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2013’s Simple SEO Techniques to help small Business succeed Online For any business to flourish it needs to be constantly on top at least in few marketing channels to reach your idea customers like TV Ads , Paper Ads , Banner Ads on main roads etc . But most small businesses have either very low marketing budgets or no marketing budgets at all . In these scenarios you should look out for marketing channels which are cost effective and help you succeed .

Web is one such marketing channel , in order to get business leads out of web we need to have a professionally designed website and it should rank well on popular search engines like google , yahoo etc . For any website to rank well on search engine it needs to be optimized and fine tuned , this process of optimizing the website and promoting it in search engines is know as ” Search Engine Optimization ” or in simple worlds ” SEO ” . In this blog i will suggest you some simple seo tips which if implemented properly will help your business grow online and generate you more leads. Search engine optimization or SEO is primarily an online advertising technique which is utilized to increase your website ratings in the charts to make people flock to your website. Online marketing has taken on strong hold in the age of e-shopping and it has helped many Business increase their leads and revenue overall . Some good SEO techniques would be to post really crispy, well researched and factually correct contents on the websites. People should get the answers to their questions by reading through those articles.

Keyword distribution is another important factor in this aspect. If you don’t know what are keywords, they are words or anchor texts which are used throughout the articles. The nature of the product is greatly determined by the search engine rankings and the keyword density in a particular page . The content which is rich in quality and has a free flowing language attracts traffic to the website . It is also important to write original content and get it checked for authenticity by software’s like before posting them on the website. After the content is submitted share it on social networking sites like FaceBook, Linked in and Twitter. More people who use these sites will see your content and consequently visit your website. If you create a blog it is bound to get noticed and have a lot of comments. How about building backlinks? The search engine result pages of your website needs to increase to get the backlinks. Suppose you have a website and it connects to a site it would be called a back link by the latter site.

Use the keywords once at the beginning and once at the end of the guest post or press release or whatever the written content. Sprinkle some of the anchor texts in a systematic manner without cluttering the article. It should look natural and free flowing and not as if its stuffed with keywords. You also need to monitor your traffic and encourage people to post their reviews, feedback’s and comments on the forum. In this manner you will come to know the market response to your products. Visit other blogs and see their advertising techniques. The images and graphics should be kept simple and basic so that the site maps are easily navigable and the user can find your website at one go. For posting relevant contents and using appropriate keywords you can recruit professional writers to do the job for you, even some freelancers can help. There are SEO experts too who can monitor your search engine results and check the web traffic. However if you can write your own quality content yourself and manage the SEO well too you will have economized quite a bit on both these counts!

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2013's Simple Seo Techniques  

2013's Simple Seo Techniques to help small Business succeed online.

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