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THE FEAST OF THE PENTECOST 2011 Preparatory novenas Preface As the Pubuduwa steps in to the 40th year in 2011, the theme the Lord is giving us is ‘Holy Spirit I Adore You, I Worship You, Command me as to what I should do’ Let us thank and Praise God for the word given to us for the new year. Let us also be in the presence of this beautiful Theme and invoke blessings from God, the Father, Jesus the Son, our Lord and the Holy Spirit that we may all live this word the year through. As we keep this little booklet in your hands containing the ‘9-day spiritual pre-preparation’ we pray that it will help you to prepare yourselves for the Great Feast of Pentecost to be held on the 11th June. The deeper our inner spiritual preparations are the feast will be meaningful, fruitful and powerful. It is very important that we make this period a time of prayer. We would like to encourage you to participate in Holy Mass as many times as possible and also to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When you are chosen as a facilitator for the Preparations: 1. You can spend one and a half hours for each preparation. 2. Encourage the people to live the good news received each day. Before the word (food) for the day is shared give time for the people to share experiences of the previous day’s word.

3. You are encouraged to hold the 3rd day preparation as a semi-vigil until midnight. If possible try to do it as a community instead of a prayer group. (Shravaka Sangaya) 1

4. The person sharing the Word should prepare well in prayer and meditation. It is very important that you experience and live the word you will be sharing. 5. As the Pubuduwa steps into her 40th year, pray that there will be a further renewal in the Pubuduwa. 6. Please note that the hymn numbers recommended for the preparations are taken from the new Pubudu Geethanjalee. 7. (The Sinhala Hymn book)



01. Preparation: (A)

A father will always be concerned about his children. He will talk to them quite often. At times he will advise them, plead with them. He will exhaust himself in all possible ways to direct them in the right direction. During the past year what God the Father asked from the Pubuduwa as a son was to do His will.

(B) As a beloved son of God, was I during the past year, able to do what the Father was asking of me? In my conscience can I be satisfied as a son/daughter that I have obeyed His will? Though I was born in sin, , was I able to as a beloved son of God ,over come it’s temptations and do away with my own will and do the will of the Father? (C) To what extent did last year’s theme bear fruit in my family, which is the first community? As a Discipleship Community (Shravaka Sangaya), were we able to be like the Blessed Mother and be a handmaid (slave) before God and respond to His will and praise Him?


Even though you failed to respond 100% to last years theme “Naught Else but your will O Lord” if your were at least able to keep one step in your desire to respond to God’s will, let us praise God.

02 Praise: Let us be aware of God who is so intimately close to me, the Holy Spirit, and sing ‘Have Thine own way Lord’ and get into the praise.

03 Daily bread: John 4:31-34 Our Lord’s main vision of the earthly life is clearly seen in this passage. Whether it be a healing of the sick, performing a miracle, a teaching whatever the Lord did, it was all in the fulfillment of the Father’s will. Not only in life but even in the face of death Jesus demonstrated the deep heartfelt desire to do the will of the Father. This is clearly seen when we gaze upon the Lord. (Luke 22:42) In complete submission, loyalty and reverential fear of God His Father, the Lord Jesus journeyed without complaint towards the fulfillment of His Father’s will for His life. When the aspirations of the disciples and of those who associated closely with Jesus took different directions, Jesus did not permit Himself to budge even for a moment from His journey towards His father’s will.

04 Discussion: To which extent you were able to assimilate the life style of our Lord who obeyed God the Father not only in the midst of challenges faced in life, but also in the midst of death? How were we able, during the past year to die to our wishes and aspirations in order that we may obey the will of God the Father: Especially concerning celebrations of family events, demands of children and when important decisions regarding life have to be taken? 4

The moments when we were caught up in pleasing others and thereby could not give the Father’s will its due place - Ask forgiveness from God for such moments.

05, Soulful reflection: Close your eyes and visualize the Lord hanging on the cross on top of the mountain of Golgotha I can now hear and listen to the painful cry of Christ who obeyed the Father’s will: ‘Father unto your hands I commit my spirit’. Let us look at the manner in which the Son who obeyed His Father throughout his life finally surrendered it into the Hands of the Father: “It is finished” and bowing his head he gave up His Spirit – John 19/30 Let me also be present at the foot of the cross. His eyes are fixed on mine. He is reminding me of the ‘Grace filled’ gifts shared with me to live this life. The giver of the gift will be happy seeing the manner in which the receiver is using them. What can I tell the Lord looking at the cross? “Here I am Lord to do your will right at this moment ……………”

06. Throughout the day Before you begin to do anything stop for moment and discern whether it is the will of God. Before you say anything, ask whether it is according to the will of God. Even the things that make me and others happy, if they are contrary to the will of God, let us avoid them. Let us in supplication ask for God’s power during ‘My Hour’ solely to do His will

07. Final Praise : Recommended hymn – Hymn no 284 of the new Pubudu Geethanjalee or a suitable English Hymn. (All to Jesus I surrender) 5

Preparation 02 FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 “Holy Spirit is God, Creator - Let us Adore Him.” 01. Initial Praise : New Pubudu Geethanjalee Hymn No 319 – In English ‘Thou Art Worthy’ Sing the hymn soulfully and give our Creator God, praise that flows from our hearts.

