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The Magnolia Fizz

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Fireman John

Southern Shine’s

Madison’s King of BBQ

Local Fashion Finds

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Photo by Sonny Blossom

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On the Cover: The central hall of Sedgwood Plantation has been fully restored.

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The MAGNOLIA Fizz By Duncan Dent


or many, “drinking eggs” conjures up the image of Rocky Balboa, up at the crack of dawn choking down a glass with half-a-dozen fresh-cracked eggs before his morning workout. This may be effective for up-and-coming boxers dreaming of glory in the ring, but the bar staff at Local 463 posits a use that is much more refreshing. Their take on the iconic Ramos Gin Fizz, the Magnolia Fizz, features an array of bespoke ingredients, many of which can be duplicated at home, that truly put their signature on the classic drink. Bar manager David Dulske said this comes with their first issuance of a seasonal menu set to change roughly every six months. “We have always served cocktails but this is an opportunity to really do something unique to us. We want to focus on local, seasonal ingredients and make cocktails that are truly our own,” Dulske said. “This round we have some tiki drinks and a bunch of other stuff that I think people will enjoy.” The Ramos Gin Fizz was developed in New Orleans in 1888 by Henry C. Ramos at his bar,

the Imperial Cabinet Saloon, on Gravier Street. The drink was a favorite of notorious Louisiana populist politician Huey P. Long, who reportedly would bring a personal bartender among his staff when traveling into Yankee territory to show them how it was done. Local 463 bartender Alvin Guajardo, who Dulske touts as a “cocktail genius,” developed this particular drink. He said he likes the “frothy texture” the egg white brings to the drink without affecting the flavor, though the vigorous shaking can be tiresome. Ramos reportedly employed as many as 32 “shaker boys” during the 1915 Mardi Gras celebration to keep up with the demand. Guajardo says, with a little prep, this drink is both beautiful and flavorful whether you are trying to impress guests or need that flair for your Instagram feed. The gin is easily infused by stuffing chamomile tea bags into a gin bottle. Flavor will seep in in as little as an hour but time allows the maker to control the level of flavor infused. Guajardo said that blood oranges can easily be “charred” in an oven around 200 degrees. Egg whites can be separated in mass before serving.

“This drink requires a lot of prep work but I think the final product really speaks for itself. It’s both flavorful and eye-catching,” he said. All this adds up to one easy sipper for hot summer days. The egg white absorbs the tart of the lemon juice and the infused gin brings a beautiful bouquet flavor where as the harshest tendencies of each ingredient are tamed by the peach syrup and bitters. MAGNOLIA FIZZ 2 oz Chamomile Infused Bristow Gin ½ oz Lemon Juice ½ oz Peach Simple Syrup 3 dashes Peach Bitters Splash of Egg Whites ½ oz Marsala Dry Shake for 10 seconds Fill Shaker with ice and shake vigorously Double Strain Into Martini Glass Garnish with Charred Blood Orange

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Your convenience and care . .

... are our priorities in the new expanded Madison office. Visit us at 401 Baptist Drive, Suite 402 or online a for appointments. MAY / JUNE 2018 | 9


Madison’s King of BBQ By Duncan Dent


here there is smoke, there is fire, but when it comes to “Fireman John,” expect a mouthwatering spread of BBQ. Johnny “Fireman John” McKinnon is a full-time Ridgeland firefighter as well as parttime in Madison. He loves his job, but his real passion is competition BBQ and the camaraderie it fosters among competitors. “I would compare the passion we have to that of a musician. Some people can’t play guitar, some people can barely hold a tune in a bucket, but some people figure it out and it’s something that can be enjoyed and shared with lots of people,” McKinnon said. You can see why that world fits him. Standing behind his bar in his man cave in his garage in his Madison home, you see his stout frame that says he is not afraid to get his hands dirty or drag a few bags of charcoal across a field. His eyes are friendly and full of mirth. 10 | MADISON COUNTY MAGAZINE

His walls are adorned with trophies, mostly mounted deer and BBQ competition trophies and a liberal peppering of firefighting memorabilia and Mississippi State maroon and white. McKinnon had spent many years at the grill and in the kitchen, selling food at the Sturgis, Mississippi Motorcycle Rally in his hometown, but competition never occurred to him until someone at the rally made the comment, “You should look into competition BBQ.” Soon, he cooked ribs for a group of friends at his daughter Hollan’s first birthday and was hooked. Nineteen years later, McKinnon is still chasing the rush of competition BBQ. Ridgeland Fire Chief Matt Bailey said that Mckinnon’s passion is well known around the Reservoir Fire Station on Rice Road. “He loves it that’s his vice in a way and I know he does a great job at it. He has such a passion for good food and I have to say he has the coolest grill rig I have ever seen,” Bailey said.


Bailey added that he is an exemplary fireman as well. “He is one of our top guys over there and has been with us since I came here. He’s been a good employee and a dedicated fireman,” Bailey said. “He’ll do anything we need him to do.” Fireman John has been catering for 15 years to support his “contest habit.” Habit, vice and addiction are kind of “industry terms” that hardcore competition cookers use to describe their love of the game and its many facets. “You know I really like to cook and I like the competitions. You get to know people. We are buddies on Friday night and we hang out, maybe talk a little trash, and drink some beers. And then Saturday, it’s on,” McKinnon said. Feed this habit long enough and it starts spidering out into other ventures, many with direct connections to his competition craze, like his catering business. In addition, he is a Backwoods Smokers grill rep. “They are by far some of the best on the market and it’s what a lot of competition people use. They have an iconic design that a lot of people try to unsuccessfully duplicate,” McKinnon said. He sells between five and six a year. Finally, McKinnon has his own line of BBQ rubs, spices, seasonings, marinades and sauces, available on his website and locally at the Flora Butcher and Grills of Mississippi in Ridgeland. He said it took him hours of hard work to find his signature flavor. “I have dumped so many dollars worth of ingredients in the trash at the fire station,” McKinnon said with a laugh. “It took a lot of work to get it just right.”

His pecan rub has been used by the Flora Butcher for brisket and his marinade has been used on the salmon at a Florence steakhouse. Before he was experimenting with signature flavors, McKinnon remembers being in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother when he was young and quickly started trying experiments of his own. Outside of their supervision he remembers his first recipe, peanut butter, which he figured was simply made with the two ingredients in the name. “I said I like peanut butter, that can’t be too hard, seems simple. So I mixed up peanuts and butter in a bowl and I’ll never forget, my daddy was so nice he took a spoonful of it and told me it was pretty good,” McKinnon said with a laugh. “It got a lot better from there.” Rewards for competitions vary from monetary prizes to bragging rights, but the best ones come with hardware. Competition BBQ trophies are rarely a cheap hunk of plastic. Many indulge the full eccentricities of their communities and serve double duty as eclectic pieces of Americana art. In April, McKinnon was prepping his trailer for the Ham Jam Art Festival and BBQ Competition just north in Neshoba County after a whole hog catering event was rained out that weekend, where a local woman paints pig statues in goofy, sassy and zany ways. Johnny has his eyes set on Smoke on the Mountain in July in Galax, Virginia, where the top prizes include special made fiddles and banjos. “I am really excited about that one. That one is definitely for the trophy, it is not a money run,” Mckinnon said.

