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Newcomer’s Guide Enjoy life in Madison County

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Madison County Magazine is a supplement to the Madison County Journal

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Soup for the Soul Area Adventures The Great Outdoors

Newcomer’s Guide Enjoy life in Madison County

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Built in the 1850s The Chapel of the Cross is a pristine example of a 19th Century Gothic Revival church architecture. It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is the annual site of the church’s annual fundraiser, “A Day in the Country” held the first Saturday of October Photo By Steven Watson

Madison County Magazine is a supplement to the Madison County Journal designed to update newcomer’s and residents about life in Madison County. No portion of this publication my be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. The opinions expressed in Madison County Update are those of the authors or columnists and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, not do they constitute an endorsement of products or services herein. We reserve the right to refuse any and all advertising. Subscribe to the Update by subscribing to the Journal. Copies will be distributed throughout the town. Call 601-853-4222 to subscribe www.madisoncountyjournal/subscribe

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Enjoy Life in Madison County

Big city conveniences and small town charm... Madison County offers both

Madison County Welcome

A welcome from Madison and Ridgeland’s Mayors

Big city conveniences and small town charm... Madison County offers both

Yay For Yogurt

Menchie’s is more than just another yogurt shop franchise

Make Your Fitness Fun

Moderation and reasonable goals are the keys to fitness progress

Meet The Neighbors

Meet the Bakers of Madison County

What’s Hot

Add some gold or silver accents to bring beauty to your home.

Enjoy Madison Life County in



Soup For The Soul

A variety of dishes for all that ails you

Madison County Life

High property values and great schools make Madison County attractive to many

Area Adventures

There are many interesting things to see and do in Madison County

Top Of The Class


In the classroom and on the field, Madison County schools are at the top of their game

Home Set-Up

Knowing who to call makes settling in much easier

The Great Outdoors

Madison County offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation

Get In Some Golf

Two top 10 courses make the area a golfing destination

Picture of Health

Area known for top health services in Mississippi

Stop and Shop

Wide variety of stores means many choices for area shoppers


Looking Ahead

Making good place better the goal of community leaders

Growing Faith

Madison County Church Directory


Annual Area Events


Madison County Update


Nestled between the Big Black and Pearl rivers, Madison County was formed in 1828 from portions of Hinds and Yazoo counties and named for James Madison, the fourth U.S. President. With a geographic area of almost 742 square miles, this county of more than 93,000 residents has become one of the fastest-growing in Mississippi. Despite being one of the fastest growing counties in the state, Madison County has been able to maintain a welcoming, small-town atmosphere of diverse yet close-knit communities.


County Welcome



as “Mississippi’s Shining Star,” Madison has the state’s highest percent

fers convenience to city amenities in a safe and welcoming commu-

of married-family households, highest percent of high school and college

nity. Here you can find more shopping, more business, more outdoors,

graduates of any city in the state, highest median home value and highest

more education, and more culture than anywhere else in the county.

elcome to Madison, Mississippi’s premier planned community. We’re always pleased to hear when you have chosen to make your home

here in one of the state’s fastest growing and most affluent cities. Known

Brighten up the outdoors.

elcome to Madison County and to Ridgeland! As Mayor of Ridgeland, I am pleased that you have chosen Madison Coun-

ty as your home. Located in southern Madison County, Ridgeland of-

per capita income. Preserving our abundant quality of life has always been Madison’s

Ridgeland has been recognized nationally

first priority. Distinctive neighborhoods,

as a Tree City USA, a Bicycle Friendly

vibrant arts and cultural programs, well-

Community-Bronze Level, and in recent

maintained parks and excellent schools are

years as one of the 100 Best Places to

all Madison hallmarks.

Live by MONEY® magazine. Ridgeland

LANDSCAPE & IRRIGATION County Line Rd at Pear Orchard Ridgeland, MS

is the only city in Mississippi to have a In our city we like to acknowledge that

Master Plan that has received the Award of

Madison churches form the cornerstone

Excellence from the Mississippi Municipal

and that volunteers provide Madison’s

League. Around the State of Mississippi,

backbone. When being chosen as the Top

Ridgeland is known as the destination for

Ten Towns for Families by Family Circle

premier shopping, fine dining, arts and

Magazine one of the defining qualities

crafts, outdoor recreation and trails, and

mentioned about us is that people here are

award-winning parks and festivals.

“hands on—in the award winning schools, in the neighborhoods” providing leadership

Mary Hawkins Butler

Gene McGee

through service. To our visitors we say catch

Over 55 years of service

www.callawaysonline.com • 601-957-1731 Callaway's MadCoMag Jan12.indd 1

12/13/11 10:48:03 AM

The Mississippi Craft Center, named the “Travel Attraction of the Year” by the

our hometown spirit. You are heartily welcomed to our city, and we hope you

Mississippi Tourism Association, makes its home in Ridgeland. Distinctive

find a place in Madison to call your home.

retailers occupy such popular commercial areas as the Renaissance at Colony Park; the Township at Colony Park; Northpark Mall; Downtown Ridgeland, a

Our attractive lifestyle has led to remarkable growth, yet Madison remains

commercial district based on the Olde Towne architectural plan; and plenty

committed to careful planning and enforces strict architectural and building

of other areas. Outdoor festivals and special events abound in Ridgeland,

guidelines to ensure that the city retains its small-town charm.

bringing the community together and each offering something special, including the Renaissance Fine Arts Festival, Kid Fest! Ridgeland, Balloon

The City of Madison also provides energetic, enthusiastic support for

Glow, Natchez Trace Century Ride, Township Fall Festival, Christmas Parade

businesses, as evidenced by the increasing variety of projects. Baptist Health

and a lot more.

Systems and the Highland Medical Arts Center are two primary examples of the ambitious projects which signal Madison’s real growth as a Medical

With miles of multi-use trails, the Natchez Trace Parkway, and the Ross


Barnett Reservoir, as well as safety-certified playgrounds and well-groomed parks, there are more than ample opportunities for outdoor sports and

As Madison grows, we see increasingly that our business community adds so

activities. Housing options abound including the finest retirement and

much to the quality of life we cherish in our city. The city continues to support

assisted living homes, affordable homes, apartments and house rentals, as

existing businesses and remains proactive in attracting new companies.

well as million-dollar homes. In Ridgeland, children may acquire the highest

Now, retail businesses and restaurants are overwhelmingly finding Madison

quality education at either Star-rated public schools or private schools. A

the perfect place to be.

community college brings higher education and workforce training to adult students.

If you have any questions about life in Madison, please do not hesitate to call. We want you to be a part of Madison’s exciting future!

There’s more here in Ridgeland. I welcome you to our community.



Mary Hawkins Butler, Mayor

Gene McGee, Mayor

City of Madison

City of Ridgeland


Madison County Magazine

Madison County Magazine


Photos By David Wiggins / wigginsphoto.com


was second to none,” he said. “This was the brand I wanted to bring to Mississippi.” So far Suebhongsang has signed on to open five locations in the Jackson Metro area with the first location on Lake Harbour in Ridgeland. The second location will be in Madison near the Malco Grandview movie theater scheduled to open in the spring of 2012. Something Suebhongsang wants to accomplish with Menchie’s is the sense of giving back. “At Menchie’s our mission is to make everyone smile,” he said. “We use the best frozen yogurt to help us accomplish that.” But he added that they also give back to the community.


Serve yourself at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

By Amber Alexander

Menchie’s is more than just another yogurt shop franchise fter growing was natural a career in er dreamed

up in the for Wynn the food it would

restaurant business it Suebhongsang to find industry, he just nevinvolve frozen yogurt.

Now the 1996 Jackson Prep grad has opened the state’s first Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt franchise with the rights to five more locations on the horizon. Menchie’s is a California-based chain that started in 2007 and now has hundreds of locations across the United States and several international locations including Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. The store offers self-serve frozen yogurt with a wide assortment


Madison County Magazine

of flavors and toppings with customers paying by weight. Suebhongsang grew up in Clinton and Brandon, graduating from Jackson Prep in 1996. He attended the University of Texas after graduation. In 2005, Suebhongsang moved to Nashville to open a couple of restaurants, when he first came to know of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. “My wife and I were frequent customers there. We never thought to get into the frozen yogurt business until our son was born,” Suebhongsang said. When Suebhongsang and his family made the decision to move back to the Jackson area, he looked into all the different types of frozen yogurt chains before deciding that Menchie’s was the best option. “Their emphasis on customer service, the superiority of their frozen yogurt, and their mission to give back to the community

For their grand opening they donated all their sales to “Adam’s Project,” a program raising money to build a handicap-accessible park at Ridgeland’s Freedom Ridge Park. “I encourage any school or local non-profit to contact me if they need to raise money,” Suebhongsang says. With over 100 flavors on rotation and 14 to choose from in the store, Menchie’s uses many different flavors to curve every person’s craving. So far the store is doing great, according to Suebhongsang, who says they are very happy to be back in the Jackson area. “My experience has been very positive,” Suebhongsang said. “I have had several  old friends and  Prep alumni come in to visit. It has been good to get reacquainted with everyone.”  Suebhongsang hopes customers know this isn’t just another yogurt chain where it’s the same everywhere. “Menchie’s is a franchise, but  it is also locally owned and  operated  by someone who grew up here in the Jackson metro area,” he said. “I simply bought into the franchise.  All  the Menchie’s in the area  will be  locally owned and operated.” For Suebhongsang and his family, this is only the beginning of what they hope to create with Menchie’s and the environment they hope caters to all. “We love to make you smile,” he said. “Not only is it a fun place to work, it is a fun place for everyone to hang out and enjoy a good, healthy treat.” 

Wynn Suebhongsang opened the areas first Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

YOGURT FLAVORS Following are some of the flavors offered. French Vanilla



Cake Batter


Cookies n’ Cream

Angel Food Cake


New York Cheesecake

Glazed Donut

Dulce De Leche

Blueberry Burst

Guava Lime Sorbet

Original Tart

There are 60 dry and fresh fruit toppings in the store that are on rotation. You can view a complete list of all frozen yogurt flavors and toppings at www.menchies.com.

Madison County Magazine


LOCAL FLAVOR Canton with her husband and new baby daughter. “If you like to play a sport, then do it. If you don’t, just go for a walk.” The downfall of most new “get fit” programs is a failure to incorporate an exercise or activity that the individual actually enjoys. Unless an exercise program is something that is pleasurable, it is destined to be the focus of excuse-making and procrastination. “If somebody doesn’t like to walk on the treadmill, then they shouldn’t commit to walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes every day -- because they’re just not going to do it for the long haul. That just sets you up for failure and frustration and you give up before you’ve had the chance to see results,” Sartain explained.