02. Review (in small groups) 

Based on last years theme ‘Naught else but your will O Lord’ were you able to look at your life from yesterday up to this moment? (Share your experiences in little groups. If there is a possibility share a few of those experiences in common) Share the experiences of ‘My Hour’ and ‘Constant Awareness’.

03 Daily bread: Genesis 1:2 Governing the whole of creation making it Holy and also giving it life are the powerful works of the Holy Spirit. Why, because is He is God. The Holy Spirit is one in being with God the Father and the Son. He is the God who reveals the Mystery of the Holy Trinity. He is the ‘Life’ or the life giving breath enabling the mankind to experience Trinitarian Community life. (Genesis 2:7) Isaiah 44:24 Holy Spirit is the Creator God. The Holy Spirit was the breath of life that was breathed into the nostrils of man; He is the breath of God. The God who enlivens creation or the giver of life is the Holy Spirit.


Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is the community renewed by the Holy Spirit and rejuvenated by the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If not for the moving of the Holy Spirit, there would not have been a Pubuduwa. We received the grace of encountering Jesus Christ, associating with Him and beginning a renewed Christian life because of the moving/ action of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enkindled our life of faith. It is none other than the Holy Spirit Who led us and gave us power to fix our eyes, mind and soul on Jesus Christ and run the race for 40 long years. (Hebrew 12:2). It is God the Holy Spirit who gifted us the very special gift of ‘Pubuduwa Charisma’ and it is He who is directing us in conformity to it. (Ephesians 4:7) In the presence of this glorious, powerful and holy action of the Divine we forced to stand in awe.

04. Discussion : Talk about………  The understanding you had of the incomparable work of the Holy Spirit in the work of creating the world.  The relationship between journey of the Pubuduwa up to now and the insights we have received regarding the working of the Holy Spirit  What insights did you receive from the direction that you received today  Discuss them in little groups and share in common. Psalm 95:6 Let us in reverence offer Him our worship through our whole body, mind, soul and spirit. Hymn No 2 – Pubudu Geethanjalee – Namo Namo Suddathmeyaneni (If you can sing this beautiful hymn in Sinhala or else sing hymn to the Holy Spirit)


05. During the Day  

Say: “God, Holy Spirit, I adore You. I worship You.” As an aid to becoming aware of the Holy spirit throughout the day, let us focus our attention on seven obligatory activities of our daily lives and become aware of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the same. . (Speaker – Please remind the participants of the 07 relevant activities).

06. Final Praise.


Preparation – 03 FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 ‘The Holy Spirit remains and lives in me’ 01.

Initial praise:

We have been called to a journey to be being filled in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enriches the community with His gifts, fruit and Grace and makes us ever new. Therefore, in order that we may experience This ‘newness’ ever more, let us enter into praise. Hymn No 38 in the new Pubudu Geethanjalee (or suggest “ All over the world The Spirit is moving”).

02. Review: Holy Spirit is God the Creator. We experience that He is the Person who reveals the Mystery of the Holy Trinity to us and also the Person who renews the Pubuduwa. He is God Himself. Let us offer Him our praise and adoration. Share yesterday’s experiences on ‘My Hour ’ and ‘Constant Awareness’. (Share in small groups and if there is a possibility share a few experiences in common).

03. Daily bread: John 14:17 Jesus Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit. God the Father too, through 9

Prophets promised the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ fulfilled the promise. The Holy Spirit remaining within us performs His mighty deeds. As God’s people we are ones who know Him, because He remains in us and lives within us. To know Him as One who is living within us and to experience this glorious truth is in itself a powerful revelation.

1 Cor. 2:11-12 We come to know God the Father and the Son because of the presence and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Our experience as a community is that the Holy Spirit makes us powerful from moment to moment. Our life of faith becomes powerful because the Holy Spirit acts in and through every situation that we face. The Holy Spirit fills us with newness and makes us enter into a new life experience day by day Therefore, the Pubudu Community is a community that is well attuned to the rhythm of the Spirit of God. When we are in harmony with the Spirit of God Who is in us He gives us life. 1 Cor.3:16 – 1 Cor. 6:19 The Holy Spirit remains within us not because I am worthy; Because He is God’s promise for the faithful. Our community, the mystical Body of Christ is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells. The calling to become aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit within us is truly a gift that we have received. The Pubudu Community has accepted the experience of this truth as a very special calling. Therefore, let us journey into the depths of this truth.

