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July 19, 2012

Millar Chiropractic Has Your Back At Millar Chiropractic Clinic (MCC), patients like to say, “Millar’s Got Your Back.” MCC now has four Chiropractic clinics around

Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley with clinics in Madison, Huntsville (Downtown and Jones Valley), and Decatur. For the past 14 years, MCC has brought excellence in chiropractic care and nutrition to its many patients. “We want our patients to exchange ordinary healthcare for extraordinary wellness through discovering and implementing chiropractic, nutritional, and whole body prevention, leading to a wellness lifestyle and a longer happier life,” Dr. Millar says. Millar Chiropractic Clinic was nominated and selected as winner of the prestigious #1Best in Business Award, Chiropractor, for Huntsville and North Alabama for the past three years in a row. MCC is also a proud member of the UAB Department of Neurosurgery, Chiropractic Care Team. Dr. Millar says, “Working with UAB Department of Neurosurgery has been wonderfully rewarding. We learn from the neurosurgeons, and they learn from us.” Dr. Millar goes on to say, “Our patients like our relationship with UAB. They feel that if the neurosurgeons of UAB trust us, then so can they.” For 10 years, Dr. Greg Millar, DC CCEP, Chiropractor was host of the MEDCALL TV show every Saturday night on ABC WAAY TV Channel 31. And, for the past four years he has hosted the BackTalk TV show which airs every Tuesday at 11:45am. Dr. Millar says that he enjoys the TV work, but what he loves most is seeing patients and treating difficult cases. He especially enjoys treating bulging and herniated disc cases. Having had three back surgeries himself, he empathizes with them, and tries to keep his patients from going to surgery while walking them out of pain. For the last two years, Dr. Millar was ranked by as number one on the Top Ten list of Best Rated Chiropractors for Huntsville and Madison, and ranked number two in the state of Alabama. Dr. Millar has hand-chosen a group of very experienced chiropractors to work with him. Dr. Dana Berthiaume, Chiropractor, with 20 years experience, is the Senior Millar Chiropractor over the Madison clinic. Dr. Adam Shafran, Chiropractor, with 19 years experience, is the Senior Millar Chiropractor over the downtown Huntsville clinic. Dr. Jack Langston, Chiropractor, with 30 years experience, is the Senior Millar Chiropractor at the Decatur clinic. And Dr. Jamie Bunis, Chiropractor, with 7 years experience, is the Senior Millar Chiropractor over the Jones Valley clinic. Add to this, Dr. Marie Krause, Chiropractor, with 15 years experience; Dr. Hogendobler, Chiropractor, with 10 years experience; and Dr. Millar’s 15 years experience with a wonderful support team, and you have the experience to deliver on the promise of chiropractic excellence. Dr. Millar says, “We will get to the bottom, or root cause of your problem, and attempt to fix the problem, not mask the symptoms.”

Millar Chiropractic Clinics Huntsville: 303 Williams Ave. SW, Suite 117 Jones Valley: 2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr. SE, Suite 150 Madison: 1908 Slaughter Rd. Decatur: 2618 Briar Ave. SW

Call (800) GoChiro or (800) 462-4476

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