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U4A8 What is beauty? Fine Arts e) Dance I find dance beautiful because it gives me pleasure to watch dance, as well as to experience it personally. Watching dancers tell a story with only their bodies moving to music, another powerful art, is an incredible experience for me. Additionally, dance requires a great deal of discipline and commitment, which truly speaks for the dancers' love of this art as well. When music and movement are appropriately paired, it is a force of nature. Natural Beauty i) A sky feature Gazing up at the stars is a classic scene of serenity and beauty that has been appreciated since time began. Stars are beautiful, as Kant might argue, for their universality. People who existed hundreds and thousands of years before our time enjoyed the beauty of the stars as we do today. The stars are something that nearly everyone appreciates, as our brains are similar in their ability to reason and thus, similar in their ability to appreciate something beautiful. Everyday Beauty Candles Fire is another timeless object of beauty, first as it was giving heat and life to the first humans, to modern times, when fire brings people together in Olympic Ceremonies and backyard campfires. The beauty of fire is both universal and eternal, and it is an element that contributes to what makes a candle beautiful. Not only do candles have a beautiful burning flame, but they light up a room and fill it with a pleasurable aroma.

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