Make Your Fitness Fun

Local gyms offer short-term “trial” memberships to entice newbies to get active without a long term commitment.

By Lea Anne Brandon

Moderation and reasonable goals are the keys to fitness progress o keep well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions to eat less and exercise more in 2012 from becoming just another litany of broken vows before the end of January, local fitness experts recommend starting slowly and keeping goals realistic. “It’s all about moderation,” said Morgan Sartain, an AFAA certified personal trainer and self-described exercise fanatic. “You’ve got to go slow at first, build up your endurance. You’ll get stronger and see results faster.” Instead of vowing to walk five miles every day or spending 90 minutes at the gym seven days a week, experts say to begin by getting up off the sofa and walking around the block after dinner. Once that has become a habit and isn’t a physical strain, lengthen the walk and pick up the pace. Gradually build up to one mile and then another. Before long, the five mile goal will become a natural progression of your exercise plan instead of an insurmountable goal. “The biggest thing -- and the best thing -- any of us can do is to get active. Get out and move,” said Sartain, who lives near


Madison County Magazine

For sedentary types who can’t think of an activity they enjoy, Sartain recommends experimenting with some options embraced by friends. Tag along with a neighbor who regularly takes a fitness or aerobics class. Go for a bike ride with your son. Plan a bowling night with the girls or volunteer to walk a co-worker’s puppy one evening. “You might discover something you actually don’t hate doing,” she added. The same goes for improving an individual’s food intake. Consider adding a new, healthy food to your regular menu selections as a substitute for a high fat or high sugar favorite. “Diets fail because people deprive themselves so drastically. Don’t say, ‘I’ll eat just salmon and chicken and grilled vegetables; if you know you don’t really like those foods. You can’t deprive yourself forever so you’re not going to make it very long. Instead, make small changes and incorporate more healthy options into your meal plan,” Sartain said. For well-intentioned couch potatoes longing to transform their sedentary lifestyles and high caloric diets, local fitness clubs like Fitness Lady or The Club in Ridgeland offer short-term “trial” memberships to entice newbies to get active without a long term commitment. These programs offer built-in encouragement from on-staff trainers as well as fellow club members who have also adopted a new fitness mindset. “Accountability is so important for sticking with a commitment,” Sartain said. “That’s why fitness classes and wellness programs are so successful. Guilt is a great motivator as well as just getting encouragement when you’re tempted to slack off.” Even if you’re more of a loner, Sartain recommends finding someone with whom you can work out. Make a plan of action you both feel can be continued long after the Super Bowl has come and gone, such as walking around the block during lunch hour or meeting at the park after work for a brisk walk around the walking path. After a few weeks, add a little more ambitious exercise to your shared adventure such as an hour of spin class or a low-impact aerobics class.

To get some exercise, volunteer to walk a co-worker’s puppy one evening.

“You can even hold each other accountable by agreeing that if one of you breaks your exercise appointment, you’ve got to buy the other a cup of coffee or treat them to a night at the movies,” she offered. Another tip for ensuring success is to monitor your progress. Take your measurements before you ever begin an exercise program and keep track of your weight and other statistics on a weekly basis. The idea is not to set unrealistic goals such as the dramatic reductions seen on television shows like The Biggest Loser, but instead to encourage yourself with baby steps of progress. “Again, keep remembering this is a long-term commitment. A marathon. Not a sprint,” Sartain concluded.

Madison County Magazine




Shine On: Add some gold or silver accents to bring beauty to your home.


By Matt Stuart

Meet the


Before Angie and Justin Baker graduated from Ole Miss in hopes of entering the medical field, it was a literature class during their sophomore year that initially brought them together.

Two years later, in June of 1995, the Bakers were married. Now, 16 years after that, their family has blossomed into three children and five pets living at their home in Springbrook Estates in southwest Madison County. Today, Angie is a stay-at-home mom after working as a registered nurse until her first child, Canady, was born. Justin is a hematologist and oncologist with Jackson Oncology Clinic. Canady is 9 and is a fourth grader at Madison Station Elementary. When Canady isn’t at school or playing with her siblings, she enjoys taking piano lessons and attending “DramaKids,” a drama program offered after school each week. Her younger brother, Jack, 8, is a third grader at Madison Station. Depending on what time of year it is, Jack is usually playing sports. During the winter, he enjoys playing basketball at the Baker’s church, First Baptist of Madison. He also enjoys baseball and football.


Madison County Magazine


Justin and Angie Baker with children, Canady (9), Jack (8) and Clancy (5).

COASTERS Material Possessions 733 Lake Harbour Dr. Ridgeland $9 each

The youngest is daughter Clancy, 5, who in kindergarten at MSE. Clancy enjoys spending her time at Tumble Cheer learning gymnastics. On Sundays, the Bakers head to First Baptist Church in Madison where Justin and Angie help teach the Fourth Grade sunday school class. Justin also spends a great deal of time speaking to various groups and organizations about cancer treatment and prevention. Despite their busy schedules, the Bakers enjoy spending plenty of time together at home.

Classic Game Collection Gameroom Gallery 660 Ridgewood Road Ridgeland $1990

accent lamp Material Possessions 733 Lake Harbour Dr. Ridgeland $175

Trunk Ice bucket with Scoop Persnickety Gifts 2078 Main Street, Madison $148

Jasper stone cross & Onyx sun ray cross Material Possessions 733 Lake Harbour Dr. Ridgeland $324 & $411

“If you were to ask any of our children where their favorite place is, they would most likely all say ‘at home,’” Angie said. “We are often outside playing in the yard, throwing the ball, playing basketball, swinging and playing with our animals.” They also love grilling and having friends over to visit. In the fall, the Bakers head to Oxford to enjoy the Grove and Ole Miss football as a family. They also take a vacation each year. This year, the family will head to Disney World over spring break.

Photos By David Wiggins / wigginsphoto.com Madison County Magazine



SouP SouL for the

A variety of dishes for all that ails you By Lea Anne Brandon

hen the weather outside is frightful and the workday has been everything but delightful, a surefire stress-relieving comfort food can be found as close as the nearest soup bowl. Snuggling up to a steaming hot bowl of bisque, broth, chowder or stew is a great culinary antidote to the harsh weather, strained pocketbooks and overindulged waistlines that accompany the weeks of post-holiday January. Soups can be as simple and no-fuss as a straight out-of-the-can microwave heat-up or a simmer-for-hours concoction that fills the entire house with its heartwarming aroma. Either way, the comfort factor from the temperature and savory scent raises the liquid nutrition to the top of many cooks’ winter menus. “There’s just something soothing about a hot bowl of homemade soup,” said Kay Rhett of Gluckstadt. “It warms you up and chills you out at the same time.” Rhett frequently compiles the ingredients for a homemade soup into a slow-cooker pot before dashing out the door for a long day at work --and is greeted upon returning home with a readymade meal. She also finds soup is an easy meal to prepare in large quantities ahead of time, divide into to smaller portions for freezing and then reheat servings as needed. Depending on whether they’re thick and creamy or trending toward lighter broths and veggies, soups can be a go-to meal for those wanting to shed a few of the pounds packed on during heavy Christmas season dinners and parties or provide tummyfilling sustenance for even the hungriest men in the family. “If you’re really hungry, nothing beats a big bowl of red-hot chili or spicy gumbo,” Rhett added. “Or, if you want just a little something before nesting at night, I love a mug of steamy tomato soup or chicken and vegetable soup.”


Madison County Magazine

Soups don’t just have to be an afterthought, however. With a little extra attention, they can rightly hold their own as the star of candlelight weekend dinner for special guests or mid-winter family supper any night of the week. Rhett recently served her supper club a homemade gumbo yaya featuring freshly harvested Mississippi Delta duck breasts, venison sausage and straight from the Gulf jumbo shrimp. Another dinner gathering at the Rhett’s home revolved around bowls of a spicy New Orleans-inspired turtle soup spiked with a dash of sherry. Suzy Greenhill of Madison elevated a recent dinner party proffering of cheddar cheese and ham soup with a unique decorative topping. While the chicken broth-based chowder was simmering on the stovetop, Greenhill carefully piped delicate snowflake patterns onto a wax paper lined baking pan using a pastry bag filled with sour cream. She then placed the sour cream designs into the freezer. Just before serving the soup, she slid a single snowflake onto the top of each bowl of soup. As the flakes melted, the smooth richness of the sour cream was swirled into the soup adding both flavor and richness. “They were a hit,” Greenhill admitted. “I had no idea people would be so impressed.” Greenhill’s father Mitchell takes a more practical and simpler approach to his soup-making repertoire, concocting a now-family favorite recipe that relies on canned ingredients snatched from the pantry. His “Eight Can Soup” combines canned corn, green beans, string beans, mixed vegetables and chili into a perfect accompaniment to homemade cornbread and iced tea. “When it’s cold outside, the whole family calls Papaw and tells him it’s time for him to make his soup,” Greenhill says. “It’s a command performance for the whole family.”

Soup recipes on next page

Madison County Magazine



Crabmeat and Crawfish Bisque

SouP SouL for the

Soup Recipes

Mushroom Bisque 4 tablespoons butter, divided 1 pound fresh button mushrooms, sliced 1/2 medium onion, finely chopped 3 tablespoons flour 1 14.5-ounce can reduced sodium beef broth (or homemade is best!) 1 14.5-ounce can reduced sodium chicken broth (or homemade) 1 tablespoon sherry 1 cup sour cream Salt and pepper, to taste Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a large sauté pan. Add mushrooms and onion and sauté over medium-high heat until the mushrooms release their juices. Increase heat to high and sauté, stirring constantly, until the mushroom juices evaporate and the mushrooms are golden brown (this will take approximately 10 minutes).

 Stir remaining 2 tablespoons of butter into the mushrooms until melted. Stir in flour and cook for 2 minutes. Whisk in broths and sherry. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 15 to 20 minutes. Stir in sour cream and heat through without boiling. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serves 4 to 6.


Madison County Update

6 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons finely chopped onion 4 tablespoons finely chopped green pepper 4 tablespoons finely chopped red bell pepper 1 green onion (including green part) coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley 1 cup sliced fresh white button mushrooms 2 tablespoons flour 1 ½ cups whole milk 1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper ¼ teaspoon chopped garlic Dash of Tabasco sauce 1 cup cream 1 ½ cups cooked crab meat or 12 ounces of frozen crabmeat (thawed) 1 ½ cups fresh crawfish meat 3-5 tablespoons dry sherry In a medium skillet, melt four tablespoons of the butter. Add onion, peppers, green onion, parsley and mushrooms. Saute until soft but not browned. Set aside. In a large saucepan, melt remaining two tablespoons of butter over low heat. Do not brown. Remove from heat and stir in flour. Gradually add milk and return to low heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened and smooth.

