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Tips to Select Salwar Suits If You Are Short Salwar kameez is the most worn ethnic outfit in India. From young girls to aged women, everybody loves to wear salwar kameez every now and then. It is a part of their daily wear, party wear, wedding wear and office wear clothing, you name it and salwar suits will be available for that particular function. It is a sort of evergreen outfit, which is not going out of fashion ever. The designs might change, the prints might differ, the preferences might vary but basic style of salwar kameez and dupatta is going to be an essential part of Indian fashion.

Regardless of your height, weight or lifestyle, you can buy Bollywood salwar suits in any color or style you wish. However, there are certain style, which looks good on certain women and not others. While shopping for the perfect salwar suits, it can be confusing and tiring for some of the girls who are vertically challenged. I myself being a girl from that section have faced numerous troubles in getting the right salwar kameez, which makes me feel good about myself and not further short. To shop for the right salwar kameez, I follow these tips; hopefully they will be helpful to you too:


Length of kameez: while buying the ready to wear salwar kameez, try to keep the length of kameez a little longer or up to the knee. This will make you look taller. If you will wear short kameez, they will make you look shorter.


Sleeves: short girls should try to wear puffed sleeves. They tend to give you a taller appearance. Moreover, if you are a little overweight, which is mostly found in short girls, avoid puffed sleeves, they can make you look heavier. You can try simple sleeves but not longer than five inches.


Salwar or Churidar: avoid wearing churidar with short kurtis. If you are in love with short kurtis, wear them with salwar. Always use long kurta or kameez for churidar or legging. Bollywood salwar kameez online have a great collection with salwar and churidar options.


Color: try to have darker shades if you are vertically challenged and overweight. They tend to make you look slimmer and taller.

Instead of buying readymade salwar kameez, which is always a pain for us, try to get it customized according to your preferences. You can buy unstitched salwar kameez and get it prepared according to your heart, weight and likes.

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Madhu Jainwal is an expert writer having vast experience about the fashion industry. Currently, she is writing on various topics related to clothing like the Designer lehenga sarees, Buy Designer Salwar Kameez, Cotton Salwar Suits Online and others.

Tips to select salwar suits if you are short  

Most of the salwar kameez are predesigned for tall girls. Follow these tips to select if you are short and sweet.

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