In most competitions, the top five in each category usually get paid or receive trophies, but if you looked at Mckinnon’s healthy collection of accolades, the handful of trophies he received from the famed Memphis in May BBQ Competition stand the tallest. “That’s the biggest one everyone competes in, It does not get any bigger than Memphis in May,” McKinnon said. And the trophy reflects that, in fact “trophy” may be too trite a word. “Monument” comes to mind when you see one of the tall metal bases that can only be lugged across the room. The design changes, but McKinnon has one with flames bolted the side and a top ornament that reads “World Championship.” McKinnon has received second and third place honors at Memphis in May in whole hog, second place in shoulder, first place in beef and the Peoples Choice award one year. The big category seasoned smokers chase is the whole hog. “Not everybody can cook the whole hog. You have three sections, the ham, shoulder and loin. If everything isn’t just right then the loin could dry out and thats where people really beat up,” McKinnon said. Right now, McKinnon has three events on his mind: this year’s Memphis in May Competition where he will try again to take top honors in whole hog, Smoke on the Mountain and a return to his hometown for the Motorcycle Rally in August. “You will know where to find me, our music will be the loudest,” McKinnon said.

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The Howard family — Dr. Bill Howard, Nancy Howard, Dr. John Howard, Dr. Ann Howard Hinds and Ashley Howard Schurch



SEDGEWOOD PLANTATION Sedgewood Plantation in rural northwest Madison County was built in 1842 and designed by acclaimed southern architect William Nichols, whose other credits include the Mississippi Governor’s Mansion, the Old Capitol and the Lyceum at Ole Miss. Located between Flora and Canton just north of Mississippi 22 near Kearney Park, the antebellum plantation home has housed four generations of the Howard family with roots that extend 176 years into the state’s rich history. The manor house is an 1842 Greek Revival raised cottage with a center hall floor plan that is typical for homes built in the antebellum period. Dr. Bill Howard grew up at Sedgewood and later restored the manor house in the early 1990s. Family legend holds that one of his great-great grandfathers, likely Rev. Thomas Griffin, was a guest at the house warming. “To me, Sedgewood’s story is one of riches to rags and then redemption again after many years of hard times. Sedgewood’s crowning glory is for it to be preserved in perpetuity and to be recognized as both a U.S. National Register of Historic Places property and as a Mississippi Historic Landmark,” Howard said. Howard’s family came to the Mississippi territory in 1798, where one of his ancestors and Rev. Griffin’s father-in-law, John Ford, was one of three on the committee that wrote the first state constitution in 1817. By 1833, his family had set roots in Madison County and in 1901 his grandfather, Percy O’Leary Howard, moved to Sedgewood Plantation and farmed cotton there for the rest of his life. After Percy died, his son John W.G. Howard, Bill Howard’s father, took over the farming operation and added Angus cattle in 1930. Now, the Howards still run Angus cattle on the place but rent the cotton land out to a neighboring farmer. It is a family-run operation, largely consisting of Howard, his wife Nancy, and sister-in-law Judy Moyers.

Photo by Robby Followell

By Duncan Dent

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 13


TOP: Sedgewood Plantation is a storied home that has been completely restored. MIDDLE: Dr. Bill Howard holds his daugahter Ashley while preparing the new foundation before moving the house back to its original location. BOTTOM: The Howard family hired professional movers to relocate Sedgewood back to its original location.


HISTORY demolished. The house was jacked up, put on logs that rolled on wood beams oriented in the direction of travel. Over the course of a few days, with the help of a mule and some pulleys, the house was rolled the approximately 80 feet over the line. The chimneys crumbled and horse-hair reinforced plaster ceilings and walls shattered and fell. Structurally, the house was still intact, but the move severely damaged it. The house was saved from total destruction but it would be decades before the home would again resemble its prior glory. Bill and Nancy planned for years to restore the derelict home back to its former glory. Finally, they made it happen and completed the two-year restoration process in 1994. The home was moved to its original location on the property, this time with heavy equipment and the help of professional movers. The restoration drew on the valuable input of Ken P’pool, Director of Historic Preservation for Mississippi Department for Archives and History, and Mimi Miller with the Historic Natchez Foundation and the ample talents of Michael Collins, a restoration contractor from Jackson, and Kenneth Ross, the lead carpenter from Flora.

Restoration challenges included finding the heart cypress lumber like originally used throughout the house and restoring the original stain glass windows in the entryway which was missing many glass panels. This task fell to Nancy’s “ jack-of-all-trades” sister, Judy Moyers, who replaced the missing panels with glass that matched the color and style, but was a little bit more opaque and differentiates the old from the new. The family was able to move into the home in late 1994. “Nancy and I have a great sense of pride and accomplishment in bringing this architectural and historical jewel back from the brink of destruction. We want it to last another 176 years,” Howard said. After the restoration was finished, Sedgewood was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Todd Sanders with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History later did research that determined the house was designed by the architect William Nichols. Bill documented the restoration process with both video and photographs. Later, when Bob Vila featured Sedgewood on his

Photo by Sonny Blossom

Past help has included their son, Dr. John Howard, and two daughters Dr. Ann Howard Hinds and Ashley Howard Schurch, all three of which are now married and currently live out of state. The lack of help does not appear to slow down Howard and company who now run about 200 head of cattle. Bill, Nancy, and Judy Moyers manage and do all the work required to keep the farm going. Sedgewood was originally a 1,200-acre cotton plantation. The house and its 1,200 acres survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, and other threats and remained intact until World War II broke out. In 1942 the United States Army returned to Mississippi to build the Kearney Park Military Ordnance Plant. The ordnance plant took 500 acres from Sedgewood Plantation and drew a new property line that went right through the middle of the manor house. The Army told Howard’s father to move the house or they would demolish it. After an appeal to save the home was denied, Bill’s father moved the house to prevent it from being

The master bedroom features a full tester rosewood bed made in 1840 by the noted New Orleans cabinetmaker William McKracken.

