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July 26, 2012

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Less burglaries, more arrests, Huntsville Police claim According to Burglary Task Force of the Huntsville police department, for the first six months of the year, burglary cases are down from 1207 in 2011, to 1143 in 2012, a

5.3 % decrease. Arrests, however, have gone up from 120 to 177. That is a 32.2% increase in burglary arrests.

AEgis Technologies Builds London in 3D for 2012 Summer Olympics Huntsville AEgis Technologies is again lending their 3D database expertise to the Olympic Games by building London 2012. This is the third Olympics AEgis has been contracted for developing a high resolution database with cultural features of interest for use in operational planning and situational awareness in both preparation for, and execution of the games. The London 2012 project is an example of AEgis’ ability to put any location on the globe at your fingertips in 3D. “AEgis is proud to continue our support of the Olympic Games by providing our geospatial solutions to this global event. We look forward to the excitement of the London Olympics and are pleased to have again been selected for this project,” said David King, VP of Simulation Development. Development of London 2012 is a large effort that requires multiple 3D mod-

This news comes while many are saying that crime rates in the area seem to be increasing.

elers, texture artists and geographic information system (GIS) analysts. Using satellite imagery and open source data, the team has produced the most accurate and detailed models available for the London metropolitan area, including landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Westminster Abby and the Tower of London. Also part of the virtual landscape are new features to the city, including the Westfield Mall and train station, which will serve as the entrance to Olympic Park.

Huntsville police maintain that because ar-

rests are up, and there is more media coverage of arrests, it appears that there is more crime, but instead, they are getting more criminals off the street.

Blood donations hits 15 year low (WAAY) - Times are getting desperate for the American Red Cross. This week, they reported that blood donations have reached a 15 year low. Veteran Red Cross worker Cristal Ray said that donations tend to be seasonal, but there have been less donations than usual this summer “I can definitely see from being on the buses, some of the places we normally go, we don’t get as much blood as we used to,” she said. They stressed the importance for eligible people to come out and donate “We need that small per-

centage to come together and give…If it hits home to that person, they will see the significance of actually giving blood,” R a y s a i d .

Anyone interested in donating can find a nearby blood drive here, or call 800- RED-CROS S t o schedule an appointment

Shark Found in Lake Guntersville

The historic architecture and closely populated urban landscape make the project challenging. Approximately 300 high and medium fidelity 3D models populate the database spanning more than 2,600 square kilometers.

Sharks are a common sight in the Gulf of Mexico, not in North Alabama. But believe it or not, one man found a shark in Lake Guntersville on Wednesday. The question is, how did it get t h e r e ?

As part of the final project delivery, AEgis also provided several days of hands-on instruction in London as well as ongoing support as required.

Mike Carter, a professional angler, discovered the dead bull shark in the water while getting ready to spend the day on the water fishing with a client.

He immediately called authorities, then left it on a p i e r . Carter has his own theories as to how the shark got into the lake. "They have been known to migrate 100 miles in shore, but you got four different locks to go through to get to this area, so it makes you wonder if somebody just turned it lose here or brought it here dead and threw it in the water."

Carter has been in business as a hunting and fishing guide on Lake Guntersville for seven years. He says in all his experience and years on the water, he's never ever seen a shark in Lake Guntersville. "Wow, it's something you just don't see is a shark. I looked at it and did a double take just to make sure I am looking at a shark because you don't see that in this area".

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