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Celebrate This Festive Season With Dried And Preserved Magnolia Wreath The season of festivity is round the corner and the zeal is visible on the faces of elders and youngsters alike. There are so many festivals that spring up till the final celebration of Christmas such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and so on. These festivals revive so many traditions and rituals that fill our lives and hearts with love and joy. The kids are happy about the long holidays, scrumptious food, shiny decorations, and the elders are delighted about the family get together. Everyone looks forward to rejoice in the coming months. Since the festive season is here, let’s discuss some old traditions we follow every year and find out new ways to transform these rituals. Thanksgiving is a few days away and moms have already made the list of dishes including sweets, puddings, cakes, turkey and wines to serve for the lavish dinner. The kids are getting busy talking about the gifts, new clothes and decorations to be done in time. Gifts and decorations are among the highlights of any festival. After Thanksgiving, the gifts are packed and tucked under the tree as a part of tradition on Christmas eve. Exchanging gifts has been a tradition from as long as one can remember. It is said that gifts were presented by three kings on the birth of Christ, this has become a holy ritual since then. Gifts are personal and can be customized according to individuals to make more sensible symbols of love and affection. Moving away from old showpieces and souvenirs, you can switch to more useful presents to be remembered for the rest of the year. All types of customized gifts are available on online stores these days and you can get them personalized in your own way with ease.

The festivals are not complete until, the house is adorned with items like beautiful lights and colorful series made of paper and feathers. When we are talking about decorations, how can we forget wreaths that are designed in many ways from fresh flowers to dried and preserved magnolia wreath. Like every other decorative piece, wreaths also have their own history. Being round and whole, they are said to represent God’s existence and unconditional love for us. They were also hanged to show victory in ancient times. Wreaths can also be creatively made at home with so many things like fresh flowers, twigs, petals, paper etc. Creative decorative things can also be bought from online stores. So, this year, ditch your old bells and wall hangings for new things like 2 step decorative wood footstools and bunny rabbit decorative teardrop door wreaths to pump up the decor and surprise your guests.

Celebrate This Festive Season With Dried And Preserved Magnolia Wreath  
Celebrate This Festive Season With Dried And Preserved Magnolia Wreath  

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