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 15


MIDDLE: The central hallway features 14-foot ceilings and bi-leaf entry doors flanked by diamond shaped stained glass sidelights and transom, which were popular during the 1840s. The chandelier is a reproduction of an 1840s gasolier (gas chandelier) that is in the Philadelphia Museum. The hall also features a portrait of Col. Thomas St. Vincent Ward, who was a good friend of Dr. Bill Howard’s grandfather, Percy O’Leary Howard. Ward was a prominent lawyer in Canton, who served as mayor and in the state legislature when the 1890 Constitution was adopted. BOTTOM: The living room features an 1840 mahogany Empire linen press from Tennessee and an oil painting done by Scottish painter Otto Leyde in 1892 that came from the No Mistake Plantation estate auction in Satartia.


Photos by Sonny Blossom

TOP: Dr. Ann Howard Hinds’ bedroom features a mahogany half-tester bed made in 1850 by C. Lee for the New Orleans furniture trade. The 1840 mahogany veneer Empire armoire is a Madison County piece that was purchased at an estate auction in Sharon.


TOP LEFT: The central hallway before restoration work began. Shattered plaster is visible and fallen ceiling pieces were replaced by wooden boards. TOP RIGHT: Workers restore the crown molding in the central hallway.

Photo by Robby Followell

BOTTOM LEFT: A water leak around the chimney in the East front room did not damage the Cypress lumber around it.

HGTV series “Restore America,” he extensively used those images for his segment on Sedgewood. The Bob Vila video can be viewed on the farm website at In order to preserve Sedgewood Plantation for generations to come, the Howards placed a Preservation Easement on the manor house and the remaining 700 acres of the original 1,200-acre plantation. This means the house and 700 acres can never be separated or subdivided in the future. “No residential or commercial construction can ever be done on the place. The house will remain unaltered and will forever be attached to its 700 acres which will always remain agricultural,” Howard said. “No developer can later come along and butcher the place to make a housing development or a strip mall.” As a result, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History recently designated Sedgewood Plantation as a Mississippi Historic Landmark. For more information, go to www.

The Howard family with “Aunt” Judy Moyers. Moyers was a second mother to the Howard children and served as a “jack of all trades,” an integral part of the family.

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MAY / JUNE 2018 | 19




St. Joe is hosting six sports summer camps this summer in addition to a Bruin Elementary Choir Camp. The sports camps include: soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball and cheerleading.

Learning has never been so much fun and that’s the aim of Jackson Academy’s 2018 summer camps. JA is hosting dozens of different camps for everyone from the rising sports star to future artists and scientists.

For full details, including dates and times, visit


For full details, including dates and times, visit

Join the Eagle Explorers for four weeks of exciting, fun-filled activities as campers enjoy hands-on art projects, building activities, organized game challenges, engaging guests, and delicious treats. The camps run from June 18-July 13. For full details, including dates and times, visit

ESSENTIALS OF ETIQUETTE This camp, offered by Evelyn Harris, introduces and re-enforces etiquette skills for our 21st century young people. The camp consists of three days of fun and instruction. Day One offers instruction with knife and spoon use and how to politely eat finger foods. Introductions will also be practiced. Day Two will be a day of “how to’s”: use of the fork, invitations, thank you notes, and phone/home/Internet safety. Day Three will put all of what our campers have learned to a test when they are served a five-course meal. The camp is limited to 10 campers. Runs July 9-11 from 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.



JACKSON PREP From chess and calligraphy to baseball and softball, Jackson Preparatory School has it all this summer. Camps are offered in the mornings and afternoons. For full details, including dates and times, www.

MADISON COUNTY SCHOOLS CAMPS Germantown High School, Madison Central High School, Ridgeland High School, Velma Jackson High School and the Madison Career & Technical Center will be holding camps this year ranging from athletics to robotics for students of all ages. For full details, including dates and times, visit

CANTON ACADEMY Canton Academy will host a series of athletic camps this June, ranging from cheerleading to basketball. For full details, including dates and times, visit

VIRTUAL REALITY Explore the Solar System in your very own spaceship. Travel anywhere you have dreamed of exploring. Campers can travel to the moon with the crew of Apollo 11 or visit a country they are curious about. Campers will not only experience virtual reality but also learn about the technology to make their own virtual reality experiences. Maximum of 24 students. Runs June 11-14 from 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

ST. ANDREW’S EPISCOPAL SCHOOL Each summer since 1950, a team of dedicated St. Andrew’s faculty and staff have staged a comprehensive, exciting camp experience for students in the Jackson area. This year marks the 68th year of amazing camp experiences and is poised to be one of the best yet. Camps will run from June 4-August 3 and encompass everything from sports to arts and academics. For full details, including dates and times, visit

CAMERA KIDS First through fourth graders will be led by Christina Cannon on a fun and challenging journey of photographic exploration and learning. Campers will learn about the phenomenal work of professional photographers from around the world. Christina will lead the group on daily, guided photo walks around campus. DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras are required. Runs June 18-June 22 and July 16-July 20 from 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

MADISON-RIDGELAND ACADEMY When the school year ends, learning and fun continues with a host of camps from sports to academics. For full details, including dates and times, visit

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 21


OUTDOORS TWIN LAKES The purpose of Twin Lakes Summer Camp is to provide a fun, safe, outdoor environment where campers learn from the staff to glorify God in every area of life.

CAMP TWIN LAKES DAY CAMP (Ages 5-8) May 28-June 1 Monday-Friday Discover exciting days at Twin Lakes. Campers pack their day full of camp songs, exciting activities, lunch, learning, and tons of other outdoor adventures with our caring summer staff — and all before 5 p.m. On Thursday, day campers have the option of spending one night with all of their new friends. TWIN LAKES OVERNIGHT CAMPS (Ages 6-12) June 4-9 June 11-16 June 18-23 June 25-30 July 2-7 July 9-14 Campers get the full Twin Lakes experience: enjoying the great outdoors, exciting activities during the day, creative programs and events at night, kid-friendly meals and snacks, and lots of time to get to hang out with our great summer staff.  The camps run from Monday-Saturday. WWW.TWINLAKESCAMP.ORG



ARTS Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Mississippi Metropolitan Dance Academy

The MMNS hosts a series of Go Outdoors…Camp! events during the summer for children of all ages. Camps kick off May 29-June 1 for children entering 5K up to second grade. A camp for 3rd-4th graders will be held June 11-14, and June18-22 for 5th-6th graders.

The Mississippi Metropolitan Dance Academy is offering two diverse camp programs this summer at its state-of-the art studio located in Madison, for students ages 3 and up. MMDA will host their 25th annual Summer Dance Intensive June 18-29. Over 150 dancers ages 8 and up from the metro area as well as neighboring cities and states are participating in daily classes conducted by some of the nation’s finest teachers. Students are taking classes in ballet, pointe, classical variations, pas de deux, jazz, modern, and progressing ballet technique.

