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His* Britannic Majesty’s

Secretary of State Requests and requires in the Name of His Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary *The Queen is dead long live ga ga gu gu

Contents polls crests shoulders withers backs loins flanks croups hips docks tails gaskins hocks cannons fetlocks pasterns hoofs coronets chestnuts stifles barrels ergots hoofs heels pasterns cannons knees forearms elbows throats chins muzzles foreheads eyes cheeks ears noses necks chests breasts abs navels hips pelvises groins pubes femurs feet toes ankles fingers palms thumbs wrists forearms elbows arms armpits chins faces skulls heads necks heels calves knees thighs buttocks hands forearms sacrums loins backs arms backs of shoulders oesophagus's aortic arches lungs diaphragms stomachs spleens pancreas’s descending colons rectums anus’s cecums ileums jejunums duodenums sphincters bile ducts livers hearts tracheas rumps vulvas hams dew claws flanks jowls snouts muzzles whiskers eyebrows noses beaks crowns feathers wings hair hoods tentacles gonads pouches kidneys brains gills livers ovaries urogenital openings dorsals fins mouths triceps deltoids biceps manes maxilla's vertebrae's bones femurs fibulas trunks nictitating membranes forelimbs brown spots glue

Blessed are the Paparazzi It’s always the same Shame on him who thinks this evil It ‘s not us wot done it but our God damn right

Piss Off She Said “No pens sir” and snatched my pen so I took her hat put it on my head click! heard it as it hit the ground “You can’t touch the hat it’s art” It is I thought with the click rat on top of my head She said no mobile phones I ignored her click, click, sir! sir! stop sir! ignored everything she said

Found Poem It’s the dogs bollocks innit?! and bobs yer uncle happy Mondays maps keep an eye on your longings going going gone

Know the Secret of Dismaland Anyone that laughs here gets turned into Pinocchio gets turned into carousel gets turned into horse meat gets turned into a box a la sag ne made from glue

Strung Out Air in a Deckchair So nice sugar mice I could listen to it all day but will it change so nice “in actuality there are more than six mad islands�

Miaow miaow pussy cat pussy cat miaow miaow miaow acid attack fat boy pussy riot

A Tissue I’ve just binged out my nose thrown up a pistachio volcano baptised myself in a bath of acen rotted teeth got all sliced up and sluiced out dancing the come out whole again fizzy hot dog puppy noodles milk squirt out my eyes and all I can think about is legs thin legs fat legs and you know those towns twinned with somewhere you hardly ever likely going to be well I’m twinned with bursting puss frog scoffing zit popping cum spots cum dots cum all over me cum scatter splatter splattered cum on me face me chest me arms me back cum cum multi cum cum cum on me multi-verse where every seat everywhere is a tongue of Zeus and Zeus’s tongues are scrawling on my back “Twinned with the British Museums' statue of Orion”

Iceberg I worship the whole of you your heart and mind and soul your tits and lips and arse

A million different razors It’s sad here makes the music all stung out cold turkey ice dancing

coz boats more solid than anything go round and round

whilst apples in the water

just keep bobbing up and down

Fish are our friends they don’t have any feelings just keep bobbing just keep bobbing

A Gap in the Crowd The security here won’t let us escape through the hole in the mushroom clouds They watch they wait and as soon as we get our hands close to the ladder they rise up “Get down, Get down!”

Un - Titled I’d rather do it in a lido than a cathedral I’d rather do it in a cathedral than a lido I’d rather do it anywhere I’d rather not do it I’d rather have a join our

Michael wrote Dieu et Mon Droit on the gates to Never Never In the valleys in the hills is a road that winds it’s way sometimes home and sometimes not so far far far away

It all comes tumble weeding down build yourself a face build it with social network glue said face to wall

Inspired from the poem “Little Usherette,” and 3rd generation Swindonian Michael Scott.

“Little Princess Usherette” I saw you crocodile in cavern walls like a rope without a swing paid for you behind the library with salt and oil and sticky tissues made of magazines glued my wrists with sharks and flushed you down the drain like suicide leaping pills “Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin', And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Ah ha ha ha staying alive, staying alive”

and here you are little scuba dancer ballerina lady princess usherette Sunday morniest of them all

Paradox 49 Went to Dismaland it was beautiful hash tag disappointed


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I went all the way to Weston Super Mare and all I got is this dismal souvenir.


I went all the way to Weston Super Mare and all I got is this dismal souvenir.

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