04. Discussion: Share an experience where someone acted with a lot of understanding towards you. Have you allowed the Holy Spirit to be empathic towards you? Share your experience.


05. Throughout the day: Let me/us become aware of the Holy Spirit as my/our intimate friend throughout the day.

06. Final praise:


Preparation no 4 FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 “We live in the Holy Spirit”

01. Initial praise: The Holy Spirit comes to us showering upon us his gifts and blessings. The power to praise is also a gift from Him. Let us desire to be anointed by him with the gift of praise. Hymn Pubudu Geethanjali 5 Or the hymn “Spirit of the Living God”

02.Review: We were made aware how the Holy Spirit abides in us and strengthens us on a moment to moment basis and how He fills us with experience of newness by being our constant sympathetic friend .Discuss (2) Discuss your experiences of “my hour” and constant awareness of the Holy Spirit.

03. Daily bread: Romans 8:9 ; Corinthians 12:3 We have all received the call to live in the Holy Spirit. The person who lives in the Holy Spirit belongs to Jesus Christ. We who have been baptized have further been blessed to be confirmed by the sacrament of Confirmation. These twin sacraments’ invite us to a life of being in the Holy Spirit. (Epi 1:13-14) To live as a new creation in Christ Jesus is a result of living in the Holy Spirit.(2Corinthians 5:17).it can be surmised that the deeper we live in the Holy Spirit ,the deeper we are led into the experience of Jesus 12

Christ. The person who sees Jesus sees God the Father. Therefore it is important to realize what a powerful experience it is to live in awareness of the Holy Spirit? Romans3:5 The Holy Spirit fills our hearts with God’s love. We shall experience communion in community based on the Love of God, according to the depths we touch in our life in the Holy Spirit. The Pubuduwa was led into Community Life precisely as a result of our experience of living in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the font of all that is good; living in him directs us to a life of goodness. It is this same experience of the gift of ‘living in the Spirit’ that brought us, the Pubuduwa, through a Forty year journey of renewal that is going to lead us to touch greater depths.

04. Discussion: Share the experiences of the community journey which is ours as a result of living in the Holy Spirit. If we were led into a deeper experience of the community life through becoming aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit, share those experiences as well.

05.Throughout the day: 01.Let us live, move and have our being in the Holy Spirit. (Acts 17:28) 06. Final praise:


Preparation no 5 FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 “The Holy Spirit is our guide”

01. Initial Praise : Start with Pubudu Geethanjali no 367. “SITHA KAYA HADAWATHA”

02. Review: (1). We have received a call to live in the Holy Spirit. To the extent we live in the Holy Spirit to that extent we are taken into a deeper experience of a walk with the lord Jesus Christ. We reflected on the journey of the Pubuduwa in the Holy Spirit. Pl discuss (2) Share experiences of yesterdays “My Hour” and constant awareness 03. Daily bread: Romans8:14-15 While the whole of creation exists due to the action of the Holy Spirit, it is the same Holy Spirit who directs creation in order that it may fulfill the will of God for his creation. Creation has necessarily to fall in line with the Holy Spirit to reach fullness of God’s purpose ordained for it. Man the pinnacle of God’s creation is not only shown the way but also helped to achieve God’s purpose by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that leads man to claim his inheritance of Divine sonship; because it is the Holy Spirit who reveals the will of God and guides us towards obeying it. It is also the Holy Spirit who reveals Jesus Christ to us and leads us to the bosom of the father in and through his experiences. Again it is the Holy Spirit who shares what belongs to Jesus Christ with us; lights up our faith life; fills us with the gifts &fruits and leads us into the kingdom of god. The Holy Spirit was the divine guide of the Pubuduwa in its journey for the past 40 years. It is He who is going to guide us in the future. Let us ask for the ability and power to be conscious of His guiding hand, leading us always. Let us pray. 14

04. Discussion: 

Do you experience the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our ‘Praise meetings and ‘Community days’?

Please discuss an experience where the Holy Spirit led you to evangelize another person

Let us pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to take the correct steps to build up our praise group/ Community.

05. Throughout the day: What is the Holy Spirit requesting personally from you to build your community in the kingdom of God? Spend the day prayerfully.

