, barley, etc. The terrible thing is the fact that this food product is found in so many things, the good thing is that the treatment for this problem is simple, change your diet. No meds with terrible side effects, no surgeries, no changes in task, or alternative constraints. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that changing your diet and averting a common ingredient is just a walk in the park. But I am saying that this could possibly be much worse than it really is and that one can live a "regular" life despite this condition and the gluten-free diet that you have to have. So how about this diet? How much work is it? How much does it cost? What kind of affect will it have on my life? Well-another positive thing to concentrate on is you have a public health program that has made it easier on you if you have Celiac Sprue. They've made it mandatory for food producers to place labels on the food that show the ingredients and they have also made it a valid feature to get gluten free. Another positive is that there are many similar products which will make remaining gluten free easier in terms of acceptable substitute foods. There are useful lists and recipe books and other resources that can make this process as near to a walk in the park as possible. Another good thing about the new diet is that it really could have an almost immediate effect in the symptoms, for certain within seven days of new diet initiation. The lining of the gut takes somewhat longer but may also return entirely to normal. No more embarrassing bodily malfunctions, no more pain, and to be able to enjoy meals again! Seems nice does not it?

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