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The financial industry has seen some tremendous changes and developments over the past few years.

And that is why the individuals who are able to manage risks and money at the same time are the need of the hour.

FRM is a qualification for risk managing professionals who are involved in analyzing as well as controlling various types of risks like credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk.


Confused???? •

Confused as to where you will get all the answers to all your FRM doubts?

Well, don’t worry; we are here to answer all your doubts and queries.

Coming is the list of all the possible questions that may arise in your mind.

General FRM FAQ’S What is the time duration required for FRM Exam preparation? Candidates' preparation times will vary based on their prior experience level, academic record, and understanding of the concepts. Hence the exam preparation time is best dependent on individual efforts. Total preparation time can vary between 100 to 400 hours.

What are the career prospects after Certified FRM? •

Getting a FRM designation will help you differentiate yourself from your peers.

It will act as a validation of your knowledge of the tools and techniques of risk management profession.

You can get employed atBanking institutions Government regulating agencies Consulting firms Financial services institutions

Is work experience needed before giving FRM Exam? •

Yes, you need to have two year professional work experience before giving the FRM examination.


But at the same time there is no educational or professional prerequisite to sit for either part of the FRM Exam.

What is GARP, and why is GARP qualified to certify risk managers? •

GARP is the “Global Association of Risk Professionals “. It is the only globally recognized professional association for financial and risk certification and education.

It was founded in 1996, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization of over 150,000 individuals.

They develop, design, and administer certification programs that reflect best industry practices.

FRM FAQ’s on exam Registration Process Can FRM Exam Part I and Part II exam be given on the same day? Yes, it is possible to appear for both the exams on the same day. Part I exam will be conducted in the morning whereas Part II in the afternoon.

If I defer my Exam test date, is there a time limit on when I need to re-register? In such case there is no need to re-register. The procedure only postpones your Exam test date to the next available Exam test date. Hence your registration will automatically be made and a confirmation email will be sent to you. If one defers the May Exam, he will be automatically re-registered to sit for the November Exam.

Can one register for the FRM Part II Exam before Part I? No. You have to first complete and pass the FRM Exam Part I in order to register for the FRM Exam Part II. However, one can choose to sit for both FRM Exams Part I and Part II on the same day. But in such case you must first pass Part I before Part II to be graded.

Are the Exam fees refundable?

No. There are no refunds given, nor can the candidates transfer a registration to another candidate. However the candidates can defer their FRM Exam to the following exam date, by paying US$100 administrative processing fee for the deferral.

Is it possible to change the Exam site? Yes. The last day to change your Exam site for the May or November Exams is always the last day of registration.

What topics will be covered in the FRM Exam Part I versus the FRM Exam Part II?

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Frm faqs This article on FRM FAQs contains the answers to all the probable questions that may arise in your mind...

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