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The Inspiration As college students, we have noticed how many different ways our demographic is targeted and exposed to sex in the media. This made us wonder how and where the average college gets their information about sex, and how they think it’s portrayed in the media. After we looked into the subject, we were inspired by the Dove Real Beauty ad in which women were brought in and described themselves to a sketch artist, to convey how they perceived themselves. We thought it would be interesting to do something similar with the portrayal of sex in the media.

The Survey

Our team set out to survey college students ages 18-25 about how they feel about sex. We asked how they felt about the sex ed classes they were given, how they generally obtain their information about sex, and how they feel about the way that sex is shown in the media. The survey received 82 responses, and we found that students had some heated attitudes towards the subject. Many students were upset with the way that they were taught about sex, feeling that they were not given enough information in sex ed, and thus needed to resort to other resources to get more info. We also noticed that many students were not happy with the way that sex is shown in the media. This led us to do interviews with students to try to depict how they feel the media portrays sex.

What is Sex Personified? And What Will You Find Here? We interviewed 6 random college students, having them imagine the portrayal of sex in the media as a person. They were then asked to describe how the person looks. We took the descriptions and translated them into drawings. Thus, we were able to “personify sex.” Our team also felt that our initial survey had some very important quotes that related to the drawings we made. So we decided to incorporate those quotes into our personification of sex, to show a greater range of student’s opinions. It was also realized, that though our survey and interviews did give us some very interesting information, the amount of people we talked to wasn’t that large. So, we did some more research online, and included a research page, in order to show outside information that could support or contrast with ours. We hope that by combining the quotes we gathered from the surveys and the images we made from the interviews, we are able to illustrate how the media portrays sex, and how students feel about it.

Why Sex Personified? When you represent something by putting a face to it, it creates a more powerful message. It humanizes the subject and translates it into something people can relate to.

“Most of the time it seems l sexualizes things. Even wit about asserting dominance However, at the same time within our culture and that i some crazy sinner or some the in between.� -Female, 19

like the media over th advertising it’s always e over the object (woman). there’s this fear of sex if you have sex you’ll be e shit, but we never discuss

Subject: Male, 22 Description

What do they look like? Female. Like a prostitute or a music video girl. Lots of clothes that are revealing like a short dress .Thin, fit body, and dark long hair.

What is their race? White.

What is their personality like? Flirty and promiscuous, but outwardly proud of what they do.

What they do for fun? Party. Get messed up. Misinterpret the meaning of Yolo so that they can justify the tupid things they do.

Are they considered cool? Yes.

Are they a virgin? Hah.No.

“Sex in the media is -Male, 20

s oversimplified.�

Subject: Female, 20

What do they look like? Male, tall, some facial hair, darker short styled hair, even skin tone, not too skinny but not a lot of muscle. Strong looking, with handsome deep eyes. Wears a v-neck with business attire.

What is their race? White.

What is their personality like? Outgoing, outdoorsy, great sense of humor, smart, practical, very fun and optimistic.

What they do for fun? Camping, Frisbee, road trips and skating.

Are they considered cool? Very cool dude, everyone wants to be friends with him.

Are they a virgin?: No.

“All media shows that sex seem like a joke , or make only happens when one is doesnt use a condom.� - Female, 21

x is okay. They make it e pregnancy seem like it s drunk or when one

Subject: Male, 20 What do they look like? They are female. In shape, skimpy clothing. And by tight tank top and short shorts.. Long blonde hair.

What is their race? White.

What is their personality like? Harsh/blunt. But also flirty.

What they do for fun? They shop and party a lot.

Are they considered cool? Yes.

Are they a virgin? Not even close.

“TV and movies portray se people do all the time with of STDs or the emotional e look glamorous and sexy w -Female, 20

ex as something easy that strangers. They never think effects of it really. It makes it when it usually isn’t!�

Subject: Female, 19 What do they look like? Female
. They have a good physique: they are thin and toned and tan. They have long, dark hair that is well-styled. And they wear nice clothes that are form fitting, but not sleazy. Like a tight black skit and less tight black tanktop, with red heals.

What is their race? White.

What is their personality like? They are carefree and outgoing. They don’t have any inhibitions and they enjoy themselves.

What they do for fun? They hang out with their friends, and sometimes do rebellious things- but are never caught and never have consequences. They don’t do anything unusual.

Are they considered cool? Yes.

Are they a virgin? No.

“ The media portrays sex posi the same time. If you are in a is expected that you have se many people you are a slut. B good to sleep around. I don’t in a very confusing mannner -Female, 18

itively and negatively all at a committed relationship it ex. If you have sex with too But also sometimes it’s t know. The media portrays it r.�

Subject: Male, 19 What do they look like? Female. A very fit and beautiful woman with blonde hair.Dressed in promiscuous clothes, like a hatler top and jean shorts.

What is their race? White.

What is their personality like? I see her as a loose girl, but has a very cool personality that no one gets to know.

What they do for fun? She likes to go drinking or be in the sun.

Are they considered cool? She is very popular among most people at her school.

Are they a virgin? No.

“The media portrays sex as the id In every romantic movie(Such as climax of the movie where viewe They distort the images of male a attractive, and set unrealistic exp - Female, 20

deal image of what love is. s The Notebook)sex is the ers think two people fall in love. and females bodies to be ideally pectations of both people.�

Subject: Female, 20 What do they look like? Male.I’d say someone tall and buff, with longish black/brown hair. Well educated, business man. Well dressed, good chunck of money. This would help him feel entitled to acting a certain way to get every partner he desires. It makes him seem almost unreachable. After all, the media di plays things that we as most common people will never experience.

What is their race? I’d say something mixed like European, Middle East. Something to give him the dark complexion and romantic side.

What is their personality like? The surface I’d say charming, smooth, smart, flashy.... but deep down, after a while I’d say cold, hard and a jerk. To the surface he would be everyone’s best friend to the people that really knew him it wouldn’t be different.

What they do for fun? Anything sport related. A manly man always looking for a partner though. Restaurants, bars and public events. Enjoys being outdoors.

Are they considered cool? Yes.

Are they a virgin? Yes.

Sex In the Media Personified