Chipotle Chicken Tomato Soup 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1 (15.5-ounce) can navy and/or black beans, rinsed and drained 1 (14.5-ounce) can no-salt-added stewed tomatoes 1 (14-ounce) can fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth 1 chipotle chile, canned in adobo sauce, finely chopped - or 1/2 T smoked paprika 2 cups chopped cooked chicken breast (about 1/2 pound) 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup reduced-fat sour cream 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro Combine first 5 ingredients in a large saucepan; bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 10 minutes. Partially mash tomatoes and beans with a potato masher. Stir in chicken; cook 2 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Remove from heat; stir in oil. Place 1 1/4 cups soup in each of four bowls. Top each serving with 2 tablespoons sour cream and 1 tablespoon cilantro. Chunks of avocado and shredded Cheddar Jack. Serves 4.

Stir in salt, pepper, garlic and Tabasco sauce. Add sautéed vegetables and cream. Bring to boiling, stirring constantly. Reduce heat and add seafood. Simmer, uncovered, for 5 minutes. Just before serving, stir in sherry. Serves 4

Welcome to Madison County www.KeyTrustProperties.com

Chicken Enchilada Soup 2 tablespoons butter, margarine or olive oil 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, diced 2 teaspoons minced garlic 1 4-ounce can diced green chilies 2 14-ounce cans low sodium chicken broth 8 ounces reduced fat sour cream 1 10 3/4-ounce jar chili cheese dip* 8 ounces frozen chopped spinach, defrosted and drained well 4 ounces reduced fat shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, for garnish, optional

220 W Jackson St, Suite 200, Ridgeland, MS 39157

Office: 601-956-4944 PROPERTIES

Superior Service • Remarkable Results!


Please call, text or email Paula@KeyTrustProperties.com for a list of properties and rentals.

Heat butter, margarine or olive oil in a Dutch oven. Add chicken and sauté 3 minutes. Add garlic and sauté 3 minutes more, until chicken is nearly done. Add diced green chilies and chicken broth and bring to a boil. Stir in sour cream, chili cheese dip, and chopped spinach. Simmer 5 to 10 minutes, but do not boil or it may curdle. Ladle into bowls and top each serving with some of the shredded cheese.

Serves 6








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• 601-540-8099 •

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Representing Buyers & Sellers • Residential Property Management • Professional Home Staging KeyTrust MadCoNwcmrs Dec11 HlfPg B.indd 1

12/9/11 Madison County Magazine


2:28:36 PM





High property values and great schools make Madison County attractive to many igh property values and great schools make Madison County attractive to many. Madison County is one of the fastest growing and most affluent counties in the state. Home to the Nissan automotive manufacturing plant near Canton, the largest of any such facility in North America.

A staircase in a Madison County home

Madison County Board of Supervisors 601-855-5500

Madison County

Responsible for overseeing all county government operations including roads, infrastructure, public safety and law enforcement, supervisors meet at the Madison County Courthouse at 9 a.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month . District 1 - John Bell Crosby - 874-5618 District 2 - Ronnie Lott - 601-906-4303 District 3 -Gerald Steen - 601-856-3645 District 4 - Karl Banks - 832-2962 District 5 - Paul Griffin - 937-2842 County Administrator Brad Sellers - 601-855-5534 County Comptroller Wallace Collins - 601-855-5502 Road Manager Lawrence Morris - 601-859-5670 Emergency Management/E911 Butch Hammack- 601-859-4188 Sheriff Randall Tucker - 601-859-2345 Planning and Zoning Administrator Brad Sellers - 855-5501 Tax Assessor Gerald Barber - Canton - 601-859-1921; Ridgeland 601-856-1796 Tax Collector Kay Pace - Canton - 601-859-5226; Ridgeland - 601856-4472 Chancery Clerk Arthur Johnston - 601-859-1177 Circuit Clerk Lee Westbrook - 601-859-4365

The 2010 U.S. Census showed Madison County with a population of over 95,000, a growth of 27.5 percent in the last 10 years. The median family income of over $55,000 compared to the statewide average of $36,000. Boasting one of the highest achieving public school districts in Mississippi and the U.S., Madison County residents place a high priority on quality education for all children. In addition to the countywide Madison County School District it is also home to the Canton Separate School District and numerous highly acclaimed private and parochial schools. The county features a wealth of upscale subdivisions making it a destination for young professionals and retirees alike. It is also a very business friendly county with developers upholding high standards in an attempt to keep property values high.

Ridgeland Ridgeland successfully combines both a strong retail and commercial developments with well-maintained residential subdivisions. Over the last two decades the city has experienced tremendous growth in both its retail and residential components, while sporting some of the state’s top-rated schools and recreational opportunities. The city of more than 25,000 residents is now home to some the metro-Jackson area’s prime retail and entertainment establishments.

A walking trail through the woods in Madison County

The Renaissance at Colony Park, at the corner of I-55 and Old Agency Road, is the area’s signature shopping development. It opened in 2008 and features a wide variety of shops and businesses including a Barnes & Noble, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Hyatt Place and The Apple Store. Other commercial developments include Northpark Mall and the Jackson Street shopping district with several other shopping complexes adding to the city’s economic base. Ridgeland is also home to the new Mississippi Crafts Center, which features wares and workshops from the state’s most accomplished craftsmen. The city supports a strong municipal recreation and parks department provides communitywide activities for residents and visitors. With several parks and more than 12 miles of multi-use trails there’s a lot to see and do in Ridgeland.

Madison Madison has also experienced tremendous residential and commercial growth over the past two decades. City leaders have maintained strict control over the upscale bedroom community’s development through controlled growth and strictly-enforced building codes and zoning ordinances.


Local Scouts celebrate at a pinewood derby


Madison County Magazine

Madison County Magazine



Madison City Hall, 1004 Madison Avenue 601-856-7116, Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler The Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet at the city’s Justice Complex at 6 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.


Alderman At-Large John Howland Ward 1 Tawanna Tatum, Ward 2 Pat Peeler Ward 3 Ken Jacobs, Ward 4 Steve Hickok Ward 5 Michael Hudgins, Ward 6 Guy S. Bowering Police Chief Gene Waldrop 856-6111 Fire Chief Tom Lariviere 856-8894 Parks & Recreation Director Vern Booth - 853-9109 City Clerk Susan Crandall - 856-7116 Public Works Denson Robinson - 856-8958 Community Development Alan Hoops - 856-7116 Madison Public Library - 856-2749

Ridgeland City Hall, 304 U.S. 51 601-856-7113, Mayor Gene McGee The Ridgeland Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. They also conduct a work session the Monday before each meeting.

In 2008 Madison annexed nearly 14 square miles of property surrounding the current city limits. The annexation nearly doubled the city’s current size and added another 6,000 residents to its growing population. The recently built Germantown Middle School

With the location of Nissan North America just outside its city limits, Canton has seen the Nissan plant and its tier one suppliers bring more than 7,000 jobs to the area. Twice a year the city hosts the Canton Flea Market, one of the largest in the southeast and has been named best flea market in Mississippi. The flea market is held the second Thursday in May and October.



Canton may seem familiar to visitors after several big budget movies used its historic downtown as a backdrop.

Flora is the smallest municipality in Madison County but its residents love their small hometown for its quaint, old-fashioned ways and have guarded against over growth.

As a production site for several major motion picture releases including “My Dog Skip,” “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and John Grisham’s “A Time To Kill,” Canton is establishing itself as the “Movie Capital of Mississippi.”

The town is the home of the Mississippi Petrified Forest, a showcase into the ancient past. The forest features a nature trail where visitors can walk and see the huge stone logs that give a glimpse into prehistoric time.

The city can accommodate the film industry with a multi-million-dollar film stage and educational complex and has become a leader in Mississippi’s burgeoning film industry.

Tri-County Academy, a private K-12 school that has a wide variety of academic and sports offerings is located in Flora and serves as one of the town’s focal points. Flora is also home to the world-famous Primos Hunting Calls business, which manufactures hunting calls and other supplies, shipping them worldwide. 


Developed as a family-friendly community, Madison residents have the highest education and income levels in Mississippi. By holding firm to strict architectural guidelines, city leaders are adamant in maintaining a high quality of life for local residents. The city, which has a sister relationship with Solleftea, Sweden, is also home to one of the nation’s most prominent SwedishAmerican chambers of commerce.

Incorporated in 1839, Canton’s most impressive feature is the Historic Canton Courthouse Square. The square boasts many buildings dating back to the 19th and early 20th centuries that have been lovingly restored. The Courthouse Square has been declared one of the three best examples of historic town squares in Mississippi and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Canton City Hall, 226 East Peace Street 859-4331, Mayor: Dr. William Truly The Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet at 2 p.m. at City Hall on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. At-Large Alice Scott Ward 1 Rodriguez Radale Brown, Ward 2 Billy Myers Ward 3 Charles Weems, Ward 4 Louis Smith Ward 5 Reuben Myers, Ward 6 Eric Gilkey Police Chief Vickie McNeill - 859-2121 Fire Department- 859-3112 Recreation & Parks - 859-4358 City Clerk Valerie Smith - 859-4331 Canton Municipal Utilities John Wallace- 859-2921 Public Works - 859-3245


first establishing high quality residential subdivisions Madison is now seeing a boom in high-end retail and commercial developments eager to tap the market created by the housing boom.

Flora Town Hall, 168 Carter Street 879-8686, Mayor: Les Childress The Mayor and Board of Aldermen meet at the Flora City Hall at 6:45 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month. At-Large Jonathan Bates Ward 1 Mike Westbrook, Ward 2 Marvin “Bubba” Mullins Ward 3 Mary Sumler, Ward 4 J.W. Richardson Police Chief Judy Tucker - 879-8871 Fire Chief Matt Jenkins - 879-9262 Flora Public Library - 879-8835 Flora Area Chamber of Commerce - 879-9376 Water Department - 879-8686


Livingston Farmers Market offers fresh fruits and veggies during summer months


Alderman At-Large, To be determined in upcoming special election Ward 1 Ken Heard, Ward 2 Chuck Gautier Ward 3 Kevin Holder, Ward 4 Brian Ramsey Ward 5 Scott Jones, Ward 6 Wesley Hamlin Interim Police Chief Randy Tyler - 856-2121 Fire Chief Matt Bailey - 856-7004 Rec. & Parks Chris Chance - 853-2011 City Clerk David Overby - 856-7113 Water Department - 856-3938 Public Works Mike McCollum - 853-2027 Comm. Dev. Alan Hart - 856-3877

Scarecrow Cruise & Car Show, Madison


Madison County Update

Madison County Magazine




Adventures There are many interesting things to see and do in Madison County

he things that make Madison County so unique are some of the area’s cultural attractions. Some are outdoors, some inside, but all are a part of what makes our state, Mississippi, and especially Madison County, special.