A Junior Naturalist Camp will be held June 4-8 for 7th-9th graders, and a Field Camp will be held for 10th-12th graders June 25-28. WWW.MDWFP.COM

Jackson Zoo The Jackson Zoo hosts a number of summer camps each year for children ages 6-15, ranging from how to run a zoo to learning about different animal abilities. Camps are broken out for students aged 6-8, 9-12, and 13-15. WWW.JACKSONZOO.ORG

Camp Bratton-Green A ministry of Gray Center and the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, summer camp sessions have been offered for youth since 1947. The Canton camp will play host to a number of campers beginning in June. Special Session Camps are also held for individuals with mental or physical disabilities.

The week of July 9-13, MMDA will offer their Princess Dance Camp for aspiring ballerinas ages 3-7. This popular fun camp provides a wonderful exploration of dance, music and art in a creative environment. Each day will have a different princess theme and include activities based on Jennifer Beasley’s unique curriculum infused with ballet classics. WWW.MSMETROBALLET.COM

Mississippi Museum of Art The Museum School Summer Camps offer a wide variety of art experiences in diverse media for ages 3 and up. Camps are led by Mississippi teaching artists and draw inspiration from the Museum’s exhibitions and permanent installations. Registration is required for all Museum School Summer Camps. WWW.MSMUSEUMART.ORG


MAY / JUNE 2018 | 23


Mississippi Children’s Museum The MCM provides week-long day camps from MayAugust for children ages 5-10. Camp begins each morning at 8 a.m. and runs until 3 p.m.

THIS YEAR’S CAMPS INCLUDE: MASTER GARDENER CAMP: JUNE 11-15 In this camp, children will discover the great outdoors by scavenging, crafting, and exploring. Campers will complete activities to become certified Jr. Master Gardeners by the week’s end. This camp will come to an exciting conclusion with our field day full of water balloons, relay races, obstacle courses, and loads of messy outdoor fun! LET’S BUILD IT! CAMP: JUNE 25-29 During this camp, children will use building blocks, clay, cardboard, and more to create train rails, build new vehicles, all while exploring the idea of manufacturing. Campers will stretch the limits of geometry and measurement, discover different types of engineering, and hammer out a really fun time.

CAMP OLYMPIA: JULY 9 -13 Celebrating the Olympics every other year is fun for all. Campers will be training for a chance at winning their own medals. Children will be learning about sportsmanship, attitude, fitness, and more as they practice a series of relays, learn about famous athletes, and get introduced to new sports. The week will come to an exciting conclusion with a field day full of fun. NASA ASTRO CAMP: JULY 16-20 Build a lunar rover, be an expert in the phases of the moon, and dress like an alien – all at MCM’s Astro Camp, based on curriculum provided directly from NASA. MCM has partnered with NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center to bring campers an out-of-this-world experience. CULINARY CHEMISTRY: JULY 23-27 During this week, children will use different types of food to create crazy kitchen experiments. Each day, campers will prepare their own snack and let their taste buds come to life while learning about chemical reactions, healthy choices, and how to make new foods. MASTER ARTIST CAMP: JULY 30-AUGUST 3 Artistic flair takes over MCM’s summer camp during its final week of camp. Campers will study great works and explore new techniques before creating a few one-of-a-kind masterpieces of their own during this messy, colorful week. The writing on the ‘graffiti’ wall will prove to be a great time. WWW.MSCHILDRENSMUSEUM.ORG



WhizKids Challenge Camps

New Stage Theatre

WhizKids is hosting three enrichment clubs and camps for K5-6th graders this summer at the Madison Square Center for the Arts July 23-27.

Beginning in June, New Stage Theatre hosts camps for children of all ages, beginning with First Stages Day Camp June 4-15 for students entering the 2nd5th grad. A Summer Acting Intensive Camp is held the same dates for students entering 6th-12th grade. A Broadway Jr. Summer Camp Intensive is held June 18-July15 for students entering 6th-12th grade.

MAD SCIENTISTS K5-3rd: POP! ZOOM! POW! Explore the scientific method with lots of hands on, messy, exciting science experiments. This camp is guaranteed to bring out the true scientist in your child!  4th-6th:  Paging future doctors, scientists, and veterinarians. Join us as we learn all about the human body with multiple REAL animal part dissections. This week is sure to be a “cut” above the rest. SPY TRAINING (STEM) Spy Training Academy is now open. In this STEM unit, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to crack codes, create and send secret messages, solve mysteries, engineer a physical training obstacle course, create a spy gadget, and pass a field test in order to receive your Spy Academy Certificate.


Madison the City Summer Arts Program Sing, dance, draw, perform! The Madison Square Center for the Arts celebrates arts education and cultural programming in the heart of downtown Madison. Get in touch with your creative side by taking lessons, attending classes or enjoying performances. Check out the calendar to find events ranging from weekly music, art or dance lessons to art shows or performances of operas, ballets or plays and musicals. A two-week long Summer Arts Camp each July lets students in grades 1-9 join in art, drama, dance, music and set design, culminating in a big performance for the community. WWW.MADISONTHECITY.COM

ART EXPLOSION This is not your typical art camp. Use unexpected items to unleash your creative spirit as you draw, paint, sculpt, and doodle your way to your own oddly original works of art. Messiness is a must. Join us in this creative adventure. WWW.WHIZKIDSPROGRAMS.COM

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 25






FLORA.......................................$3,390,000 400 CHAPEL HILL ROAD

ESTATE LIVING Welcome to lovely 400 Chapel Hill Road, located in Flora, which is convenient to everything in Madison County. This gorgeous home sits on almost 50 acres of rolling timbers and land which includes a






homesite of 5,200-plus square feet, a pavilion with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, a wine and gun cellar, a barn with a nice apartment above and an

in-ground swimming pool and spa with bluestone pool deck. The home was built in 1998 by one of the area’s most reputable builders.

LAKE CAROLINE.............$379,900




DESIGN DREAM This 4 bedroom/4 bathroom property is the personal home of designers — and it shows! You’ll find custom features throughout the house like a brick wall with re-designed fireplace, beautiful cased opening of pine beams and a reclaimed wood accent wall. The materials chosen for countertops and floors in this home compliment each space

perfectly. The master bedroom is flooded with natural light and leads onto the L-shaped balcony, a serene spot to enjoy nature and water views. The master’s en-suite bath has been completely remodeled. Outdoors, the back patio offers plenty of privacy thanks to mature landscaping and features a wood burning fireplace. Details like Pella windows

REUNION................................. $795,000



GRAND & GORGEOUS You will fall in love with all the custom features and details of the beautiful boasting 5 bedroom/4 bathroom home. The minute you pull up you will notice the lush landscaping, the circular driveway accented with a lovely fountain, the gated courtyard, the rear-entry garage and overall design that make

this home so grand! There are two bedrooms downstairs including the master bedroom and bathroom suite and then another bedroom, which could be a nice mother-in-law suite. It has its own courtyard entry from the side yard and it currently being used as a nice office. The kitchen is amazing

and doors, reverse osmosis water filtration system, and HVAC units with stainless steel air ducts are testaments to the quality of this home. If you like the water you will love it here, as you can access your boat slips right across the street. This property comes with 2 that are paid through September.

