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The Few. The Strong.


The Brave. The Chosen

It’s not often you run into a modern day greaser, in fact even in the ‘50’s I’m sure they weren’t as common as Hollywood made them out to be. At 16, Kyle Hill though is your typical greaser; apprenticing through films like the outsiders and with a mother introducing him to gems of the past it’s no wonder he’s become obsessed with the culture. Along with one of his close friends he’s pretty much determined to live in the past, feeding off of movies like Tex, Stand by Me, and glorifying the luminous James Dean. Never seen without a stogi in his mouth or a comb near his hair Kyle has perfected the look. Rolled up white t shirt’s with cigarette cartons in the sleeves and blues jeans to match his tough vibe, Kyle’s outfits are carelessly planned in an attempt to keep things simple. But what is it about the 50’s that is drawing so many look a likes? It’s been glamorized no doubt but life sure was good for any while male in his 30’s. A time of class, modernization, and the perfect mix of naivety to keep it all running smoothly. To imagine a generation where doctors told expecting women to smoke and Chevelle built cars that would last longer than the owners may seem slightly ludicrous but that is exactly the kind of amorality that keeps the nostalgia alive. The idea of community was strong as well. Home style dinners with old folks telling stories and keeping watch on the kids, families in and out, and the occasional punk causing just enough of a ruckus to keep things interesting. All in all it was a simpler time, where family and class had the same value in every household and everyone knew each other. Walking up to Milkcrate records, one of the few record shops in town, stands Kyle Hill just outside the front entrance, mid-afternoon while most kids his age are still in class. His cigarette dangling loosely in his parted lips, the familiar amber glow and white smoke seeping from the rolled paper. To know the dangers of smoking and still continue to do so begs the question of wither or not his style is reckless. Already once kicked out of school, Kyle finally left. “If I missed another class I would have been kicked out, I’d rather just leave by choice” He says, still sucking on his stogie. A quick tour around the shop as he tends to his hair and makes small talk about friends, life, and one of the seemingly most important things to him, his girlfriend Cali. Fussing with his hair yet again he mentions casually his job interview at Safeway. It is almost impossible to imagine him living in our generation. In the 50’s dropping out of high school to work as at the local grocery was as common as actually finishing school. His eccentric background of traveling and growing up in Australia, paired with his love of the past makes him more of a storybook character than someone you might see on the occasional Friday night. But that’s Kyle Hill, living cohesively in a world almost 60 years past his time.

After the record store we walked through a few alleys to another blast of the past; a coffee house made to look as though from another time. Comic book memorabilia lining the walls and 50’s music humming in the background. Only for long enough to enjoy an Americano, fix his hair, and talk about some favorite movies did Kyle forgot about playing the role of a greaser. His love for actor’s James Franco, Matt Dillon, and the ever illusive Leonardo Dicaprio was shown through passionate eyes and thrilled smile as he talked. Even more intriguing was to find the Vampire Diaries and 90210 listed as some of his favorite shows. It doesn’t take much though to bring him back to talking about his other idols though. James Dean frequently making the conversation as well as James Franco’s take on the ‘50’s pop icon. To see the merge of generations and styles brought back the simple fact that Kyle is only 16 and his perspective is ever changing. Choices made today, opinions, and thoughts that seems so clear at the moment will change. It’s hard to know what choice you’ll come to regret and what you’ll choose to tell the future about your years here. Will our time be glamorized and cherished? Will there be coffee shops and records stores made to look like they do now? What the future holds is uncertain but so are all good things.

Kyle doesn’t have the future planned out, he doesn’t need to, he’s fine with living in the moment and doing whats right for him and that’s the biggest thing that greasers seem to teach. It wasn’t about the norm, what their parents or friends or the cool kids were doing, it was about doing what’s right for them. Kyle seems to have that part understood. His friends, his family, and his image combine to make him who he is and though he’s not on track with the typical high school schedule, he’s on the right track for himself. The 50’s had that mix of rebels without a cause and high class glamour consistent with of the 20’s, the humility from post war vets and lingering hardships from the 40’s, all the while ready to burst from it’s own repression and spawn the wild child 60’s hippies. Hill’s understanding of proprieties represent that of his influences. While a career on Wallstreet may not be in the cards some killer stories and extraordinary events certainly are. There’s a intriguing element of knowing so clearly who you are, an element Kyle Hill seems to posses. While the Outsiders doubtfully will remain a favorite of his, the influence the 50’s has had on him had more than likely changed his future path. Maybe it was being the new kid, from an upsidedown country with strange accent, that drew him to find a piece of himself in the greasers; the concept of being an outsider himself. Whatever it was that sparked this interest it’s become a lifestyle and one he’s proud to lead.

© 2013 Madison Cook

Kyle Hill  

Stay Gold

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