Ross Barnett Reservoir The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a central attraction of not only Madison County, but the entire Jackson Metro area offering a multitude of opportunities for recreation as well as a scenic backdrop for area residents. Named after the state’s 52nd Governor, Ross R. Barnett, construction on the 33,000-acre reservoir began in 1960 to serve as the primary water supply for Jackson and the surrounding area. It is estimated that more than two million people visit the reservoir for outdoor recreation every year with many enjoying its year-round fishing spots as well as seasonal waterskiing and sailing opportunities.

Natchez Trace Parkway The 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway snakes its way around the Ross Barnett Reservoir and through the middle of Madison County. It is an often used thoroughfare, but also a scenic roadway frequented by bikers and motorcycle tourists. The parkway commemorates an ancient trail that connected southern portions of the Mississippi River, through Alabama, to salt licks in today’s central Tennessee. Today, visitors can experience this National Scenic Byway and All-American Road through driving, hiking, biking, horseback riding and camping. Construction of the Natchez Trace began in 1937 and the Parkway became a unit of the National Park Service in 1938. Research suggests that large animals (bison, giant sloths, etc.) may have beat out the path more than 10,000 years ago, before human occupation. There is also evidence that mound builders traveled along this corridor 2,000 years ago. But it is more certain that the heaviest use of the Old Trace occurred from 1785 to 1825, when “boatmen” returned north from markets in Natchez and New Orleans. The history and culture found along the Natchez Trace Parkway is a lifetime worth of exploration for students of history or just the curious. The number of cultures and historic topics touched by the Natchez Trace seems boundless.

There are five campgrounds, 16 parks, 22 boat launches and a variety of other amenities like multi-purpose trails for joggers or campers. The reservoir is also a scenic backdrop to numerous residential developments in Madison County including the Township at Lost Rabbit which is currently under construction. It separates Madison and Rankin counties and has 105 miles of shoreline bordered to the west by the historic Natchez Trace.

Mississippi Craft Center The Mississippi Craft Center opened June 8, 2007. For the first time in 34 years, the craftsmen have their own home, designed specifically for the display and demonstration of craft. The building services the entire state through cultural tourism and provide a venue for fine craft. The center is designed to be both a community gathering place and home to craft education. In training, style and philosophy, member craftsmen encompass a broad spectrum ranging from college art professors to artisans working in primitive methods, from papermakers to glass blowers, and weavers to woodcarvers. They all share the common interest of craft and rejoice in the challenge and satisfaction of producing fine craft and expressing their inner visions. It is located at 950 Rice Road, in Ridgeland.

Photo courtesy of Barrett Photography

Boats are a common sight on the Ross Barnett Reservoir

Mississippi Petrified Forest The Mississippi Petrified Forest is located in Flora and is a showcase into the ancient past. The forest features a nature trail where visitors can walk and see the huge stone logs that give a glimpse into prehistoric time. There is also an earth science museum that contains a large map with examples of petrified wood found in every state in the country. The landmark includes a campground pavilion and gift shop.

Mississippi Crafts Center

Other Attractions Jackson and the surrounding area has a number of places to see including The Mississippi Museum of Art which holds a permanent collection of more than 4,000 works of art at South Lamar St. The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, located on Lakeland Dr., presents the state’s rich agriculture background. For those who like science, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, located in Jackson at 2148 Riverside Dr., has a 100,000 gallon aquarium, 1,700 square feet of greenhouse and other exhibits. The Russell C. Davis Planetarium, located at 201 E. Pascagoula St. in Jackson, presents shows ranging from science films, laser light shows and classic rock. The Mississippi Children’s Museum has the world’s largest Scrabble board, an active art studio and a reading area that is a replica of Eudora Welty’s porch. And the Jackson Zoo features a new Sumatran Tiger exhibit along with several other recent improvements. 

Bikers on the Natchez Trace Parkway


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High Schools Madison Central High School 1417 Highland Colony Parkway Madison, MS 39110 601-856-7121 Edith Mitchell, principal Germantown High School 200 Calhoun Parkway Madison, MS 39110 601-859-6150 Ted Poore, principal Ridgeland High School 586 Sunnybrook Road Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-898-5023 Lee Boozer, principal Velma Jackson High School 2000 Loring Road Camden, MS 39045 662-468-2531 George Jones, principal 9th Grade Rosa Scott 9th Grade 200 Crawford Street Madison, MS 39110 601-605-0054 Sean Brewer, principal

Germantown High School


of the


In the classroom and on the field, Madison County schools are at the top of their game


Madison County Magazine

hether you are looking for a public school system, private academy or parochial campus, Madison County offers a wide variety of options to help all families find the perfect educational setting.

Northeast Madison Middle School 820 Sulphur Springs Road Canton, MS 39046 601-855-2406 Kelvin Griffin, principal

Local schools, while consistently ranking at the top of national and state report cards, offer high quality instruction in basic college preparatory curricula, state-of-the-art vocational and technical education programs to prepare students for an internationally competitive job market and extra-curricular arts, music and sports programs to meet the needs of all students.

Madison Middle School 1365 Mannsdale Road Madison, MS 39110 601-605-4171 Dee Walsh, principal Olde Towne Middle School 210 Sunnybrook Road Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-898-8730 Allen Lawrence, principal

In Madison County, education is a top priority and the community is supportive of its educational systems through community/ school partnerships and active booster programs for athletics and other extracurricular activities. The Madison County School district is the second fastest-growing in the state of Mississippi and one of the highest rated as well. With a strong academic program and a wide range of extra-curricular and sports

Middle Schools Germantown Middle School 202 Calhoun Parkway Madison, MS 39110 Phone: 601-859-0376 Brad Peets, principal

Madison Station fourth graders perform an opera written, acted and produced by students


Elementary Schools Camden Elementary 4784 Hwy 43 North Camden, MS 39045 662-468-2833 April DeLoach, principal East Flora Elementary 759 Hwy 22 East Flora, MS 39071

601-879-8724 Capucine Robinson, principal Highland Elementary 330 Brame Road Ridgeland , MS 39157 601-853-8103 Marilyn Naron, principal Madison Station Elementary 261 Reunion Parkway Madison, MS 39110 601-856-6246 Beverly Johnston, principal Madison Crossing School 300 Yandell Road Canton, MS39046 Elementary: 601-898-7710 Martha D’Amico, principal Mannsdale Elementary 443 Mannsdale Road Madison, MS Phone: 601-879-0309 David White, principal Ann Smith Elementary 306 Pear Orchard Drive Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-856-6621 Kathy Rigsby, principal Madison Avenue Elementary 1199 Madison Avenue Madison, MS 39110 601-856-2951 Dr. Brenda Jones, principal Madison Avenue Upper Elementary 1209 Madison Avenue Madison, MS 39110 601-856-6609 Rick Ross, principal Luther Branson Elementary 3903 Hwy 16 East Canton, MS 39046 601-859-2743 Jessica Ghoston, principal Other Madison Career & Technical Center 1633 West Peace Street Canton, MS 39045 601-859-6847 Dr. Aimee C. Brown, Principal Academic Options Center 1633 West Peace Street Canton, MS 39045 601-859-0367 Dr. Carisa W. Hill, Principal

Madison County Magazine



»programs, the system is one of

the strongest attractions for families to move into the area. The district has multiple schools that have achieved “Star” status, or the highest rating offered by the state of Mississippi. It has 21 schools serving nearly 12,000 students, including a new high school — its fourth — which is scheduled to open this fall. Local voters overwhelmingly supported a $40 million school improvements bond issue in 2004, clearing the way for an ambitious construction and renovation program. They more recently supported a new $61 million bond issue to build the new Germantown High School as well as new classrooms, athletic facilities and other upgrades to all existing campuses. To register your child, contact the district at 117 Fourth Street in Flora at 601-879-3000. Superintendent of Schools is Ronnie McGehee.

St. Joseph Catholic School Madison Founded in 1870 by the Sisters of Mercy, St. Joseph Catholic School is a co-educational college preparatory high school and middle school serving students in grades 7-12 in the Diocese of Jackson. The school is a diverse community of learners committed to Gospel values and to academic excellence. For additional information, contact (601) 898-4800 or www. stjoebruins.com

St. Anthony Catholic School Madison Part of the ministry of Saint Francis of Assisi, the elementary school offers classes from K4 through the sixth grade and complements both the Assisi Early Learning center and St. Joseph Catholic High School. The school’s curriculum is designed to offer youngsters the chance to grow and expand through exposure to subjects in classic education, Catholic religion education and the arts. For additional information, contact (601) 607-7054 or www.stanthonyelementary.org

The Veritas School

he county’s reputation for educational excellence is unmatched. Not only does the public school system gain accolades across the state and throughout the region, families have a number of options through private and parochial schools.

Madison Founded in 1969 as an independent college preparatory school, MRA offers classes from K3 through the 12th grade, emphasizing family values, providing individualized educational attention and weaving in a variety of athletic and extracurricular activities designed to develop the total student. For additional information, contact (601) 856-4455 or www. mrapats.org

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Ridgeland and Jackson St. Andrew’s tradition of academic success has led to the distinction of being identified as “the smart school,” a title supported by consistent student and school recognition, honors, awards and achievement. With classes from pre-school through the 12th grade, St. Andrew’s attempts to nurture a diverse community in the Episcopal tradition. For additional information, contact, (601) 853-6000 North, (601) 987-9300 South or www.gosaints.org.


Madison County Magazine

Ridgeland Founded in 2002 as part of the ministry of Pearl Orchard Presbyterian (PCA) Church, the school enrolls youngsters from preschool through middle school, serving Christian families in the education of their covenant children. For more information, contact (601) 978-2272 or info@christcovenantschool.net


Jackson Academy Jackson JA has become a premier school of the South, offering more than 80 courses in an all-inclusive curriculum. The school serves students who aspire to higher education and a lifelong learning experience and are challenged to become responsible citizens. For more information, contact (601) 362-9676 or www. jacksonacademy.org.

ch art oic


Madison Ridgeland Academy

Christ Covenant School


Private & Parochial SCHOOLS

Ridgeland Founded in 1998, The Veritas School is a place that puts Christ first in everything, from academics to arts to athletics. The school exists to become an extension of the home while being a support agency to local churches. For more information, contact (601) 713-1555 or info@theveritasschool.org.

for champions

Jackson Preparatory School Jackson Jackson Prep inspires and challenges students towards academic, athletic and artistic excellence, instills personal integrity through biblical values and equips students to pursue lives of distinction in service to society. Serving students grades 6-12, Prep touts diversity and academic excellence in preparing students for college. For more information, contact (601) 939-8611 or www. jacksonprep.net.