AMANDA POLLES | POLLES PROPERTIES 601-278-6871 AMANDA@POLLESPROPERTIES.COM with so much character and warmth, stainless steel appliances and nice pantry area. The master bedroom suite is great with antique pine floors and a great bathroom with lovely Italian tile, plus a storm shelter in the master bedroom closet.

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 29


ANNANDALE ESTATES.................. $339,500 105 MULBERRY PLACE

WOODED LOT This amazing home nestled on a huge, wooded gorgeous lot in Annandale Estates is one you do not want to miss. This home has so much to offer, including a boasting two-story space setting with 5 bedrooms/3.5 bathrooms, rear entry garage, mature landscaping — all in a wonderful culdesac. This home has been magnificently updated throughout, including the kitchen and master bathroom. The kitchen is lovely and has cabinets and space and a butlers pantry. It is open to the breakfast nook and the large family living area. The formal dining room is great for entertaining. There are two bedrooms downstairs including the master and two full bathrooms. There are three well-sized bedrooms and one bathroom upstairs. POLLESPROPERTIES.COM AMANDA POLLES | POLLES PROPERTIES 601-278-6871 AMANDA@POLLESPROPERTIES.COM

SAINT IVES........................................................ $409,900 169 ST. IVES DRIVE

CUSTOM-BUILT This lovely, custom-built home features 4 bedrooms/3.5 bathrooms, a huge upstairs bonus room and an outdoor living space buffered by privately-owned land filled with mature hardwoods. The kitchen seamlessly blends practicality with style, featuring double ovens, gas cooktop, 2 sinks, stainless refrigerator (it will remain with property!), new subway tile backsplash and an eat-in bar area. With a second fireplace and a brick accent wall, the keeping area is another great spot where you can enjoy being at home. Having the master bedroom downstairs is ideal and this one’s en-suite bathroom features double vanities, separate shower, claw foot tub, and lots of storage space. A second bedroom is downstairs with yet another en-suite bath and walkin closet. Upstairs you’ll find a landing big enough to be a reading nook or game area, a huge bonus room, and 2 bedrooms sharing a jack-and-jill bath with separate vanities. WWW.FURRGROUP.COM


BRIDGEWATER.................................. $1,190,000 106 WOODMONT WAY

ONE-OF-A-KIND MASTERPIECE Nestled on 2.62+- acres overlooking a private Bridgewater lake, this 5 bedroom/4.5 bathroom masterpiece was designed by Architect Ken Tate. Setting the outdoor living spaces is the covered back porch with fireplace and blue stone floors. Natural light is present throughout this home. The front living room is ideal for the music space or study and opens onto the covered back porch. The greatroom is accented with a limestone mantle over the fireplace with gas logs. The huge culinary kitchen features a gas cooktop, Viking double ovens, center island, and eat-at bar. The upstairs master suite views the lake and features His and Her private baths and His and Her walk-in closets. The home has three secondary upstairs bedroom suites with two baths. A downstairs guest suite, bonus room, large laundry room, mud room and much more are included in this fabulous jewel. WWW.KENNEDY-REALESTATE.COM JUANITA KENNEDY | KENNEDY & COMPANY REAL ESTATE, INC. 601-898-2999 JUANITA@KENNEDY-REALESTATE.COM


JOHNSTONE.................................... $1,179,000 122 MCDILL COVE

EXECUTIVE HOME Designed for comfort, this executive home sits on a 2.2-acre waterfront lot. Featuring 5 bedrooms/5 full bathrooms/3 half-bathrooms, this home includes a formal living area, formal dining room, open kitchen and den, media room, and even a children’s den. Reclaimed wood beams are used and there is a Gunite Pool overlooking the lake. Deck and boat dock make this a dream home. WWW.COLDWELLBANKER.COM SUSAN BARRETT | COLDWELL BANKER 601-750-9016 SUSAN@FINDTHEPERFECTHOME.NET

REUNION........................................................... $449,000 190 REUNION BOULEVARD

SOUTHERN STYLE Be right in the heart of everything in Reunion in this 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home that is within walking distance to the beach, pool, playground and so much more. This gorgeous home features a Southern-style front porch and 12-foot ceilings throughout. You enter the home and are immediately greeted with heart of pine wood floors, a gorgeous formal dining room, and hardwood, solid doors. This home features an open floor plan with a kitchen and large center, granite island, which seats four. Off the kitchen features a huge walk-in pantry and a butler’s pantry which has a wine rack, ice machine, stainless sink, and glass cabinets to display your favorite china. The master bedroom is spacious and overlooks the back yard. The master bathroom is very large, with tile counter tops and floor, jet tub, separate vanities, shower and toilet, and includes a huge walk-in closet with mirror, shelves, drawers and chest. The back patio is covered and overlooks a large, fenced, shaded yard. POLLESPROPERTIES.COM


REUNION............................................... $699,900 103 HONOURS DRIVE

CUSTOM BUILD This 2016 custom-built home in Reunion is loaded with Amenities. The 5 bedroom/4.5 bathroom home has a huge unfinished space that could be a bonus room if needed. The kitchen is gorgeous with granite countertops and a huge wet bar/ butler’s pantry with ice maker, double wall ovens, and a nice built-in refrigerator. Lovely hickory wood floors flow throughout, and large keeping room with fireplace located off the kitchen. Formal living and dining rooms. The vaulted master suite has a spa-like bath. A covered back porch with outdoor kitchen backs up to wooded common property. This home has so much to offer. POLLESPROPERTIES.COM AMANDA POLLES | POLLES PROPERTIES 601-278-6871 AMANDA@POLLESPROPERTIES.COM

