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Meaning of Life Top Ten


Influenced How I am as a friend Time Capsule


Memories What I’ll Miss Goals


My Greatest Moment Kim Kardash and Kanye?!? Miley, where’s your hair?


Gun Control Three Women Found Good Day


My Reflection on Good day Regrets a& Live and Learn


My Way


Live and Learn To learn is to live.


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Madison Chase

Volume 1, Issue 1

The Meaning of Life The beauty of the meaning of life is that it’s based on our choices and opinions. We were put on this earth to have the chance to live our lives how we want and not how others want us to. I live my life based on the codes and values that I have chosen for me. I live every day to the fullest, never regret anything, do what makes me happy, and try not to waste time impressing anyone.

Top Ten Favorite Movie Quotes 1. “We belong to noand be loved in body, and nobody return.” Moulin belongs to us.” Rouge Breakfast at Tiffa- 5. “Love means nevny’s er having to say 2. “Don’t dream it, you’re sorry.” be it.” Rocky Hor“That’s the dumbror Picture Show est thing I ever heard.” What’s up 3. “Ah. Yes, the past Doc can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” Lion King 4. “The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love

than you'll ever get!” Car Wash 8. “After all, tomorrow is another day.” Gone With The Wind 9. “To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!” A Fish Called Wanda

6. “If you love me you have to love all 10. “Well, you know the things about what they say: if me.” Dirty Dancyou don't have aning ything nice to say 7. “I'm more man about anybody, than you'll ever be, come sit by me!” and more woman Steel Magnolias

Madison Chase

Volume 1, Issue 1

Influenced Even though its clique, my mother is the one who has influenced me the most. Watching her struggle to raise my brother and me alone, has taught me how to be independent and to appreciate the smaller

things in life. She also taught me how to stay strong through any situation and never to relay on anyone but myself. If I want to make it in the world, I have to work hard and nothing ever comes easy. Since my mother

has sacrificed a lot for me made me realize the importance of my family.

How I am as a friend In my opinion, I think I’m an amazing friend. I’m very caring and reliable when it comes to my friends. I treat them like family and I’m there for them no matter what. I feel the need to always protect them and make sure they do the right thing. I always listen to them when they tell me their problems and I always help them

sort things out. I also always tell them how I truly think and I try my hardest to stop them from making the wrong decisions. But at times I feel like since they think I’m so strong willed that they don’t have to put as much effort to helping me out as I do for them. The advantages of me being such a good friend is that I’m obvi-

ously trustworthy and reliable and those are great traits to have but the disadvantages are much worse. I sometimes forget to put myself before others and that makes it difficult to focus on my life and not theirs.

Solo Cups – While in high school, I went to many parties. I got to interact with my friends and also got to meet new people. Since I’m so outgoing, I really enjoyed all those parties. The solo cup really represents me being the social butterfly I became to be in high school.

to get my CNA, I had to wear gray scrubs. It represents me finally get my degree and all the memories I’ll remember from J.E.L.

Time Capsule Concert Tickets – All through high school I went to many concerts. I got to see all of my favorite music artists and had the opportunity to even meet some of the band members. Because I love going to concerts and being in the crowd while listening to live music, the concert tickets really represent who I am and my love for music.

Scrubs – Because I worked in the nursing homes while trying

Subway – First off, the BLT sandwich is by far my favorite thing to eat at subway. I would put it in my time capsule because it represents how every Wednesday I would get subway and watch a new episode of my favorite TV show, Duck Dynasty. Bed – Even though I loved always being around my friends, my bed represents my enjoyment of sleeping.

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Madison Chase

Volume 1, Issue 1

Memories Let’s be honest, I’m not the brightest blub in the tanning bed. Sounds a little harsh, but I do lack a little in the common sense department. It was my 7th grade year when I decided to stick my tongue to a pole in the middle of winter on the bus stop. After about 3 seconds, I pulled back and my tongue came right off. So I tried it again and this time I stuck

my whole tongue on the pole and kept it on there a little longer. The bus then arrived and my tongue was still stuck. Panicking, I took my fingers and pulled my tongue off the pole and ran to the bus. When I arrived at school, it seemed as if everyone already knew. People came up to me and lectured about how I could have lost my tongue like the

little boy in the Christmas Story. Well in my defense I never saw the movie, so there’s no way I would have known my tongue could actually stick to a pole during winter.

do my own laundry, and pay my own bills. Being in high school basically gave me an excuse to still be a kid. So of course I’ll miss seeing my friends every day and goofing off in class, but that’s not what I’ll miss the most.

I’ll miss being a kid and having no responsibilities. And now all those years I took school for granted are now coming back to haunt me.

my college intuition and personal expenses. My degree for becoming a ultrasound technician will require approximately six years of education. Two of them will go towards my x-ray technician degree, and the other four will go towards my bachelor’s degree in ultrasound. When I secede in all of my schooling, I plan on moving to Florida with my family and start my life there.

I’ll get an ultrasound job at a hospital in Florida and buy a house. Maybe after some time, I’d like to settle down with someone and start a family of my own, but I have to finish school first. I’m going to achieve all these goals by working very hard and by making sure I do everything I said I would.

