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July 26 2012

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Family time can change the outcome of your child's life By Dave Crumbaugh - Publsiher

In this day of hectic schedules, and long work hours, spending time with your children may not seem like the priority. Many parents feel like they are doing their job by putting food on the table and clothes on their kids backs. Although these things are necessary, it is also extremely important to spend quality time with your kids. How many times, on the news, do we see some teen or young adult who has just killed a person or many people, or maybe just becoming a criminal. The parents are always are almost always quoted as saying “We didn’t raise them that way.” Is that really true? Having done foster care for many years, my wife and I have seen many children who were neglected by parents who thought they were doing everything right, but were more interested in doing what pleased themselves. I have, too often, heard a parent say, “I have given my kids several years of my time, now it’s time for me.” We, as parents, can’t take that attitude and expect our kids to turn out ‘just great.’ Kids need to be loved and

nurtured. Nothing spells love more than sacrificing any extra time you have to spend it with your children. A child that grows up in a loving, peaceful environment will grow up into a loving, peaceful adult. A child who grows up having to take care of themselves, and lives in an environment void of interaction and love from parents, usually grows up selfish, having trouble in school, and finds themself, more times than not, in trouble with the law. Children that do well in school, and succeed in life have this in common. They have a stable family life, with lots of time spent with their parents. Spending time with your children could be fishing together, camping, playing ball, going to the park, working in a garden together, or even helping them with their school work. It is also important to help your children learn skills that won’t be taught in school; such as how to deal with confrontation, how to stand up for their values in the face of peer pressure, and so on. Your children should also grow up knowing and understanding your values.

Taking your children to church, praying with them, and reading the Bible with them is also a great way to help them grow up into the young man or woman you want them to be. The truth is that we will always be their parent, even after they become adults. If you have raised them properly, they will want to still be close to you after they have left the nest. However, those 18+ years that we have them under our roof is the most important. I heard a quote years ago that I have never forgotten. ‘Children learn what they live.’ My father used to say, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say.” Unfortunately, that is not, generally, how it goes. Making sacrifices for your kids pays huge dividends. Your children will grow up respecting, and loving you. They will also grow up respecting, and loving others and become productive members of society. Don’t just take this next week to spend time with your kids. Make it a lifelong habit. Every week should be ‘Spend time with your kids’ week.

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