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Mia & Grues By: Madison Walker

One day there was a girl named Mia. Mia was eleven years old, she went to school everyday. She was a very adventurous girl. Mia loved an adventure. Mia lived in a nice quiet town ďŹ lled with an abundance of animals and plants.

It is Monday which means Mia has to start her week and attend school. Mia wakes up and gets ready for school. Forty minutes later she is now ready to leave. On her journey she sees a bear that is waiting to start some trouble. The bear’s name is Grues.

When Mia was about to walk past Gruffles, Gruffles jumped out in front of her. She is frightened. Mia needs to get to school fast but Gruffles is stopping her.

Gruffles blocks Mia’s pathway with wood. Mia tries to get over them but she is just too small. Gruffles takes Mia’s backpack which has all of her supplies she needs. Such as her journals, pencils, and crayons. He also steals her most important object, her homework, and says he is going to have her for lunch!

Gruffles also does a big, scary, and loud roar towards Mia. He also attempted to eat her! But, Mia managed to stop him, this let Gruffles know to never ever try to eat her again. Unfortunately he still had Mia’s supplies and she needs to get them back fast.

Now that Mia got her journal, pencils, crayons, and homework taken, this causes Mia to be unable to go to school.

Although Mia is small she stills strives to get to school. To do that she uses all her strength to move the wood one by one. Then ďŹ nally, her pathway was cleared. Now it was time for her to get her supplies back.

Since Mia was small she was easily able to get her supplies back. Grues hid her things behind his back, so Mia acted like she was going to walk around him, but instead she went under him. She successfully got her backpack!

Mia scared off Gruffles so that he would never return again. She has five minutes left to get to school, she needs to hurry. Mia has happily made it to school on time and she can’t wait to share her story!

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Mia & Gruffles  

Mia & Gruffles  

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