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Regulators VOLUME 1

The Few. The Strong.


The Brave. The Chosen


here’s something about Starbucks that is simply inviting. Be it the leather chairs or the bold smell of a dark roast on a cold Autumn day, walking into the coffee shop gives you a sense of familiarity, surrounding you with a warmth even on the most brisk days. In ever city you’re likely to find at least one Starbucks on the corner of a busy street, large glass windows looking out to the world, the world looking in at the cozy hipsters dressed in their fall best with pumpkin spice lattes and apple computers glowing against their face. The importance of Image was something Starbucks never took for granted. In the downtown district of Kelowna, BC, brick buildings delicately line the city and a large Starbucks sits right across from the bus stop. Sitting in the back of the crowded coffee shop, Kevin Brouwer was waiting, rather interested in whatever was on his tablet. His blue eyes focused on the screen, blonde hair styled up adding a good 3 inches to his already tall frame, and porcelain skin softly lit from the glowing tablet. A large black duffel bag sat next to him. In it the latest Hilfiger sweatshirt, a heather gray hoodie, and a few more outfits picked out by the aspiring model. It was no wonder Numa Life, one of Canadians leading entertainment agencies, snatched the 17 year old into their roster. New to Canada and new to modeling Kevin has found his footing rather fast. With a nervous grin on his face, he explained his rather sparse experience in front of the camera, his sly aspirations of getting lucky and making it as a model, as well as his passion for soccer and his friend group “The boys”. Making our way down towards the entertainment district we passed a magnitude of people, flat hair and drab winter wear seemed to be in style and Kevin’s face said it all.

He stared rather long at a lady in her mid thirties, smoking just outside the court house. Clearly unimpressed, his lips pursed and he continued with the topic of his home town in the Netherlands. In Europe and most places around the world your personal style is held closely with the value you have for yourself and this lady with her hair windblown, pant suite wrinkled, and black coat covered in what seemed to be the coat of a golden retriever, clearly didn’t have high esteem. Vanity and confidence is separated by a fine line, one in which “the Kevs” walks proudly. Like a Capachino on a fall day, his image is bold and memorable. His attention to detail and occasional hair fixes in the store front windows seems to beg for attention. But when he spoke his undeniable admiration for his older brother, warmth to his grandparents back in the Netherlands, as well as his devotion to his friend group made Kevin’s vanity seemingly non existent. With his eyes rimmed with the aftermath of a night out and pocketed hands showing a tinge of nervousness, Kevin’s naivety to modeling became apparent. Then we went through his outfits. His vest matched his eyes, he already knew that. The black jeans complimented his heights, and the mid v-neck drew attention to his jaw line, and soon a career as a model started to seem more than appropriate.

We wondered around for while, stopping momentarrily for a few photos here and there, then back to the Starbucks we went. It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to the typical stuff; drinking, parties, and girls. Though alcohol is as common as water in his town of Eindhoven, in Kevin’s family it wasn’t common place to drink. But for Kevs, parties with “the Boys” are a weekly event, and it’s rare to see him not surrounded by them, drink in hand, and girls waiting bashfully near by. One of his good friends also pursing a carrer in modeling and when together they normally become the highligh of the night. Girls texting freinds about selfies with the models and for Kevin with hundreds of likes per photo and thousands of questions on he’s becoming somewhat of a local playboy. While sipping a hot chocolate and waiting for his bus to arrive he started talking about valentines day and all the little gifts he’d get each year. A 17 year old sitting whimsically blushing over the topic of valitines day. He rolled the white paper cup between his hands and smiled momentarily, remebering something he chose to keep to himself. His black duffle bag pushed under the seat, he reached to find his tablet with the bus routes. The converation took it’s course back to modeling and fashion, a barber shop and how his hair needs to be cut and then back to his agency. And whether known as Kevin Brouwer the model, one of the Boys, or just Kevs, his personal brand is © 2013 Madison Cook something to admire.

Kevin Brouwer  

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.