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Top: I loved this piece because it was one of our first comics we did. I also love this idea of aliens looking for a new planet and trying to decide a new home planet like how I pick out a brand of laundry detergent. Bottom: I had such a hard time trying to figure out what me as a cartoon. I had this idea as to what I wanted it to look like but it didn’t get exactly as I pictured but I am still proud of how it ended up.

Top: I was making a comic about seeing my best friend after months of not seeing her. I could see my style getting better and i think there are more clear and uniform than when i started. Side: In this comic were using the very simple comic form. I didn’t like the style in the class examples but when i was applying it to my own work i found bodies so much easier to do.

Top: This was one of the first homeworks we had. I did the black line work in class but i had forgotten that i could use my laptop to draw. It was fun to play with filler color. I wouldn’t call the work good but I did learn about color filler and steam of conscious drawing. Bottom: I like this piece because it was super fun to draw it and challenging to color it.

Top: Once we moved to photos i felt so much more in my zone. I have played with photos before and i was so excited to do a mood board. I have seen them before and always wanted to do one and i love mine. Bottom: My mood board kind of the color guide for all my photo based projects and that can be seen below. I loved playing with Photoshop as i haven’t been able to in a long time and i loved it.

Top: This was the last homework and it was so challenging. I had no idea where to put my ephemera or how to incorporate these pictures to make a story but i am happy with my results. There were a lot of adding of pieces and moving of pieces and overall editing on this piece. Bottom: The monster unit we did was by far my favorite and something i would do again on my own. I had so much fun making something out of nothing and I was so happy with what came out. I felt so creative.

Top and Bottom: The monster project was very creatively fulfilling. I liked playing with gray to play with secondary visual information and texture and white as the main visual information. I also loved looking at other peoples monsters on Tumblr. I made things i would never usually make. It knocked me out of my default monster making process and i found myself excited to work with them.

Top and bottom: When it came to coloring i was having a hard time. I had used blend modes before in photography to make double exposure pictures. Color with it was hard because i didn’t know that these creatures were. Some of them when they came out it was a real victorious feeling and others i was disappointed because they became creatures i never intended for them to be. Overall it felt like a huge way to overcome my original vision and go with the artistic flow.

Top and Bottom: Both pictures are me trying to really make something out of nothing. Both are the monsters that I had no idea what to do with, they were really a shot in the dark. What i like about both is that i cant look at them now without seeing the potential that i gave them. It feels like I really made them into something memorable.

Top and Bottom: These pieces are special to me because they both have similar color applications. In both i replaced the gray that i had placed with color. I like it because with these application options i could make effects i could never do by hand and i had colors i would have never originally picked by myself.

Top: I enjoyed giving these creatures a habitat to live in. The textures gave me a feeling that i could give my monsters the justice that some of them didn’t get with just color. Bottom: I really liked this piece because i finally got the feeling that my textures were fitting my characters.

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