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Madison Paige  Bryan   Spring  2013   SC  3353  Section  003  

Strategic Message Planner: Nativi-tea Advertising Goal To establish Nativi-tea as a top choice for consumers who want a great tasting, easy-tomake and organic breakfast beverage.

Client: Key Facts •

Nativi-tea of Stillwater, Okla., makes organic herbal teas.

Madison Bryan founded Nativi-tea in 2010.

The company’s primary products are BagNBrew teas and ToGo tea packets.

Nativi-tea products are sold in health-food stores across the United States.

Total revenues since creation are $5 million.

Product: Key Features What Is the Product? •

Nativi-tea is a variety of fresh, organic and guilt-free tea beverages.

Nativi-tea teas contain zero calories.

Nativi-tea features 10 different types of tea to suit even the pickiest of palates.

Nativi-tea BagNBrew boxes and ToGo tea packets sell for approximately $5 apiece.

Nativi-­‐tea SMP   2   What Is the Purpose of the Product? •

The purpose of the Nativi-tea product line is to provide great-tasting, organic and guilt-free teas.

Nativi-tea can help consumers conquer colds, mid-day fatigue and insomnia when consumed in the morning.

Product testing has shown improved health with a significant increase in antioxidant intake within one week of regular morning consumption.

What Is the Product Made of? •

Nativi-tea teas feature potent, organic and fresh tea leaves for maximum results. These ingredients help distinguish Nativi-tea from similar products.

Nativi-tea teas feature tea leaves that are purchased fair-trade from all over the world.

Nativi-tea BagNBrew teabags and ToGo tea packets feature 100 percent biodegradable packaging.

The teas contain powerful antioxidants needed for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Who and What Made the Product? •

Madison Bryan, a nutritional scientist, created Nativi-tea in May 2010.

Bryan, along with a team of scientists and dieticians, skillfully created each blend of Nativi-tea flavors. Because of this, each type of Nativi-tea features a distinct flavor. Any consumer is sure to find a flavor they enjoy.

Nativi-­‐tea SMP   3   •

In 2011, Nativi-tea underwent extensive research to find the benefits of antioxidant intake. The results found that there was a significant increase in antioxidant intake. This began to establish Nativi-tea as a top beverage brand.

Target Audience: Demographics and Psychographics The target audience for this ad is adults ages 22-30 who are concerned about eating organically. They typically are more environmentally conscious and want to preserve the Earth by using environmentally-friendly products. The average age of the target audience is 26. They have a median household income of $55,000. Most people in this audience are new to the work force and are firsttime homeowners. Most are engaged or married. They are high school graduates, and 85 percent are college graduates. Most members in this target audience hold a career outside of the home. The members also pursue an active, on-the-go lifestyle. They put emphasis on the things that they eat and the waste that they create. However, they find time in the mornings to enjoy a cup of tea.

Product Benefits •

Nativi-tea teas have great-tasting, fair-trade, organic tea leaves: They’ll quench your thirst for a good, tasty beverage.

Nativi-tea teas are prepared in 100% biodegradable teabags: You’ll feel great knowing that they are environmentally friendly.

Nativi-­‐tea SMP   4   •

Nativi-tea teas have 10 different types of tea to cater to even the pickiest of palates: You will always find a flavor you love.

Nativi-tea teas are proven to improve health by significantly increasing antioxidant intake: Why not?

Direct Competitors and Brand Images Direct competitors are store-bought, easy-brew teas. •

Tazo Tea: The target audience believes this leading brand is comparable to Nativi-tea. However, members of the target audience find Tazo Tea teas to be overpriced at $15.90 a box.

Celestial Seasonings tea: The target audience views this company as a budgetfriendly option. However, they believe the teas taste bland.

Lipton Tea: The target audience believes this company is the most popular of all tea brands. However, the lack or organic options scares the target audience away from this brand.

Indirect Competitors and Brand Images •

Crystal Light drink mixes: The target audience believes that the tea-flavored crystal light packets taste similar to higher-quality teas. However, the drink offers no health benefits and may contain harmful ingredients.

Home-brew Coffee: The target audience believes that coffee is a great morning beverage. However, the caffeine crash they receive from the coffee is a downside.