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 31


MAY / JUNE 2018 | 33


BUTCHER’S BLOCK FARM-TO-TABLE FAST FOOD The Order of the Day at Dave’s Triple B: The Butcher, The Baker, The Barbecue Maker By Chef David Raines


aving cooked all over the world, I can tell you that nowhere is lunch a more celebrated daily ritual than in the American South. Raised in Louisiana, and now living in Central Mississippi, we began serving lunch at our Flora Butcher shop in August 2016. The hope was to eventually bring our farm-to-table philosophy to a casual dining lunch restaurant that would serve homemade comfort food featuring local ingredients. That hope manifested in Dave’s Triple B, at the site of the former Chimneyville restaurant in Jackson. We are a distinct alternative on High Street in Jackson where a variety of fastfood chain restaurants dominate the landscape.  We raise our own Japanese Wagyu cattle and have some 1,500 head between Monroe, Louisiana and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Our hogs come from Wesson, Mississippi, chickens from Hattiesburg and


vegetables, lettuce and tomatoes from Salad Days and Two Dog Farm in Flora.   We bake all our breads and desserts, right down to the hamburger rolls. This ensures that our customers get the freshest possible ingredients. Because our portions are large, we believe we are offering a great value to our diners. From a variety of salads, sandwiches, barbecue, plate lunches and our Wagyu burgers, we’re hoping to offer a lunch that satisfies any appetite. I’m happy to say the response has been overwhelming with customers coming from all parts of the metropolitan area. Many of our customers   request specific recipes of their favorite Dave’s Triple B dishes. We’re always happy respond to these requests and included herewith are some of our more popular items. We hope to see more people coming to downtown Jackson, and, until then, give these recipes a shot at home. You won’t be disappointed.


SOUTHERN STYLE POT ROAST RECIPE: 3# Chuck Roast 1.5# Carrots 1.5# Celery 2# Cipolinni Onions 1qt Beef Stock 1 can Cream of Mushroom soup 1 Can Cream of Celery soup Salt & Pepper Flour

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Season chuck roast liberally with salt and pepper, dust with flour. Sear roast on all sides till browned Place roast in Dutch oven. Peel and chop carrots, chop celery, peel onions. Saute all veggies in 2Tbs butter till slightly caramelized. Add beef stock and both soups to the veggie mixture and heat to simmer for 10 minutes. Pour veggie mixture over the roast, cover with lid and cook in preheated oven for approximately 2 hours, or till tender.

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 35


DAVE’S SMOKED TRI TIP SANDWICH 5-6 oz sliced, smoked Tri Tip Fococcia bun(or bread of your choice) Chimichuri sauce Mayo Bibb Lettuce Sliced Tomatoes Sliced Red onions

Sandwich can be served hot or cold.

MISSISSIPPI REUBEN SANDWICH 2 slices rye bread 2 Slices Swiss Cheese 5-6 oz “Flora Butcher” Corned Beef 3 oz “Sweet & Sauer” Sauerkraut 2 oz “Crechales” Comeback dressing

Butter and toast rye bread in skillet, or on griddle. Place one slice of cheese on each slice of bread. While bread toasts and cheese melts, saute corned beef and sauerkraut until heated through. Place corned beef and kraut on one slice of bread. drizzle with comeback dressing. Top with remaining slice of bread, and serve hot.



CHICKEN FRIED WAGYU STEAK 8-10oz slice of Wagyu Round Steak 1Tbs Salt 2 tsp Black Pepper 2 Tbs Blackening Seasoning 1 Tbs Granulated Garlic 2 tsp Onion Powder 3 cups Flour 3 Eggs .1/2 cup Milk 2-3 cups Wagyu Tallow

Pound the steak thin, and set aside. Combine all dry ingredients. Whisk eggs and milk together. Dredge steak in flour, then egg wash, then back in the flour, pressing the flour into the meat. Heat tallow to approx 350 degrees in a large cast iron skillet(big enough to hold the breaded steak) Place the breaded steak carefully into the hot tallow. cook on each side for 3-4 minutes, or until the meat is cooked through, and the crust is golden brown. Top with your favorite gravy, and serve with mashed potatoes and your choice of vegetable.Â

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 37





Local Fashion Finds


i there, I am Jane Foster and being over 50 and not your average model size, I believe in fashion at any age, any size, and any price. As we age we should become Bolder not Older! I can remember being in my twenties and dreading becoming “old and boring” and now that makes me laugh. Although as we age we may face certain challenges it also becomes a time to shine. There are so many women that are just beginning to hit their stride when the nest is empty. My life is anything but boring these days. I currently have a website www. I Blog once or twice a week on fashion and other fun things southern women enjoy. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @southernshine2017 for the outfit of the day, discount codes, and fashion and life-

style tips. I do a Facebook live video most Sunday nights at 6:00. The topics include product reviews, a sneak peak of the Blog posts coming that week, fashion and lifestyle tips, and my favorite items for the week. We are so lucky in Mississippi to have some of the best boutiques around. This week I am showing you some fun summer looks I found at Shayna’s Boutique in Ridgeland Mississippi. What I love about Shayna’s is their passion for dressing women of all ages and sizes. They carry regular and plus size women’s clothes and some fabulous accessories. I was looking for a few things to take to the beach and Shayna’s did not disappoint. I got this swing dress to go to an outside concert. I can wear wedges or flats (which we know is important these days). I love the bold leather earrings by Chic’d Out Design (a Mississippi Designer). The black romper is perfect as a cover up at the beach. I can go from the beach to a casual lunch. Kimonos are so trendy this year and they look great on all body types. This tie dye design is so cute and the color is perfect for a Memorial Day celebration. The straw hat and bag are definitely the hot accessories for the summer. Shayna’s is located 707 Beau Pre’ Drive in Ridgeland Mississippi. She is open Monday – Friday 10 -7 and Saturday 11-5.

ROMPER-$35.99 • DRESS- $45.50 • KIMONO- $34.00

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 39



CULTURE Seafood R’evoLution


P.f. changS

LocaL 463

Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining, something casual or even something delectable to prepare at home…

Renaissance has the Flavor You’re Looking for.



I-55 at Old Agency Road, Ridgeland, Mississippi For leasing information, contact The Mattiace Company at 601.352.1818. See all our retail stores and restaurants online at

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 41



Photos by Chris Todd

Lesley Tatum transformed her Lake Caroline back porch into the perfect outdoors oasis.




sassy sign in the windowsill reads “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to” and while that kernel of wisdom may hold true, you might want to consider attending anything you are invited to on this porch out on Lake Caroline. Sometimes, meticulous planning and placement is the key to a good space, but for designer and homeowner Lesley Tatum of Historically Modern Interiors, she said it’s the mish-mash of random pieces that offers a breezy transition from the indoors to the perfect place to enjoy afternoon reading, a relaxing sunset or an evening cocktail. “There are a bunch of little details people might not expect and that gives it a real funky vibe that’s hard to nail down, but still feels tied together and relaxing,” Tatum said. Tatum said she wanted to have natural flow from inside to out and decided to have a little bit of fun with a variety of found items to cultivate the relaxed feel of a camphouse, with a touch of sophistication she dubs “southern fried Tribeca.”

