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Great Tips on Opting For the Right Wedding Lehenga for You November 21, 2013

By: Madhu Jainwal

Category: Online Shopping

No doubt, India is blessed with the richest, fun and appealing wedding ceremonies in the world. Unlike in western countries where women mostly dress in the white gowns on their wedding, Indian brides don bright sarees or wedding lehenga cholis. The couple normally invites fifty-hundred guests and in the reception, there is a spell of customary dances, a few prewedding rituals and post-wedding rites as well. Bridal lehenga choli is one of the most appealing facets of holding a wedding ceremony in India.

Continuing the above, the origin of lehenga choli can be traced back to the bridal formation of Rajasthan, even though brides already used to dress in conventional Indian dresses since the earliest times. This outfit is quite multifaceted attire including a dupatta, choli, and the lehenga. With a great range of wedding lehenga cholis available in the market, most women get

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confused which one to pick. If you are planning a conventional Indian wedding ceremony, just read on the following tips and make out how you can decide on the lehenga choli to dress on your wedding. 路

The state in India you belong From: If you are an Indian bride, your adult ones will make out just which kind of bridal outfit you should dress in. This normally grounds on the province or state in the country you belong from. For example, a Punjabi bride prefers to dress in a Salwar Kameez whereas a bride from the Maharashtra wears a nine-yard sari. Women, who belong to Rajasthan, they are the ones, who always dress in a lehenga choli.

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The cut of the bridal dress, which should go well with your body type: Even though there are certain states in India where brides normally don a specific kind of lehnga choli, it is still up to you to decide on a cut & style that suits your body type well. Let us state that you are a small bride and you want to appear taller on your wedding. For this, you can dress in a lehenga choli matching with an A-line skirt. Other cuts obtainable consist of the fish cut, the umbrella skirt, and the mermaid cut. When it comes to fish cut skirts, these are just like the mermaid cuts of gowns dressed in by Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet.

The next aspect based on which you can choose one of the beautiful Indian wedding lehengas is the stuff that the bridal dress is made from. Contemporary designers employ a broad range of fabrics like net, chiffon, cotton, crape, brocade, silk and satin.

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Great tips on opting for the right wedding lehenga for you  
Great tips on opting for the right wedding lehenga for you