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Tips for giving Modern Look to Traditional Silk Sarees Not interested in the traditional look so much? Give your traditional silk saree a fresh appearance with these tips. by

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If you are thinking that having a modern look in a saree is beyond possibilities, it is time to think again. Saree is the most evergreen outfit in India. It is worn in weddings, parties, functions, formal events, and even as an office wear. If you know the right way, it is very convenient and easy to obtain that modern look with the right saree shopping online in India. There is no need to spend more money on your shopping in search of that perfect look, but a couple of alterations and modifications will do the magic.

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In a traditional function, every girl or woman is expected to wear those traditional outfits. They cannot wear western dresses especially if it is a wedding or a special puja. If you are not at all interested in the traditional look so much or do not find it conventional for your personality, it is time to give those traditional silk sarees in India a modern twist. You do not have to follow any particular style or fashion trend; just make sure that it is according to the theme of traditional without the too much factor. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to give a modern look to the traditional saree: · Try dual colors: traditional sarees are mostly available in single shades with a dash of golden in them and lots of embroidery. If you are not into all these types of sarees, you can try on those dual shade ones or the multicolored sarees. Keep your blouse in one single solid shade instead of colorful if you are using them. It will give you a fresh look amidst all the women. · Go with sheer fabric: if it is traditional saree, it does not mean that it has to be heavy and thick. You can try those sheer fabrics as well for a quick modern appearance while doing Saree Shopping Online In India. Georgette, soft cotton, net, silk and several other such fabrics look tremendous on modern women. Moreover, they are easy to carry in a hot summery weather as well. · Mix and merge borders: in case you want to make your party wear modern sarees into traditional ones, take help from the old one. Cut out the border of an old unused saree and get it stitched to your modern one. You can add a contrast fresh traditional look to it. Make sure to match the border with saree before chopping it off. Turning those boring looking traditional silk sarees in India into modern outfits is not that difficult if you have the right ideas. Explore internet for some crazy traditional modern looks. Madhu Jainwal is an expert writer having vast experience about the fashion industry. Currently, she is writing on various topics related to clothing like the Designer lehenga sarees, Buy Designer Salwar Kameez, Indian Designer Salwar Kameez and others.

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How to Achieve a Modern Look with Traditional Silk Sarees

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Tips for giving modern look to traditional silk sarees  

Not interested in the traditional look so much? Give your traditional silk saree a fresh appearance with these tips.