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 43


TOP: Lesley Tatum painted the oil painting that adorns the outside wall as well as additional seating to overlook the lake. RIGHT: Every porch space is improved tremendously by the presence of one or more dogs. These small black dog side tables serve as the perfect pedestal for some plants. Tatum said she was drawn to the piece on a buying trip to Atlanta.



The coffee table is an old railroad baggage cart that rusted, but still operational, and is adorned with books, antlers and a turtle shell.

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 45

& Soda Fountain (601) 368-8907 1051 Highland Colony Parkway Ridgeland, MS 39157 Curbside Service Non-Sterile Compounding Next-Day Shipping Residential Delivery Gluten-Free Vitamins


EVENTS OUT AND ABOUT MAY 11 Join us at Old Trace Park on the Ross Barnett Reservoir for the 37th annual Pepsi Pops. Picnics are welcome, but if you’re short on time, The Manship & Burgers and Blues will be on site selling delicious food. Gates open at 4:30 p.m., and the Pepsi Playground will be open for children until dusk. Enjoy the stylings of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra with the Reservoir as their backdrop to be followed by a sky full of fireworks during the encore. This family-friendly event is not to be missed. MAY 12 The annual BankPlus Red Beans & Rice Festival benefitting Stewpot returns to Renaissance at Colony Park in Ridgeland, on Saturday, May 12. The event will include a red beans & rice cook-off with 15 to 20 teams, people’s choice judging to name Best Red Beans Recipe Champion, and fantastic live music throughout the day. There will be a children’s area, making it a fun, family-friendly event. Performing at the 2018 BankPlus Red Beans & Rice Festival 2018 is Marcia Ball, Hunter Gibson & the Gators, and Chris Gill & The Sole Shakers.

MAY 18 Join the Jackson Zoo for the 11th Annual Zoo Brew Friday, May 18. Enjoy sipping craft beer while taking a stroll around the Zoo. Visit with the diverse animal collection, enjoy live music, food from a variety of local restaurants, home brew competition from Raise Your Pints, Wing Eating Competition from Tyson Foods and more. Capital City Beverages and home brewers from around the state showcase up to 100 different craft beers. Zoo Brew also features signature cocktails from Cathead Vodka and Fondren Public.

JUNE 2 The 2018 Heatwave Classic Triathlon is entering its 33rd year and this year’s race will be held on Saturday, June 2, with a start time of 7 a.m. This year’s race will consist of a half-mile swim in the Ross Barnett Reservoir, a 27-mile bike ride along the scenic and historic Natchez Trace Parkway, and ending with a 10K run along Ridgeland’s heavily shaded Multi-Use Trail. For more information, visit

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 47

JUNE 9 The 2018 Dragonboat Regatta will be held on the Barnett Reservoir on Saturday, June 9. Sponsored by the Madison County Chamber, the Dragonboat Regatta is a week of festivities that culminate on race day when teams race for a grand finish. The Dragonboat Regatta includes a free festival of music, food and children’s activities at Old Trace Park. For more information, visit or call the Madison County Chamber at 601-605-2554.


JUNE 10 The world’s best young ballet dancers convene in Jackson, for a two-week “Olympic-style” competition at the USA International Ballet Competition XI. Representing more than 20 nations, the rising dance stars vie for medals, cash prizes, company contracts, apprenticeships and scholarships. Ballet fans from across the U. S. and around the globe attend the 17 performances in Thalia Mara Hall, including the Opening Ceremony featuring a renowned guest company and Parade of Nations represented by the competitors. The two-week USA IBC Dance School coincides with the competition. Tickets are now on sale at

JUNE 14 Fondren Renaissance Foundation, in cooperation with Capital City Beverages, Inc. and Southern Beverage Company, presents the annual Mississippi Craft Beer Festival on the grounds of Duling Hall in Fondren. Over 100 beers are presented for sampling by over two dozen breweries. Special emphasis is placed on breweries within Mississippi and nearby bordering states with brewer representatives on-hand to discuss their products and brewing methods. All festival tickets offer attendees the ability to come and go from the tasting grounds (through 8:30 p.m.) For more information, visit

JUNE 29 An annual Independence Day tradition in Ridgeland for 28 years! This year’s celebration will take place on Friday, June 29, 2018 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. All the fun takes place at Northpark’s Mall balloon glow field with plenty of parking around the mall. The Celebrate American Balloon Glow is an opening event of the Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Race and Festival in Canton. Over 20 gorgeous balloons light up the evening sky. There’s food, a kids’ carnival, live music, and a whole lot more fun in store. The evening rounds out with a fabulous fireworks show.

This free event is sponsored by Ridgeland Recreation and Parks. For more information, visit The Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Race and Festival in Canton begins Thursday, June 28 with a Launch Party on the Historic Square. A Balloon Chase Run Walk & Bike Ride will be held at the Canton Multi-Purpose Center June, 30. For more information about the Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Festival, visit

Pressure washing can increase your home’s value by 5 to 10%


Wade Dean 662-614-2363 Licensed & insured

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 49

MUSIC MAY 18 Ardenland presents Mustache the Band at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $10-$15. JUNE 1-2 Ardenland and Cathead Distillery present Cathead Jam 2018. The event is held at Cathead Distillery in Jackson. This year’s lineup includes J.J. Grey & Mofro, Moon Taxi, Hard Working Americans, Leftover Salmon, Black Pistol Fire, Elliot Root, Luthi and The Busty Petites. For tickets and more information, visit


JUNE 5 Ardenland presents The Bacon Brothers at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. and the show beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $45-$100.

JUNE 21 Ardenland presents Dialogue: Chicago Tribute Band at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $20-$25.

JUNE 15 Ardenland presents Lukenbach Willie Tribute Band at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show beginning at 9 p.m. Tickets cost $10-$15.

JUNE 24 Ardenland presents Amanda Shires, Early James & The Latest at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. and the show beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $20-$25.

JUNE 16 Join Sid Herring and The Gants for a night of rock and roll at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 6 p.m. and the show beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $36.

JUNE 29 Ardenland presents Jameson Rodgers at Duling Hall, with doors opening at 7 p.m. and the show beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $10.