Congratulations to the St. Andrew’s boys cross country team and girls swimming team, both named 2011 3A State Champions. Cross country and swimming are just two of the 17 outstanding athletic programs that have helped St. Andrew’s win the Mississippi All Sports Award 12 years in a row. For students who love to compete, St. Andrew’s is the smart choice. For more information, call 601.853.6000 or visit www.gosaints.org.

First Presbyterian Day School Jackson Creating a school to offer an education that is Biblical and Reformed in pattern was the goal of the Jackson First Presbyterian Church (PCA) in 1965. Today, the school for students K56th grade operates as an integral part of the ministry with a commitment from the staffs of the school and church and shared

» Madison County Magazine



»use of church facilities throughout the week. For additional information, contact (601) 355-1731 or www.fpda.org.

Canton Academy Canton Founded in 1965, CA has a rich heritage of community involvement, academic achievement and athletic excellence with a goal of helping students in grades K3-12 reach their maximum potential while instilling Christian principles and values. For more information, contact (601) 859-5231 or www.cantonacademy.org.

Tri-County Academy Flora Tri-County Academy was established in 1970 as an independent day school. Beginning with pre-primer and kindergarten classes, Tri-County begins the developmental process at age three and carries it through the 12th grade and a college preparatory curriculum. For more information, contact (601) 879-8517 or www.tricountyacademy.org.

e tkinim dergarten for



registration! Call or visit us at


ACCEPTING applications now!

New Summit School Jackson What started in 1991 as an educational training service and learning lab, grew into a full service school in 1995-96 and was established as New Summit School in 1997. Designed similarly to traditional schools, New Summit is a special purpose, co-educational school offering classes for students in K-12. For additional information, contact (601) 982-7827 or info@newsummitschool.com. 


Presbyterian Day First Presbyterian Day School

1390 North State Street • Jackson, MS 39202 601.355.1731 • fpds.org

JACKSON PREP Leaders Build Communities. We Build Leaders. www.jacksonprep.net 26

Madison County Magazine

Madison County Magazine



Higher EDUcation The Ridgeland campus of Holmes Community College

or those looking for higher education opportunities in the Madison County area there are a lot of offerings from nearby universities and colleges from a four-year degree to extended studies in night classes. The Holmes Community College campus in Ridgeland has one of the largest community college campuses in the area offering students a variety of classes. HCC is based out of Goodman, but the Ridgeland campus has grown into its largest, seeing a 69 percent growth over the last five years.

more than a dozen major fields of study. Millsaps College is another liberal arts college in Jackson sporting nearly 1,200 students and a variety of fields of study. They are nationally recognized for their writing program and feature a low faculty-to-student ratio. Mississippi College is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of Mississippi and the second oldest Baptist university in the nation. It is located in nearby Clinton and has more than 4,500 students.

Tulane University recently opened its newest School of Continuing Studies in Madison at the corner of Main Street and U.S. Highway 51. The campus enrolls part-time students seeking undergraduate credit in liberal arts, sciences, business studies, media arts and computing.

Tougaloo College is a private, historically black, liberal arts institution located just south of Ridgeland. It offers an undergraduate curriculum in humanities, the natural sciences and social sciences.

Belhaven University is a four-year Christian liberal arts college located in downtown Jackson. Its history dates back to 1883 and currently offers several bachelor’s degrees in

Jackson State University is another historically black university located on a 125-acre tract only five minutes from downtown Jackson. 

No matter your business in Jackson, Cabot Lodge offers cordial retreats in Jackson and Ridgeland. Natural woods adorn the lobby and rooms, creating a peaceful home during your stay. Of course, the nightly hospitality reception doesn’t hurt, either. The wonderfully appointed guest rooms feature pillow-top bedding and cloud-soft down comforters. And you’ll wake to a full southern breakfast, every morning.

Millsaps 2375 North State Street Jackson 800-874-4737 cabotlodgemillsaps.com

Jackson North/Ridgeland 120 Dyess Road Ridgeland 800-342-2268 cabotlodgejacksonnorth.com

Bring us all your

Big days

At the Hilton Garden Inn® Jackson/Madison you’ll find the amenities you’d expect at prices you won’t. Like oh-so-comfortable beds, cooked-to-order breakfast, Precor® fitness center, 24/7 business center, complimentary Wi-Fi and more. When tomorrow’s a big day, stay HGI tonight.

320 New Mannsdale Road, Madison, MS 39110 601-420-0442 Reservations: jacksonmadison.hgi.com • 1-877-STAY-HGI ©2011 Hilton Worldwide


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Madison County Magazine




Home Set Up Knowing who to call makes settling in much easier

Electricity Entergy. Located at 1165 Highway 51 North at 1-800-368-3749. Residential deposits may vary but the base rate is $200 and the connection fee is $45.

Ridgeland residents may call 856-7113 for information on water services. Connection cost is $50 and can be paid by phone or at City Hall, located at 304 U.S. Highway 51 in Ridgeland.

Natural Gas

New Flora residents will need to go to City Hall located at 168 Carter Street to get their water activated. A $100 deposit for renters and a $40 deposit for owners will be required before service. Same-day connection will be provided, with few exceptions. Call Flora City Hall at 8798686 for more information.


Mississippi Valley/Atmos Gas can be reached by calling 961-6900. Center Point Energy can also help other customers. Located at 120 Beaver Creek in Ridgeland, the phone number is 856-9348. Residential deposits are $75 and are refundable.

Water and sewer Each municipality handles its own water and sewer customers. Newcomers to Madison will need to call the Water Department at 601-856-8958 for info on hook-ups and billing. New services at Madison Water Department: $100 for owners and $300 for renters. You can make your payment by mail, bank draft, or in person at 1239 Highway 51 at Madison Public Service Building.


Madison County Magazine

Most Canton utilities are handled through Canton Municipal Utilities. CMU offices are located at 127 West Peace St. They provide water, gas and power service. Renters must pay a $300 deposit and show picture i.d. and something with their Social Security on it. Owners must pay $200 deposit and need picture i.d. and something with their Social Security on it. Please call 859-2921 for more information.

Local telephone service in Madison County is provided by AT&T. For new residential telephone service, call 1-888757-6500 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You will have to undergo a credit check to determine if a $50 deposit will be required. There is a $46 connection fee for all new users.

For small business service, call BellSouth at 1-866-6206000, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Larger businesses should contact BellSouth Business Systems at 1-800-945-6500, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Cable television Residents of south Madison County are served by Comcast cable. Service can be arranged by calling 982-1187 to reach the Jackson office, located at 5375 Executive Place just off Interstate 55.

In Flora, TAT Cablevision Inc. can be reached by calling 8793288.

Trash/Recycling Waste Management, which can be reached by calling 922-9647, provides twice weekly service to residents of Ridgeland and Madison. The daily schedule varies by location and the fee is assessed on your water/utility bill.

All garbage should be placed in containers or bags no larger than 35 gallons in capacity and should not weigh more than 60 pounds. Garbage should be placed curbside by 7 a.m. Yard waste such as leaves and debris should be placed in bags and tied securely. They can’t weigh more than 60 pounds each. Waste management does not collect any hazardous waste including materials such as gasoline, chemicals

or motor oil. The Jackson Environmental Service Center has a local drop-off site for these materials. Madison County contracts with Red River Inc. to provide weekly garbage/trash collection for residents living outside of the city limits. The daily schedule will vary. Dropoff locations are also available throughout Madison County. Check the county’s website at www.madison-co.com for details of pickup and a map.

Post Office Home delivery of mail and post office boxes are available in each local community. To find the post office closest to your home: ƒƒRidgeland - 611 South Pear Orchard Road - 1-800-2758777 ƒƒMadison - 990 Highway 51 - 1-800-275-8777 ƒƒFlora - 4852 Main Street 879-3101 ƒƒCanton - 150 S. Union Street - 855-7245

Property Taxes Madison County boasts one of the lowest property tax millage rates in the Jackson metropolitan area. County, city and public school taxes are collected annually by the Madison County Tax Collector’s office. For more information, call 856-4472


Voter Registration Potential voters must be registered at least 30 days before any election to be eligible to vote. To register for city, county, state and federal elections, contact Circuit Clerk Lee Westbrook at 859-4365.

New Car Tags Automobile licenses must be purchased annually and are due during the month in which the vehicle was purchased. For new residents, Mississippi

state law requires that automobiles be registered within 30 days of moving into the state. Vehicles purchased new or used from a dealer or individual must register within seven days. If you moved from another county within Mississippi, the county Tax Collector’s Office says you do not need to get a Madison County tag until your current car tag expires. You will need to bring your old plate and a piece of mail with your current Madison County address on it. In all cases, license plates must reflect the county of residence of the registered owner. For more information, contact:Madison County Tax Collector Kay Pace. Three locations are available for your convenience: ƒƒ334 U.S. Highway 51, Ridgeland, 856-4472 ƒƒ146 West Center Street,

Canton, 859-5226 ƒƒ168 Carter Street, Flora, 879-9537

Mississippi Driver’s License New residents of Mississippi must apply for a driver’s license within 60 days. If the applicant has a valid out-of-state license, only a rules, signs and eye test is required. If the applicant’s out-ofstate license has expired, a road test may be required. A Social Security card must be shown. Minors making an application must be at least 16 years of age and present a Social Security card and birth certificate for proof of age.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol operates a testing center on 1101 Metro Center Mall Space #1 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and in Canton at the City Hall on Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Homestead Exemption If you are buying your home in Madison County and occupy it as your primary residence, you may be eligible for Homestead Exemption. Applications are made at the Madison County Tax Assessor’s office and require the following information: ƒƒDriver’s License and/or Birth Certificate ƒƒSocial Security No./Card ƒƒDeed or Warranty Deed ƒƒSale price of property ƒƒDown payment amount ƒƒBalance owed ƒƒMonthly payments ƒƒInterest rate ƒƒMortgage company’s name and address ƒƒAutomobile license number For more information, contact: Tax Assessor Gerald Barber. Offices are located on Highway 51 in Ridgeland and on the Courthouse Square in Canton. 

Newspapers Daily news is provided locally by The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson. Call 601-9617000.The Madison County Journal is the county’s only independently owned and operated weekly newspaper. Call 601853-4222 to subscribe. Other weekly newspapers include the Northside Sun in Jackson at 601-957-1122 and the Madison County Herald, which is a part of the ClarionLedger, at 601-853-2899.