Nativi-­‐tea SMP   5   Product Brand Image •

Current brand image: The target audience believes that Nativi-tea teas are a great, budget-friendly organic tea. However, they believe the brand is more for mature consumers.

Desired brand image: Nativi-tea teas are a great, easy choice for mature consumers as well as college-aged consumers. We want to be there for the consumer in times of relaxation and in times of stress.

Brand image challenge: The target audience isn’t aware of how easy making fresh, organic tea is. The ToGo tea packets offer the great-tasting Nativi-tea teas in a portable form and the BagNBrew teabags are ready in minutes. Both of these options appeal to college-aged students.

Strategic Message: The Promise Nativi-tea BagNBrew is a great choice for a breakfast beverage. If you are in a hurry, Nativi-tea’s ToGo tea packets offer the same great-tasting tea in a portable form.

Supporting Evidence: The Proof •

Nativi-tea teas have great-tasting, fair-trade, organic tea leaves.

Nativi-tea teas come in 10 different varieties to suit consumer’s palates.

Product testing shows that Nativi-tea teas are proven to improve health by significantly increasing antioxidant intake and boosting the immune system.    

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Title: Do it with Nativi-tea Client/Sponsor: Nativi-tea Length: 30 seconds Air Dates:October 1 -- March 1 SFX: Sounds of a tea kettle whistling (Establish, then fade at :02) Bored with your breakfast beverage options? So are


we. It’s time for a change! SFX: Sounds of tea being poured into a glass mug (:03) MUSIC: Soothing (Establish, then under (:20) ANNOUNCER:

It’s time to make the switch to drinking tea. NAY-TIVI-TEA that is.

NAY-TI-VI-TEA gives you the freedom to drink a delicious, organic drink within minutes of waking up. SFX: Sounds of someone drinking a beverage and then exclaiming “ah” (:03) ANNOUNCER:

Need something more portable? Now you can try NAY-TI-VI-TEA ToGo tea bags for your waterbottle or thermal mug!

Fresh. Organic. Guilt-free. No matter how you do your morning, do it with NAY-TI-VI-TEA.

Now available in health food stores near you.

MUSIC: (Fade, out at :29) ###

Title: Nativi-tea Ad Client/Sponsor: Nativi-tea Length: 60 seconds Air Dates: October 1 -- March 1 MUSIC:

WS -- Sun coming up in a clear sky (:05)

(Generator Second Floor - Freelance Whales. Establish, Then Under) SFX: Alarm Clock Buzzing

ZOOM -- Camera zooms into an alarm clock that is swatted by a sleepy hand (:04)

SFX: Vintage alarm clock buzzing

MS -- Hand reaches over to turn off vintage alarm clock (:06) WS -- Feet in fuzzy socks walking outside to put on rain boots (:04)


MS -- Woman’s feet in vintage slippers walking down a hallway to a retro kitchen (:04)

(Back Up)

ZOOM -- College student opens a water bottle and pours in a ToGo tea packet (:06) SFX -- Tea pot whistles MS -- Vintage teapot shown on the stove steaming and whistling (:04) WS -- College student walking on campus takes a sip of her ToGo tea (:06) MS -- Mother sits down and takes a sip of Nativi-tea after serving her children breakfast (:04)

MUSIC: (Under) ANNOUNCER: Fresh. Organic. Guilt-free.

SUPER -- Blurred footage of family eating breakfast together with “Fresh. Organic. Guilt-free.” (:06) ZOOM -- Camera moves in to the teacup

No matter how you do your morning, do it with NAY-

SUPER -- Blurred footage of teacup with “No matter how you do your morning, do it with Nativi-tea.” (:10)


FADE TO BLACK AT :59 RT -- :59

MUSIC: (Up and then fade, out at :59) ###

WS -- (:05)

ZOOM -- (:04)

MS -- (:06)

WS -- (:04)

MS -- (:04)

ZOOM -- (:06)

MS -- (:04)

WS -- (:06)

MS -- (:04)

SUPER -- Fresh. Organic. Guilt-free. (:06)

SUPER -- No matter how you do your morning, do it with Nativi-tea. (:10)


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