What I’ll Miss Recently I had a wakeup call. After I graduate, I’ll be considered an adult. I’ll actually have to go into the real world and start taking care of myself. I’ll have to get a full time job, get my own place, feed my own self,

My Goals I have many goals that I would like to achieve in my future. First I would like to get my CNA job so I can save money up for my first car and a place of my own. I then would like to start college to become an ultrasound technician. While attending college, I plan on still working as a CNA part time to pay for

Madison Chase

Volume 1, Issue 1

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My Greatest Moment I was forced by my mother to take the CNA class at J.E.L. and I absolutely despised it. Every day I would tell my teachers how I hated the class and how I was forced by my own will to take it. Literally, no one thought I would end up getting my CNA by the end of the year, not even my mother. After a couple months passed I started to

actually like the class and the fact that I was helping people out in the nursing homes. I was doing things that I never thought I could be able to do before, like cleaning a bed pan or giving someone a shower. Taking this class has really helped me grow up and actually start taking more responsibility over other things than just myself. After a while,

my grade and attitude really started to improve and everyone could see a big difference in me. When the end of the year came, I passed my state board test and got my CNA licenses. From this experienced, I’ve learned not to come to conclusions so fast and try to make the best of every situation.

Kim Kardash and Kanye?!? It’s true. Kanye West announced on stage that Kim Kardashian is having his baby even though if you want to get technical, she still married to Kris Humphries. To be honest, Kayne and Kim having a baby doesn’t bother me like it does must peo-

ple. I think she has the right to have a child with anyone she wants without people judging her. Kim is obviously really excited about having her child, so why not be happy for her? Instead of people judging both Kim and Kayne, they should just

be happy for them and move on to other celebrity drama.

"Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!" Kim Kardashian entertainment/2012/12/31/ kanye-west-announces-isexpecting-first-child-withgirlfriend-kim-kardashian/

Miley, where’s your hair? Miley wanted a big change, and change is what she got. Cutting her long locks to an edgy undercut look really stirred up her fans. As soon as she tweeted a picture of her new haircut, fans had nothing but bad things to say. But still feeling pretty, Miley couldn’t care less

about her fans opinions and kept tweeting pictures of her new haircut. But why care what other people do with their own hair? If Miley likes it, then leave her alone. Why try to change someone’s style? It makes the person their own and unique, and that’s why her

fans like her so it wouldn’t make sense to judge her for it. http:// tvshowbiz/article-2187545/ Miley-Cyrus-haircut-Starshaves-head-rock-edgyundercut.html

'if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else's and it's going bye bye :)'

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Gun Control

Three Women Found

Good Day

Madison Chase

Volume 1, Issue 1

The United States is trying to ban certain guns in American. Guns that have a large magazine clip or the assault rifle must go in their opinion. Ever since the Sandy Hook shooting, guns have been frowned upon and gun control has been wanted. Politicians seem to think it’s the guns and not the people that is Over a decade ago, three women that were taken in their late teens have now just been found. Amanda Berry, one of the women, escaped from the house she was kept in and made a shocking police call. “Help, I'm Amanda Berry ... I need police. I've been kidnapped; I've been missing for 10 years. I'm here and I'm free now.” She demanded that

the problem. But if you think about it, the people are the ones who shoot the guns and make them dangerous, the gun its self is not the problem. Banning certain guns won’t solve anything; it would just make more problems in the long run. We should control the problem which in this case, the

people who are shooting the guns. Punishing them just makes more sense to me rather than banning the guns.

the police come before 52year old, Ariel Castro, came back home. He was then arrested and the women were check in the hospital and reunited with their families and loved ones. The fact that three women were kept in a house for over a decade and never found really scares me. It shows that people can get away with stuff for so long when

they shouldn’t be able to. It may sound horrible but I really do hope for the worst for the guys that were involved with this whole kidnapping.

“You know today I just woke up and I said You know instead of waitin' on a good day Waitin' around through up's and down's waitin On something to happen I just say We're gonna have We're gonna have We're gonna have a good day And all my homies gonna ride today And all these mommies look fly today And all we wanna do is get by today Heyyy, We're gonna have a good day And ain't nobody gotta cry today Cause ain't nobody gonna die today Save that drama for another day Heyyy we're gonna have a good day”

http:// m/blog/ watercooler/2013/ may/31/libertarians-enter -gun-control-debate/ blogs/lookout/threewomen-missing-decadefound-alive-234338530.html

Madison Chase

Volume 1, Issue 1

My Reflection on the song Good Day Of course since I love music so much, I obviously have a lot of favorite songs. But one song that really impacts me is Good Day by Nappy Roots. It starts out talking about how we shouldn’t wait on a good day to

happen; we should just make a good day ourselves. It says how sometimes we just need to forget about our ups and downs and just relax. Every time I listen to this song, it instantly makes me happy. The song

taught me that I can’t control others but I can control myself and what kind of day I want to have. If I want a good day, I have to make it happen and not wait for it to come around.

Regrets & Live and Learn

“Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.” I don’t believe in regrets. When people make a mistake and then regret it, I tend not to believe them. How can we regret something that

we wanted at that particular time? I think they say “I regret it” because it’s just convenient after the fact that they did something that wasn’t a good choice. I’m also a strong believer in “you live, you learn”, so the

fact that you lived and made a bad decision, helped you learn not to do it again. So when saying “I regret it” is basically saying you regret living and learning a lesson that could be very valuable later in life.

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Goodbye It’s crazy to think I walked into Fishers High School as a kid and walking out as an adult. I’ll never forget the four years I spent there and all the different people I met. But now it’s time to move on and start my adult life. So all I can say is goodbye and thank you.

Senior val portfolio  
Senior val portfolio