BOOK SIGNINGS & READINGS MAY 15 Cups Up: How I Organized a Klavern, Plotted a Coup, Survived Prison, Graduated College, Fought Polluters, and Started a Business A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by George T. Malvaney. A riveting story of perseverance and redemption that proves life is stranger than fiction. George T. Malvaney’s life epitomizes the old maxim that “You cannot make this stuff up.” MAY 22 A Shout in the Ruins A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by Kevin Powers. Set in Virginia during the Civil War and a century beyond, this novel by the award-winning author of The Yellow Birds explores the brutal legacy of violence and exploitation in American society. MAY 23 Saving Bobby: Heroes and Heroin in One Small Community A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by Renée Hodges. A raw, honest, deeply moving memoir about the difficulties of managing a successful recovery from opioids—the number one killer of American kids age 18–25—told from the perspective of the addict’s aunt, who took Bobby in and dedicated herself to helping him. MAY 31 Empire of Light A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by Michael Bible. After an adolescent prank leads to a stranger’s death, Alvis Maloney rambles westward. He lands in a small North Carolina town and falls in love—in love with his neighbor Molly, with a lonesome quarterback called Miles, with a whole community of enduring misfits and losers.

JUNE 6 Atticus Finch: Harper Lee, Her Father, and the Making of an American Icon A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by Joseph Crespino. In Atticus Finch, historian Joseph Crespino draws on exclusive sources to reveal how Harper Lee’s father provided the central inspiration for each of her books. JUNE 13 The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by Andrew Lawler. A sweeping account of America’s oldest unsolved mystery, the people racing to unearth its answer, and what the Lost Colony reveals about America today. JUNE 14 The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels Join Jon Meacham for an event at Lemuria Books beginning at noon and pick up a copy of a signed, first edition/first printing of Meacham’s new work. We have been here before. In this timely and revealing book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jon Meacham helps us understand the present moment in American politics and life by looking back at critical times in our history when hope overcame division and fear. JUNE 19 Southernmost A book signing will be held at 5 p.m., followed by a 5:30 p.m. reading at Lemuria Books for this book by Silas House. When a flood washes away much of a small community along the Cumberland River in Tennessee, Asher Sharp, an evangelical preacher there, starts to see his life anew.

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 51



ary Grace Toler and Patrick Covington Valentine were united in holy matrimony July 29th, 2017, at the Chapel at Plein Air in Taylor, Mississippi. The Reverend Curtis Presley of Oxford officiated at the double ring ceremony. The pronouncement of marriage was made by the Reverend William Hewlett Compton. Music was presented by an Oxford string quartet. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brown Toler, Sr. of Oxford. She is the granddaughter of Dr. and Mrs. Noel Kennedy Toler, Jr. of Jackson and Mrs. Vincent Thomas Morehouse and the late Mr. Morehouse of Nashville, Tennessee. The bridegroom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Valentine of Brookhaven. He is the grandson of Mrs. Albert Dudley Valentine and the late Mr. Valentine and the late Dr. and Mrs. William Burrus Apperson, all of Meridian. Given in marriage by her parents and escorted by her father, Mary Grace wore an ivory, satin designer gown featuring a sweetheart neckline and a detachable alencon lace bolero. Her cathedral length veil, also worn by her cousin, was edged in alencon lace. She carried an all white, hand-tied bouquet of roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and peonies. Attached to the bouquet’s ribbon was an antique pin belonging to the maternal grandmother of the groom. Serving the bride as matron of honor was her cousin, Mary Lauren Clifton. The maid of honor was the bride’s cousin, Claire Morehouse Douglas. Bridesmaids were Gray Morrison Byrd, Kathleen Valentine Calcote, Mackenzie Drew Hannon, Mary Claire Harris, Eleanor Valentine Hartzog, Rosemary Stowe Moak, Amy-Allison Edwards Russ, Caroline McDaniel Pyron, and Mary Cannon Swain. The bridesmaids wore neutral gowns of silk chiffon and carried white hand-tied duplicates of the bride’s bouquet. The honorary bridesmaid was Caroline Vines Hammonds and the proxy bride was 52 | MADISON COUNTY MAGAZINE

WEDDINGS / ENGAGEMENTS Samantha Pettus Snell. The attendants were the groom’s niece and nephew, Camille Katherine Calcote and Wilson Kent Calcote. The Bridegroom’s father was best man. Groomsmen were Colby Kent Calcote, Trent Edward Hartzog, William Hunt Hensley, Joseph Carlisle Hurt, Andrew Olin Karban, Benjamin Bogy Lane, James Sanford Love Moore, Luke Morehouse Toler, Ward Brown Toler Jr. and Wallis Graham Williams. Andrew Huffman Cunningham and William Archer Hodges served as ushers. Following the ceremony, the parents of the bride hosted a reception at the Mill at Plein Air. A profusion of white flowers were featured throughout the venue. One of the highlights of the reception area was a white rose-covered “V”. The Even Odds of Memphis provided entertainment until the newlyweds departed in a 1963 red Nova. On the eve of the wedding, the groom’s parents hosted a lovely rehearsal dinner for family and friends at the University Club on the square in Oxford. After a honeymoon to Mexico, the couple is at home in Jackson where Mary Grace is a cardiovascular sonographer at St. Dominic Hospital and Patrick is employed by FCCI as a commercial lines underwriter.

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 53



haron and Will Whitehead of Madison are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Jessica, to Evan Browning, son of Cheri and Jon Browning of Madison. Jessica graduated high school at MadisonRidgeland Academy and attended Mississippi State University where she majored in Kinesiology and was a member of the Kappa Delta Sorority. She graduated from Hinds Community College Physical Therapist Assistant program and is currently employed as a licensed PTA with Mid-South Rehabilitation. Evan graduated from Madison Central High School and went on to graduate Mississippi State University with a degree in Chemistry. Evan received his masters degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is currently attending the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. Evan proposed at a romantic rooftop venue in New Orleans on Jessica’s birthday weekend. The couple have planned an outdoor wedding for June and will reside in Madison.


The Power to take iT easy. Explore the outdoors, make quicker work of yardwork—or rent the power you need, from single machines to an entire fleet! Plus, we service everything we sell, and a whole lot more. So come see us today.

Now OPEN in Gluckstadt!

Take a Power Trip to our newest location in Gluckstadt, just off I-55 at Exit 114! 243 Industrial Drive North | M-F 8am-5pm · Sat 9am-2pm | 601.664.7117

MAY / JUNE 2018 | 55


A World-Class Dealership Right Here In Ridgeland. For over 15 years, Mercedes-Benz of Jackson has been bringing luxury vehicles and quality service to drivers in Central Mississippi. Now experience unmatched amenities in the Midsouth’s newest luxury dealership.

New Location

Friendly, Expert Staff

20-Car Showroom

42 Service Bays

Excellence at every turn. 455 Steed Road, Ridgeland, MS 39157 |

May/June edition  

Your arts, entertainment and culinary source capturing our rich, Southern culture and the subtle, local nuances, Madison County Magazine is...

May/June edition  

Your arts, entertainment and culinary source capturing our rich, Southern culture and the subtle, local nuances, Madison County Magazine is...