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DRAGON HUNTER Underground Dragon Coaster Attraction Treatment Madison Alford

QUEUE Guests walk into a laboratory that employees dressed as scientists are working in. Some are at computers, some checking GPS locations on a monitor, and some are looking at a large round egg that looks like a piece of stone. Ancient Chinese artifacts that are subjected around dragons are lining the walls and are placed on pedestals for everyone to see. As they walk through the queue line, Dr. Chen’s voice talks them. DR. CHEN: Ni Hao everyone and welcome to the Long Lieren, or Dragon Hunters for you English speakers. I am Dr. Chen, the founder of this organization, and I want to thank you for helping us search for these magical creatures. We are so excited that you will be joining our team to explore the depths of the Yellow Sea. Now, you are about to go on your first mission and I thought I should give you some background on what you’re getting yourself into. EXAMPLE:

Dragon. Artist Unknown. 4th-5th century. Ceramic. Dragons like this were put into tombs as a means of getting to heaven. They were also made during times of drought, because dragons can control the wind and rain. If you make a dragon angry, they can destroy ( Dish With Dragons and Pearl Among Clouds. Artist Unknown. c. late 17th century-early 18th century. Enamel and iron oxide on porcelain. Now located in Nation Museum in Warsaw. Dragons roam the sky, land, sea, and underground. In this dish, two dragons are fighting over the flaming pearl. The flaming pearl represents the moon, riches, pure intentions, and genius in obscurity. ( dragon#State_symbol) Longpao, or a Dragon Robe, was made for exclusive use of the emperor during the Qing dynasty. The dragon that would represent the emperor had five feet in total. Nine dragons and five clouds would be on the robe. This robe was meant for smaller rituals and ceremonies. ( en/215Traditions12140.html)

PRE-SHOW The guests walk into the pre-show room that has a large screen on it. Dr. Chen, a middle-aged, Chinese man, is rather distraught as the screen is focused on him. He looks up to see everyone looking at him and is taken aback. DR. CHEN: Oh, you’re here early! Well… There’s been a slight change in plans. The good news for you is that you will be going on a mission. The bad news is that it won’t be the Yellow Sea. You will be going into the Er Wang Dong caves instead. Our main team down in the caves has gone missing — they haven’t reported back on time about how they were doing and we have lost their GPS signal. All of that scuba training will be used for another mission. Dr. Chen looks at his clipboard. His head moving down the page- mentally checking off what he has gone over in his head. Oh and safety instructions while you’re in the cave! Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. There is to be no eating, drinking, or smoking- the smells they protrude might bring some unwanted dragons towards your vehicle. Flash photography is a no go. We don’t want to anger any dragons and it might hinder our GPS signal on your location. Please be safe. I’ll talk you through the caves before we lose signal to give you an idea of what to look out for. Be safe and team — good luck. The guests exit the pre-show room and walk to the outside loading area. The proposed vehicle would have an EMV for the top of the vehicle, but would be able to be in train car form. 4 people per car in a 16 car train. They board the vehicles and are off to climb up to the top of the caves. The vehicle climbs up to the top of the cave entrance. There is a couple second pause for the guests in the vehicle to look around and see the depth of the cave they are about to enter. The track/vehicle drops down into the cave and the vehicle continues into the cave. There is static as Dr. Chen tries to use the intercom. The vehicle slowly rides through the caves. DR.CHEN: Welcome to Er Wang Dong caves. It is the largest cave in the Wulong Krast region in China. It’s maximum depth is 441 meters and the length of its passages is about 42,139 meters. Now, this cave is so large it has its own weather system. If you see fog, steer clear from it because that means it is going to rain. Dragons also can control rain and wind, so they will have the upper hand over you if you get caught in it. If you see any signs of the team, let me know.

Dr. Chen statics out as you come across the remains of the team’s camp. The first thing seen is a tent with a big bite taken out of it. Food scraps and water bottles are scorched and scattered about. Backpacks are torn open and all technological equipment is destroyed. The vehicle continues past the camp and goes deeper into the caves. A vehicle, similar to the one in use, is flipped over and is scorched. It’s only color being black. The vehicle goes by a beautiful waterfall. It continues to get darker and darker the cave. There is a grumbling in the cave and the vehicle stops. Loud footsteps are heard and fog starts to surround the guests. The vehicle is jerked backwards and goes down, where the guests can see the ceiling filled with stalactites. The vehicle goes backwards into a cavern. The guests are met with a cloud of fog and large glowing red eyes in the ceiling. The vehicle continues forward (the guests facing forward now) and goes down a hill, leading them down towards a lake. The vehicle goes up a hill and continues to go through the caves. There is a veil of rain in front of the entrance to a passage way. There is an animatronic of one of the lost team members, LI, a young Chinese woman. The car stops to the right of Li. Li: Thank you guys so much for your work so far! We need you to distract the dragon so we can get out here! The vehicle pulses forward and goes through the rain. You are now in the Dragon’s cave. The vehicle stops for guests to look at the dragon. The large, red dragon (est. 20 feet tall) sits in his pile of treasure. While he is a red dragon, he is so old and has been living in his treasure, it has started to stain his scales to the point of him looking almost a rusted gold color. There are necklaces and bracelets caught in it’s teeth, rings are on it’s claws, and more pieces of jewelry wrapped around its horns. Parts of his scales are green from the jade treasures. The dragon’s head moves towards the car (about a 10 ft. distance from the vehicle), its eyes looking into the guests’ souls. A wave of heat blows over the guests from the dragon’s mouth. The vehicle juts forward and starts to spiral around the dragon’s den. As you get to the bottom of the den, the vehicle bumps downards like the team “jumped on” to the caboose. LI: We’re on! Now let’s get out of here! You exit the dragon’s den and quickly go out another passage and exit the cave. The train slows down after exiting. DR. CHEN: Thank you so much everyone! You saved the missing team! We look forward to seeing you back for your next mission! The vehicle approaches the loading station and the guests unload from the vehicle.

GIFT SHOP The interior of the gift shop would look like a souvenir shop that Long Lieren put together just next to their headquarters. It would feature items like ancient Chinese dragon stuffed animals, t-shirts that feature the Long Lieren logo, and other dragon accessories (bracelets, scarves, earrings, necklaces, etc.)

1. Title: Dragon Hunters 2. Story Line: Ancient Chinese legends say that dragons roam the earth to: control the weather, guard the heavens, and direct the course of rivers to the sea. There are some dragons that hide themselves underground to protect the treasures they have collected from the world above. Some say that these dragons died centuries ago, others have dedicated their lives to finding these dragons. They are called Lóng Lièrén, or Dragon Hunters. There are three separate teams that make up Lóng Lièrén. The first one searches the skies, the second one searches the sea, and the last team searches below the earth’s surface. You, our guest, are a new member of Lóng Lièrén and are about to depart on your first mission into the depths of the Yellow Sea. Before you depart, an emergency call comes from the team underground. They have not reported back on time and there is no longer a GPS reading on their location. Your original mission is now on hold — your mission now is to Er Wang Dong cave to find and possibly rescue the team. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Setting: Er Wang Dong cave/ Wulong Krast region/ China Theme: Modern technology with ancient, mythological history Emotion: Adventure, excitement, rush of adrenaline Cast Member Role: Scientist/Member of Long Lieren I GET TO: Save my team from an ancient dragon

Dragon Hunter Attraction Proposal  

Attraction treatment for an underground dragon roller coaster.

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