Motor Vehicle Inspection Mississippi state law requires that all vehicles be inspected annually. Many local service stations can perform the simple, quick inspection. The cost is $5 and the decal must be displayed on the car windshield. For more information, contact the MS Highway Patrol at 987-1212.

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The city also has more than 12 miles of multi-use trails, good for biking, running and walking. The trails reach from Highland Colony Parkway near the Natchez Trace and to Harbor Drive at Rice Road near the Ross Barnett Reservoir.


The Great

Outdoors The one mile trail at Strawberry Patch Park in Madison is a popular walking spot.

Madison parks include Liberty Park, the city’s signature park located off Madison Avenue. The central location of the park makes it a perfect spot for numerous community events like Freedom Fest and Fourth of July celebrations. It provides baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, batting cages, volleyball courts, walking tracks and a playground. Strawberry Patch Park, located on Old Canton Road, includes walking trails that wrap around a scenic lake. An exercise station, playground and picnic area are also available. It’s a very popular spot to take the children or work up a sweat with a nice jog. The Madison Ridgeland Youth Club sponsors several area youth leagues in basketball, baseball, cheerleading, football and softball. Children from Madison and Ridgeland ages 5 through 14 can register in a variety of youth sports leagues that play at the various parks throughout the two municipalities and sometimes go on to compete on the state or national level. Visit their Website at: mryouthclub.com The South Madison County Soccer Organization (SMCSO) oversees four programs. More than 1,000 youngsters in age groups ranging from 5-under to 19-under take part in two seasons of recreation soccer while an additional 500 players in 11-under to 18-under divisions play on upper skill level select

A little league baseball player reaches for a catch

teams. A TOP division enables visually and physically handicapped players between the ages of 4 and 65 to play and an adult program serves the competitive needs of 100 players. For information contact (601) 898-1996 or smcso@bellsouth.net.

CANTON The city of Canton has a sports complex that hosts events for the community, and the Canton Multipurpose & Equine Center. The center hosts a multitude of events from music to rodeos and even the annual Championship Hot Air Balloon Festival. 

Madison County offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation


adison County has plenty of options when it comes to outdoor parks and recreation. From pastoral parks to little league parks to the famous Natchez Trace Parkway to the beautiful Reservoir, there’s an outdoor setting for all to enjoy.

RIDGELAND In Ridgeland, Hite B. Wolcott Park is located off McClellan Drive near U.S. Highway 51. Wolcott Park features baseball and softball fields, an in-line hockey rink, batting cages and a playground. Next to Wolcott Park is the Ridgeland Tennis Center, a 17-court center operated by tennis pros. The center also has men’s and women’s locker rooms as well as a tennis pro shop. Friendship Park, located at 475 Lake Harbour Drive has a one-mile walking trail, fitness court, playground and an event pavilion. Freedom Ridge Park, a 50-acre park, is the city’s signature park located at 235 School St. and visitors can use the softball fields, soccer fields, pavilions, playgrounds, walking trails and concession building. Old Trace Park is located on the Ross Barnett Reservoir and is the site of several events throughout the year including the annual Pepsi Pops concert by the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra and the annual Heatwave Triathlon.


Madison County Magazine

Entrance to Hite B. Wolcott Park in Ridgeland

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Get In Some


Two top 10 courses make the area a golfing destination here’s a reason golf is such a popular sport in Mississippi. With temperate year-round golf weather and more than 145 courses, the state has long been a well-kept secret for golf enthusiasts, but it is quickly growing into a popular golf-and-travel destination.

Life is a Sport.

And there’s no better destination for quality golf than Madison County. In fact, according to Golf Digest magazine two of the county’s premiere courses made the list of the Top 10 courses in Mississippi.

in association with

Coming in at No. 1 is of course Annandale Country Club in Madison. This Jack Nicklaus designed course annually plays host to the Viking Classic, a PGA Tour stop with all the trimmings.

Life is a sport, and injuries can happen to anyone - not just athletes. That’s why Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center is the state’s leading full-service orthopaedic specialty practice.

Not far behind at the No. 4 spot is the Reunion Golf & Country Club, a Bob Cupp design that is located just across the street from Annandale.

Our twelve board certified, fellowship trained specialists routinely perform shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot procedures, and guide these patients through rehabilitation to complete recovery.

Those are just two of the quality golfing destinations area residents have to choose from, however. With spots like Whisper Lake, Deerfield/Colonial, the Country Club of Canton and Lake Caroline, area duffers have no shortage of pristine locations to test their skills. Randy Watkins, who serves as an area Golf Pro, PGA professional and multiple course owner, is the first to praise golf in Madison County. “You’ve got anything from the very private and very expensive to the very affordable,” Watkins said. “Madison County is great for any type of golfer.” 


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Mississippi’s Orthopaedic Specialists Since 1984

Toll Free (800) 624.9168 or (601) 354.4488 www.msmoc.com

Your orthopaedic problem or athletic injury deserves the attention and care that only an experienced orthopaedic specialist can provide.

Put your trust in our hands.

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Madison River Oaks

Area known for top health services in Mississippi he Madison River Oaks Medical Center near Nissan opened last year along Nissan Parkway and serves as the county’s primary hospital. The new $42 million, 113,000-square-foot facility features emergency and operation rooms with state-of-the-art robotic equipment as well as “boutique-style” rooms for patients. The spacious accommodations include a bedside TV that allows access to games, the internet or even medical files. The new hospital, just off Interstate 55 south of Canton, replaces the Madison County Medical Center which was built during the 1960s and had few of the amenities of the new facility including a pediatric wing and an Intensive Care Unit. For more information visit www.madisonriveroaks.com The University of Mississippi Medical Center at 2500 N. State. St. in Jackson is a 722-bed facility that serves the entire state. Serving as the health sciences campus for the University of Mississippi, UMC is the state’s only academic medical facility. UMC is the state’s only Level 1 trauma center and also includes a women and infants’ hospital and children’s hospital along with the University hospital. St. Dominic’s Hospital, 969 Lakeland Dr. in Jackson is a leader in heart services, cancer services, orthopedics, maternal newborn care and neuroscience. They also partner with such entities as St. Catherine’s Village in Madison, one of the state’s premiere


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Madison River Oaks Medical Center is now open off I-55 and Nissan

continuing care retirement communities, and The Club, a popular chain of fitness centers with two locations in Ridgeland and one in Madison. Baptist Health Systems, 1225 N. State St. in Jackson, contains the Baptist Medical Center, the Mississippi Hospital for Restorative Care and other health care services. The center offers a variety of health and medical services for those who need it. A Baptist Medical Clinic is located in Madison next to US Interstate 55 on 401 Baptist Dr. Suite 104 in Madison. The Madison location is a member of the Baptist Health System that offers family medical services and minor emergencies. Other clinics in the Baptist Medical Center in Madison include a pediatrician, orthopedic doctor, oral surgeon, radiology, physical therapy, eye clinic and ear, nose and throat clinic. In close proximity are several other hospitals that also serve the state. The Central Mississippi Medical Center, 1850 Chadwick Dr. in Jackson offers a many services including emergency care, surgery, wound management, cardiology, women’s health, radiation therapy and oncology. 

growing. progressive. convenient. new. Parkway. As the only medical center in Madison County, we offer unparalleled convenience of care, right in your own neighborhood. We’re proud to be another shining example of the great ways our community is growing. From routine procedures to specialized surgeries, we’re the one you can count on for positively life-changing results.

positively For more information MadisonRiverOaks.com

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Meeting The Needs Of A Growing

Madison County

Canton Clinic Madison Clinic Ridgeland Primary Care 112 South Lake Circle 935 Hwy. 51 323 Hwy. 51 Canton, MS 39046 Madison, MS 39110 Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 859-8550 (601) 856-5986 (601) 898-9150



What Retirement Should Be Retirement living at St. Catherine’s Village offers solid financial protection through our Life Care program, first-class services and amenities you need to continue living your vibrant, independent lifestyle – plus the

My Life is Proof. A diagnosis of cancer changes everything. Trust University Cancer Care for the expertise and vast resources available at the state’s only Academic Medical Center. Our specialists have access to advanced research and technology – and our cancer physicians work in partnership with multiple University specialists who are also part of your University Cancer Care team – all of whom collaborate in your treatment planning. Today, there are more cancer survivors than ever before – which means more hope for those battling cancer. Join them.

most complete plan for your future. Predictable monthly costs for the rest of your life. Call today to schedule a complimentary lunch and tour.

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Newly Refurbished Independent Apartments


Alzheimer’s Assisted Living


Assisted Living


Skilled Nursing Care

200 DOMINICAN DRIVE MADISON, MS 39110 village@stdom.com stcatherinesvillage.com St. Catherine’s Village is proud to be accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission.

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New Garden Homes

Call our marketing office for more details (601) 856-0123 or (800) 223-0809

For more information about University Cancer Care, visit umhc.com/cancer or call 888.815.2005.

Ellen, Cancer Patient


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Stop & Shop Wide variety of stores mean many choices for area shoppers or those who love to shop, Madison County has a wide variety of retail and commercial outlets that cover all tastes. There are small local boutiques, large department stores and just about everything in between.

Shoppers can choose from a variety of unique local boutiques

Throughout the City of Madison are a number of shopping areas including the Old Madison Station District, located on Main Street near the railroad tracks in a walkable down-home environment. Continue west and you’ll find a wealth of retail development around the Grandview Shopping District anchored by several big box retail stores like Lowe’s, a Malco movie theater and a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Stein Mart, Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods recently opened in this area. Cross over Interstate 55 and you’ll find Colony Crossing, a shopping center anchored by stores like the Home Depot and Kroger. It also includes retail outlets, salons, restaurants and specialty shops. In Ridgeland visit the Renaissance at Colony Park, located just off Interstate 55 at the Ridgeland exit. This open-air, Italian-style mall holds several shops including, Anthropologie, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Fresh Market, Lucky Brand Jeans, an Apple store and more. Just down Highland Colony Parkway from Renaissance is The Township at Colony Park, with attractions like the Viking Cooking School, Summerhouse Furniture & Interiors and many locally owned shops.

Colony Crossing Shopping Center

Northpark Mall in Ridgeland offers a large indoor shopping area with over 130 shops in almost one million square feet. Northpark Mall is located at E. County Line Rd. A movie theater is close by also. The Jackson Street District is a newly revitalized walkable shopping area with several new shops and eateries. At the corner of Jackson Street and Hwy. 51 is Trace Station, an eclectic group of shops and restaurants including Fleet Feet Sports, Rug Lady and Edible Arrangements Visit the Canton Square District centered around the historic Canton Courthouse. The square has many antique shops and other stores. The Canton Antique Mall, Chateau Lagniappe, Charlotte’s Web, the Linen Shop and the Market Gallery are some of the shops available. 

