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How to Take Care of Traditional Cotton Sarees

Cotton is grown on large scale in Indian subcontinent. Due to this reason, the textile industry uses mostly cotton to make the fabric for clothing. Over centuries, cotton has been in use for making cloths for the masses. From thick fabric to fine fabric, there are various types of clothing developed according to the season in Indian subcontinent. Dhoti, sarees are a couple of outfits created by using this fiber. What makes cotton apart from rest of the fibers is its quality of keeping your body cool in summer season. Indian subcontinent faces harsh summer season with extreme humidity, making cotton most suitable fabric for clothing.

Traditional sarees are quite popular in India for their cooling feature. They are worn as daily wear in the house as well as in offices by working women. Apart from this, cotton sarees embroidered with golden thread or weaved with other colored threads is also used in the fashion world as a stylish

outfit. Even after these qualities, it is sometimes very difficult to maintain these cotton sarees. Women end up with faded sarees with too soft fabric to be worn smartly. If you want to keep your cotton sarees as good as new, follow these simple tips:

Wash them in gentle detergent: never wash your sarees in harsh detergent solution. Chemicals present in the harsh detergent can steal away the color making the cotton sarees look faded and old. As you was your Designer Lehenga Sarees Online in gentle detergent, do it with cotton sarees as well.

How to take care of traditional cotton sarees  

Cotton sarees are quite popular as daily wear and party wear. Keep it safe for long by following simple tips.