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My paintings are expression of myself and what I feel. I believe that the eyes will reveal every secret in your soul. In all my paintings and photo shoots I want the eyes to be striking. Photos are living memories and expressions. what i see i photograph.


Studio Inc Issue May 20th 2012

Refresh any room Brighten up your kitchen with our new Summer range

During my course at RMIT one of our classes was photostlying The photo on the right is my interpretatin of the ‘Mad-Hatters Tea Party’. Ive always loved Alice in Wonderland and weanted to incorporate this into my work. The image on this page is a homewares display for a magazine cover.

our happiest home

Second year Window Displays

First year Window Displays

Musica Viva

Event Styling

country road

Country Road Moodboards

In Store Display Black and White Store

This is a group colaboration of our design for a music festival poster.

Licoln Hotel came to RMIT asking for designs that can be placed in thier hotel space. My team and I came up with the idea of having Abraham Licoln’s hat with the inscription that he has on his plark, to be written inside the hat repeatedly



This is my folio displaying my work that i have done during the duration of my Visual Merchandising course