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Thursday Thoughts Can you know the future? Is there any way you can get inside information? Is it true that whatever was meant to be will just be?

all the cargo, and many could die. The guard that was taking him to Caesar didn’t listen to him.

ceiving in one’s heart. Many Christians do not even know how to follow that inner knowing or perception.

gan to trust him and it saved or telling you that saved all of their lives. you are born again.

Just like Paul, you, too, can know things about The guard believed the the future. John 16:13, owner of the ship more The Lord was telling “Howbeit when He, the Paul was on his way to than he believed Paul, Paul something about Spirit of truth, is come, Rome to stand before the experience of a sailor the future, even though He will guide you into Caesar, and he was go- versus the word of a Paul could do nothing all truth: …and He will ing by ship. In Acts preacher. The natural about it because he was show you things to 27:10, something very thing to do would be to a prisoner. come.” interesting happened to believe an expert over a Paul. He had a knowing minister. But what the However, it set him up, The Holy Spirit wants to in his heart that this voy- centurion did not know when it went bad, to be show every believer age was going to be bad. was that Paul was listen- able to say, “You should things to come. You and have listened to me.” I don’t have to be in the ing to God. The ship was going to He, like so many today, dark concerning the fuwreck, they could lose did not understand per- Then the centurion be- ture. The Holy Spirit showed Paul, and Jesus promised that He would show us things to come, too.

This will translate into every area of your life. That witness, unction, revelation or knowing, will let you know the future. The same way you know you are born again is the same way you will know what to do in areas of your life.

Where does this perception take place? It is a knowing in your born again spirit. I John 2:20 calls it an unction. In Galatians 2:2, Paul called it a revelation. In I John 5:10, it is called a witness. It is all the same thing, a knowing in your heart. Not necessarily a voice, not something on the outside, but a leading or a knowing on the inside.

Living by perception will keep you safe, make you prosperous, and put you in right relationships. It is just the way to live. Remember, you are His sheep, you know His voice and the voice of a stranger you will not follow!

You might be thinking, “How do I know for sure it is God, and not just me?” Romans 8:16, “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.” It is like this scripture says, the Holy Spirit is letting you know you are born again. It is a continual knowing. I John 5:10 says, if you believe on the Son of God, you have a witness. Your spirit is testifying to you that you are

You need to know the things I am telling you because of the things that are going on in our world. You need to know where to be, and what to do every hour of the day.

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