The Renaissance at Colony Park


Madison County Magazine

Madison County Magazine



Madison Central High School Principal Edith Mitchell receives the 2011 Peggy Wilks Award from Dr. T. Palmer Wilks and Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler during the Madison the City Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet.

Madison The City Chamber of Commerce 2023 Main Street Madison, MS 39110 (601) 856-7060, office info@madisonthecitychamber.com



Making good places better the goal of community leaders isionary business executives, professionals, governmental officials, entrepreneurs and individuals combine their diversified talents and interests to serve on and fill leadership roles in a critical economic awareness and development capacity. Whether it is with a chamber of commerce, an economic development organization or a tourism group, community leaders push an aggressive agenda that focuses on advancing economic vitality and quality of life issues by creating, planning, sharing, encouraging, directing or coordinating programs that consolidate and strengthen. In Madison County, that usually means making a good day better. The organizations work in public as they communicate plans, opportunities and progress. Or they work behind the scenes making dreams become reality. They promote the area, open its doors and champion its strengths. They lead by example and establish sturdy bases from which to grow, provide the initiative to move things forward, understand occasional failure can offer great lessons, praise and recognize good works and maintain a positive attitude that keeps in focus the good of all. That caring and giving groups like them not only exist but also are plentiful in Madison County is no accident. Nor are the contributions they make. All are important. All can and want to be of service. If you need additional information, their phones and voices are a best first step. Give them a call, visit their offices or even better, join their membership rolls. ďƒŒ


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City of Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 194 Ridgeland, MS. 39158-0194 (601) 991-9996, office admin@ridgelandchamber.com Madison County Chamber of Commerce 615 Crescent Boulevard, Suite 101 Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 605-2554, office www.madisoncountychamber.com Madison County Business League 623 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 104 Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 832-5592, office info@madisoncountybusinessleague.com Madison County Economic Development Authority 623 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 104 Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 605-0368, office (800) 896-5087, toll free www.madisoncountyeda.com Madison County Foundation 1061 Highland Colony Parkway 200 Concourse, Suite 160 (601) 853-8821, office Ridgeland Tourism Commission 1000 Highland Colony Pkwy, Suite 6000 Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 605-5252, office (800) 468-6078, toll free www.visitridgeland.org Canton Chamber of Commerce/Main Street 100 Depot Drive Canton, MS. 39046 (601) 859-5816, office www.canton-mississippi.com Canton Convention & Visitors Bureau And Film Office 147 North Union Street Canton, MS. 39046 (601) 859-1307, office (800) 844-3369, toll www.canton@cantontourism.com Flora Area Chamber of Commerce 4828 East Main Street Flora, MS. 39071 (601) 879-9376, office facc@netdoor.com

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Madison County Church Directory

Growing Faith Baptist Broadmoor Baptist 1531 Highland Colony Pkwy. Madison, 898-2345 Buck Horn Baptist 2193 N. Old Canton Rd. Canton 859-7039 Calvary Baptist 441 Washington St., Canton 859-7431 Canton Bible Baptist 815 Dr Martin Luther King Dr. N. Canton 859-2003 Center Terrace Baptist 605 E. Peace St., Canton, 859-4186 Church of the Highlands 670 Highland Colony Parkway, Ridgeland, (601) 853-5433 Colonial Heights Baptist Northpark Dr., 956-5000, Ridgeland County Line Missionary Baptist 109 Lula Baptist Church Rd. Flora 879-8404 Damascus Baptist 3964 Hwy. 22, Flora 662746-5938 Fairview Missionary Baptist 1278 N. Old Canton Rd. Madison 605-2090 Farmhaven Baptist 420 Pat Luckett, Canton 859-7238 Fearns Chapel Freewill Baptist Old Pocahontas Rd., Flora 879-3525 First Baptist 3316 S. Liberty St., Canton 859-3172 First Baptist of Flora 102 Jackson St., Flora 879-8022 First Baptist of Madison 2100 Main St., Madison 856-6177 First Baptist of Ridgeland 302 W. Jackson St., 856-8724 First Stokes Chapel Baptist 459 Third Ave., Canton 859-7911 Franklin Baptist Hwy. 22 W., Flora 8793415 Good Hope Missionary Baptist 1828 Cox Ferry Rd., Flora 879-3913


Greater Richmond Grove Baptist Complex Rd., Ridgeland, 856-2209 Greater Ross Chapel Missionary Baptist Gluckstadt Rd., Madison 856-8778 Greater St. Matthew Missionary Baptist 3796 N. Liberty St., Canton 855-0240 Harvey Chapel Missionary Baptist 242 Ragsdale Rd., Canton 859-8811 Highland Colony Baptist 1200 Highland Colony Pkwy. Ridgeland ,8564031 Humble Jerusalem Baptist 420 Hwy. 16 W., Canton 859-0654 Jones Chapel Baptist Pocahontas Rd., Flora 879-3447 Liberty Baptist 815 W. Fulton St., Canton 859-6407 Livingston Missionary Baptist Livingston Church Rd., Flora 879-3400 Madison County Baptist Family Life Center 349 N. Canal St., Canton 859-9132 Magnolia Heights Baptist 206 Pine St., Flora 879-8122 Mary Grove Baptist Rankin Rd., Canton 859-5771 Mary Magdalene Baptist 1457 Loring Rd., Canton 859-2448 Mount Able Baptist Hwy. 43 S., Canton 859-3511 Mount Levi Baptist 1008 W. Fulton St., Canton 859-8720 Mount Pleasant Baptist Gluckstadt Rd., Madison 856-5862 Mount Zion Baptist 514 W. North St., Canton 859-2453 Mount Zion Cobbville Baptist 4206 Hwy. 51, Canton 859-5692

Madison County Magazine

Mt. Center Missionary Baptist 468 Robinson Springs Rd. Flora 879-3117 Mt. Elam Missionary Baptist 306 Mt. Elam Rd., Flora 879-9094 Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist 201 Patrick Rd., Canton 855-0052 Mt. Levi Baptist Hwy. 22, Canton 8598720 Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist 1397 Way Rd., Canton 859-1133 Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist 111 Mt. Olive Church Rd., Madison 853-3100 Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist 793 Pisgah Bottom Rd. Canton 859-4329 New Bethel Baptist 101 James Ave., Canton 859-2829 New Birth Fellowship 837 Old Agency Rd., Madison 856-5279 New Life Baptist 385 N. Old Canton Rd. Madison 856-8722 New Truelight Baptist 363 John Day Rd., Canton 859-5237 Old Rice Road Baptist 82 Old Rice Rd., Madison 853-7500 Old Truelight Missionary Baptist 128 Summerlin Rd., Canton 859-3555 Pilgrim Rest Baptist 239 Crawford St., Madison 856-2609 Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist 701 Hwy. 43, Canton 859-6716 Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist 852 Madison Ave. #A, Madison 856-2609 Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist 409 Main, Madison 856-2609 Pine Grove Missionary Baptist 249 Pine Grove Rd., Canton 855-2060

Pinelake Madison/ Ridgeland Campus 566 Sunnybrook Rd, Ridgeland 829-4500 Pleasant Gift Missionary Baptist 2055 Pleasant Gift Rd., Canton 859-3004 Pleasant Green Baptist 3920 Hwy. 43 N., Canton 859-5186 Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist 2184 Hwy. 22, Canton 859-5101 Priestley Chapel Missionary Baptist Virlilia Rd., Canton 859-8449 Ridgecrest Baptist 7469 Old Canton Rd., Madison 853-1090 Ridley Hill Missionary Baptist 1034 N. Livingston Rd, Madison 853-1068 Rising Chapel Baptist 127 Rising Chapel Rd., Canton 859-4393 Rocky Hill Baptist 390 County Barn Rd., Madison 856-0759 Shady Grove Baptist 168 Shady Grove Rd., Flora 879-3380 Sharon Community Baptist 114 Church St., Canton 859-5656 Simmons Memorial Baptist 118 Memorial Rd., Flora 879-8105 Simon Hill Baptist 139 W. Ridgeland Ave., Ridgeland, 853-2669 Smith Chapel Baptist 323 Livingston Vernon Rd., Flora 879-9110 Smith Chapel Baptist Hwy. 49 S, Flora 879-8185 South Liberty Baptist 531 S. Liberty St., Canton 859-1279 Southern Hills Smith Chapel Baptist 1419 Hwy. 16 W., Canton 859-3523 St. James Missionary Baptist 814 Old Yazoo City Rd. Canton 859-3001 Stokes Chapel Baptist 902 Stokes Rd., Flora 879-3826

Trace Ridge Baptist 238 Lake Harbour Dr. 898-2003 Twin Lakes Baptist 673 Lake Cavalier Rd. Madison 856-2305 Union Hill Missionary Baptist 4549 Hwy. 22, Flora 879-9060 Victory Baptist 420 Hoy Rd., Madison 856-4260 Wilson Grove Baptist Cox Ferry Rd. NE, Flora 879-8602 Woodman Hill Missionary Baptist 468 Kearney Park Rd., Flora 879-83470 First Baptist Church Jackson Madison Campus, 601427-0163 Apostolic Virgin Mary Apostolic 614 Virgin Mary Rd., Canton 859-9110 Assembly of God Harvest Assembly of God 528 Hart Rd., Canton 859-0092 Turning Point Assembly of God 335 Cameron St., Canton 859-6158 Bible Fellowship Bible 2270 Hwy. 51, Canton 855-0660 Open Door Bible 157 Sharpe Rd., Madison 898-0908 Catholic Sacred Heart Catholic 238 E. Center St., Canton 859-3749 Sacred Heart Catholic Church 1494 Hwy. 17, Camden, MS (662) 468-2354 St. Francis of Assisi 4000 W. Tidewater Ln., Madison 856-5556 St. Joseph Catholic Gluckstadt, Madison 856-2054 Holy Child Jesus 315 Garrett St., Canton 859-2957 Christian

Northeast Christian 3169 W. Tidewater Ln., Madison 856-7399 Canton Christian Center 2735 S. Liberty St., Canton 859-8324 Christian Science First Church of Christ, Scientist 731 S. Pear Orchard Rd., Suite 9, Ridgeland 952-0307 Church of Christ Church of Christ 3479 N. Liberty St., Canton 859-2865 Church of Christ 851 W. Fulton, Canton 859-7698 Highland Colony Church of Christ N. Sunnybrook Rd., Ridgeland, 856-6555 North Flora Church of Christ Hwy. 49 N., Flora 8793509 North Liberty Church of Christ 523 N. Liberty St., Canton 859-2865 Pleasant Green Church of Christ 925 Lutz Ave., Canton 895-5515 Pleasant Green Church of Christ 925 George Washington Ave., Canton 859-5515 South Madison Church of Christ 338 Lake Harbour Dr., Madison, 856-2165 Church of Jesus Christ Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 703 Hwy. 17, Canton 859-3591 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 243 Hoy Rd., Madison 898-7751 Church of God Church of God in Mississippi, Inc. 213 John Day Rd. #A, Canton 859-9804 Cobblestone Church of God 444 Pebble Creek Dr., Madison 853-6910

8:00am | Life Groups (Adults 45+) 9:15* & 10:45am | Life Groups (All Ages) & Worship Services

*9:15am Service Offers Interpretation for the Deaf 5:00-7:00pm | Equipping for Life Classes (Seasonal)

Crossroads Church of God Inc. Hwy. 16 E., Canton 8592858 First Church of God 741 Hwy. 51, Madison 856-0652 Holy City Church of God in Christ 251 Kearney Park Rd., Flora 879-3999 Philadelphia Church of God in Christ 244 W. North St., Canton 859-1116 St. Mark Church of God in Christ 354 Old Hwy. 16, Canton 859-6577 Episcopal Chapel of the Cross 674 Mannsdale Rd., Madison 856-2593 Grace Episcopal 161 E. Peace St., Canton 859-2680 St. Columb’s Episcopal 550 Sunnybrook Rd. 853-0205 Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses 2780 S. Liberty St., Canton 859-8613

Methodist Canton United Methodist 3808 N. Liberty St., Canton 859-6009 China Grove A.M.E. Mannsdale Rd., Madison 856-7348 First Independent Methodist of Madison 1556 Hwy 51 N Madison, 672-1240 First United Methodist 3301 S. Liberty St., Canton 859-4621 First United Methodist 136 Trace Cove Dr., Madison 726-5590 First United Methodist of Ridgeland 234 W. Jackson St., Ridgeland, 856-6456 Flora Methodist 142 Carter St., Flora 879-8642 Goshen United Methodist 1023 Pat Luckett Rd., Canton 859-4656 Lampton Chapel Fgame 715 W. Fulton St., Canton 859-6047 Lee’s Chapel A.M.E. Zion Hwy. 16 E., Canton 8596005 Madison United Methodist 2050 Main St., Madison

856-6058 Middleton A.M.E. Zion 602 Way Rd., Canton 859-6551 Parkway Hills United Methodist 1468 Highland Colony Madison 856-2733 Sharon A.M.E. Zion Sharon Rd., Canton 859-6077 Singleton United Methodist Pat Luckett Rd., Canton 859-4656 St. Johns United Methodist 219 N. Hargon St., Canton 859-6265 St. Matthew’s United Methodist 7427 Old Canton Rd., Madison 856-9581 St. Paul & Dennis Chapel A.M.E. 495 Main St., Madison 898-9610 St. Paul A.M.E. Zion 505 S. Union St., Canton 859-1904 The Connection 670 Highway 51 C, Ridgeland, 856-8922 Wiggins United Methodist 1023 Pat Luckett Rd., Canton 859-4656


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»Zion Chapel Methodist Robinson Rd., Canton 859-5609

Pentecostal Apostolic Lighthouse 1529 Hwy. 43 S., Canton 859-7363 Apostolic Revival Center 301 W. Washington St. 856-2385 First United Pentecostal Hwy. 51 N., Canton 8592457 Parkway Pentecostal 1620 Mannsdale Rd., Madison 853-2607 Presbyterian First Presbyterian 202 E. Peace St., Canton 859-4738 First Presbyterian 7717 Old Canton Rd., Madison 856-6625 Grace Chapel Presbyterian New Mannsdale Rd., Madison 856-7223 Highlands Presbyterian 1160 Highland Colony Pkwy. Madison 853-0636 Madison Heights PCA 405 Bozeman Rd Madison, 605-9929 Old Madison Presbyterian 232 Old Yazoo City Rd., Canton 859-7142

Pear Orchard Presbyterian 750 S. Pear Orchard Rd. Ridgeland 956-3283 Seventh Day Adventist Canton Seventh Day Adventist Lutz Ave., Canton 859-7364 Other The Church Triumphant 731 S. Pear Orchard Road Suite 43-Ridgeland 601977-0007 Faith Tabernacle 672 N. Liberty St., Canton 859-8972 Greater Faith Calvary 551 Owens St., Canton 859-4997 Greater Refuge 375 Morgan Rd., Canton 859-9483 Greater Sims Chapel Amez 915 Lutz Ave., Canton 859-6327 Keypointe Church Int’l 614 Magnolia St., Madison, MS 605-2880 Life Way Center 271 W. Center St., Canton 859-2770 Miracle of Faith Temple 3466 N. Liberty St., Canton 859-8995

New Mount Zion 432 Yandell Rd., Madison 856-9113 New Testament Fellowship 2009 Gateway Dr. 8562106 Ridgeland Family Church 803 Old Agency Rd. 856-2101 River of Life 7417 Old Canton Rd., Madison 922-7100 Spirit 731 S. Pear Orchard Rd. 957-0700 St. Peter’s Orthodox 180 Saint Augustine Dr., Madison, 856-3894 United Believers Center 819 George Washington Ave., Canton 859-7180 Word of Faith Ministries Inc. 228 W. North St., Canton 859-8972 Crossway Community Church 7430 Old Canton Road, Canton 605-2000 New Beginnings 211A Industrial Drive, Ridgeland 898-2727 Victory Church 7417 Old Canton Rd, Madison, 601-383-3891

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At The Waterford, our goal is to help you enjoy your life. We do the cooking and cleaning, leaving you more time for activities with your friends. Deal yourself in!

Madison County Chamber of Commerce’s Dragon Boat Regatta

Annual Area Events

Happenings Every April Ridgeland hosts Kidfest at Freedom Ridge Park.

JANUARY ƒƒBulldog Tennis Tournament, Ridgeland ƒƒAnnual meeting, Ridgeland Chamber ƒƒMississippi Blues Marathon, Jackson

FEBRUARY ƒƒMother-Daughter Tea, Madison ƒƒUSTA National Girls, 16, Ridgeland

MARCH ƒƒOutdoor Days at Crafts Center, Ridgeland ƒƒEaster in the Park, Madison ƒƒMen’s Night Out, Ridgeland

APRIL ƒƒRenaissance Fine Arts Festival, Ridgeland ƒƒTownship Jazzfest, Ridgeland ƒƒKidfest, Ridgeland ƒƒRelay for Life,


Madison County Magazine

Madison ƒƒNatchez Trace Century Ride, Ridgeland ƒƒRenaissance HalfMarathon & 10K, Ridgeland

MAY ƒƒOutdoor Days at Crafts Center, Ridgeland ƒƒRelay for Life, Madison ƒƒCanton Flea Market, Arts and Crafts Festival, Canton ƒƒSwing into Summer Series, Madison ƒƒSymphony on the Square, Canton ƒƒRide of Silence, Ridgeland ƒƒPepsi Pops, Mississippi Symphony, Reservoir ƒƒSoulshine Blues & Grooves, Ridgeland ƒƒLeadership Madison County Graduation ƒƒDragon Boat

Regatta, Reservoir ƒƒMHSAA tennis championships, Ridgeland and Jackson ƒƒMHSAA baseball championships, Jackson ƒƒAT&T Madison The City Chamber challenge golf tournament ƒƒBike rodeo, Ridgeland

JUNE ƒƒHeatwave Triathlon, Reservoir ƒƒFather-Child Fishing Tournament, Reservoir ƒƒMississippi in the Park, New York City ƒƒMississippi on the Mall, Washington, D.C. ƒƒPotluck in the Patch, Madison ƒƒAllison Wells Art Camps and Young Filmmakers Camps, Canton

ƒƒHamstock Festival, Ridgeland ƒƒMississippi Kids Triathlon, Jackson ƒƒCellular SouthRidgeland Chamber Golf Tournament

JULY ƒƒCelebrate America Balloon Glow at Northpark, Ridgeland ƒƒJuly 4th Family Celebration, Madison ƒƒCanton/Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Festival ƒƒOutdoor Days at the Craft Center, Ridgeland ƒƒSummer Arts Camp, Madison ƒƒViking Golf Classic, Annandale

AUGUST ƒƒNational Night Out ƒƒMen’s Night Out, Madison ƒƒTailgate Party, Jackson (area

chambers) ƒƒBig I Junior Golf Championships, Madison ƒƒMadison Foundation Gala ƒƒAnnual meeting Madison Foundation

SEPTEMBER ƒƒRidgeland Denim & Diamonds, Country Club of Jackson ƒƒNFL Punt, Pass & Kick, Ridgeland ƒƒGerman Fest, Gluckstadt ƒƒZIP39 Social, Ridgeland ƒƒMadison County Leadership Orientation ƒƒMadison County Business League Education Forum

OCTOBER ƒƒCanton Flea Market & Arts and Crafts Festival, Canton ƒƒA Day in the Country, Madison

ƒƒFreedom Fest, Madison ƒƒTown Colony Fall Fest, Ridgeland ƒƒScarecrow Cruise and Car Show, Madison ƒƒHalloween Trunk or Treat, Ridgeland ƒƒRun for Life Marathon & HalfMarathon, Madison ƒƒLadies Night Out, Madison ƒƒMadison County Chamber Annual

Meeting ƒƒMayor’s Wellness Walk, Ridgeland ƒƒMake a Difference Day, Ridgeland ƒƒJackson Street Fall Festival, Ridgeland ƒƒUSTA Tennis, Ridgeland and Jackson

NOVEMBER ƒƒMistletoe Marketplace, Jackson ƒƒAnnual Banquet, Madison The City

DECEMBER ƒƒMayor’s Prayer Breakfast, Ridgeland ƒƒChristmas Parade, Madison & Ridgeland ƒƒRidgeland Floating Christmas Parade, Reservoir ƒƒChristmas Tree Lighting, Madison ƒƒVictorian Christmas, Canton

call us to see hoW WorrY free

Your life can be.

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The Waterford on Highland Colony

When it’s your child, there is no such thing as a small problem. As part of University of Mississippi Health Care, the state’s only Academic Medical Center, Batson Children’s Hospital is the leader in our state for treating childhood health problems, whether they be major or minor. From seasonal illnesses and schoolyard injuries, to serious conditions like heart defects and cancer, we’re dedicated to helping the most important child in your life – yours. Because your kids are our world. Learn more at umhc.com/childrens or call 888.815.2005.

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