06.Final Praise:


Preparation no 6 vFEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 “Jesus Christ was led by the Holy Spirit” 01. Initial praise : Let us become conscious of the presence of the glorious king Jesus Christ who gifts the Holy Spirit to us is amongst us right now. The lord Jesus succeeded so well in the ministry given to him by the Father because of his deep relationship with the Holy Spirit. Let us pray to Jesus to bring us into a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit. Pubudu Geethanjali Hymn no. 42 “AHASA POLOWA ATHARA RANDHI”

02. Review: (1).yesterday we looked at how the Holy Spirit who is the animator of the whole universe resides within us and guides us to achieve God’s purpose. Share your experience of how you were sensitive to the Holy Spirit yesterday. Share your experiences of instances when you experienced the guidance of the Holy Spirit when facing important and critical matters in your past life. (2) Share your experience of “my hour” and constant awareness

03. Daily bread: Luke 1:35 Jesus received the anointing of the Holy Spirit right from the moment he was conceived in the womb of His blessed Mother. Luke3:21-22 At the moment Jesus was baptized by John at the river Jordan, God the father anointed him with the Holy Spirit. Luke4:1 It was the Holy Spirit who led Jesus into the wilderness. Since that time Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was Jesus’ teacher and mentor. Isaiah 50:4 16

The close relationship between the Holy Spirit and Jesus was so powerful that it led the people into a deep experience. The joint action of the Holy Spirit and Jesus led to the fulfillment of the Fathers’ goal. Similarly the very life experience of our Lord and his ministry taken together was a glorious witness to a sequential supervision by the Holy Spirit. Jesus experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit desires to anoint us also with the same Holy Spirit. (Mark1:8) John 16:1-15 The lord Jesus promises the Holy Spirit who leads into all truth, because it was his own deep inner experiences. The guidance of the Holy Spirit contributed certainly to Jesus’ completely obeying the fathers will. Jesus cried out “it is finished” and sent his spirit on the new community of the new covenant. Reminding one of God’s breathing into the nostrils of man the breath of life at the beginning of creation. Genesis 2:7 John20:22 In other words he bestowed the Holy Spirit upon the community at the foot of the cross. The Pubuduwa which has received the call to be a community at the foot of the cross thus journeys into the depths community life.

04. Discussion: 

 

do we experience the leading of the Holy Spirit in our prayer lives? Share your experiences about decision making, responding to various situations of and gazing at Jesus in the same “Jesus Christ is the one and only lord of my life” Look at your past and share your experiences. Share the “foot of the cross” experiences, with reference to your personal and your community life.

05. Throughout the day: Read John 20 and gaze at Jesus.


Pray that you may develop a thirst to encounter the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

06. Final praise:


Preparation no 7 FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 “The blessed mother the chief disciple who yielded fully to the leading of the Holy Spirit” 01. Initial praise : The way the blessed mother praised God from the depths of her heart is of great assistance to our own praise of God. Let us invoke the Holy Spirit to give us also admittance into her experience of praise.

02Review: (1).We reflected on the Holy Spirit being Jesus’ guide and mentor and how Jesus was able to complete and fulfill his ministry by depending on his guidance. We also discussed Jesus’ desire to share that experience with us by anointing us with the same Holy Spirit. Please discuss. (2) Share yesterdays “my hour” and constant awareness

03. Daily bread: Luke 1:26-38 The blessed mother who was overshadows by the Holy Spirit and thus received the anointing of the Holy Spirit totally submitted herself to God’s will. She expressed this in the following words: “May it be done to me according to Thy word. Her response holds an unrivaled, special place in the history of salvation. Because it is a deep manifestation of a direction received from the Holy Spirit. It is no secret that right from the moment of the visitation to the moment of the crucifixion the blessed mother allowed herself to be animated by the Holy Spirit. In other words the guidance of the Holy Spirit became a deep experience in her life. She submitted, yielded and handed herself 19

over totally to the Holy Spirit. Because she acted in this remarkable way from the moment of conception of our lord to his death on the cross, she has become Mother of our Hope. She also received the grace to be Co-Redemptrix of our Blessed Savior. She is also the Type and the Icon of the church. Not only that, she is the doorway to the first gift of the charism of the Pubuduwa. She is also an essential element of the Holy Spirit coming down on the disciples at Pentecost as she joined them in the prayer of intercession. As the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa is a movement of the Holy Spirit she is constantly with us interceding for us at all times. She has been with the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa during the past 40 years to strengthen us. Furthermore she gifts us her quality of completely yielding to the Holy Spirit and invites us to be like her. She becomes an example for us to yield to the Holy Spirit.

04. Discussion:   

Share your perception of the first gift of the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa charism. How has it affected your daily life? How has the traditional Kithu Dana Pubuduwa teachings exhorting us to be like the Blessed Mother, practically influenced the way we relate to the environment and to the life of our society and nation ?

05. Throughout the day: Read reflectively Hebrews 12:1-3 several times and permit its essence to sink into you.

06.Final Praise:


8th Preparation FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 “Holy Spirit, what should I do?....” 01.

Initial Praise: God will inevitably deepen the faith and the life of praise in the person who chooses to live a life of faith. Therefore, let us praise God.


Review 

The Blessed mother surrendered her life completely to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and it is evident that her experience of the Spirit’s guidance in her life became deeper and deeper with time. Her experience is an entry point to the first gift in our Pubuduwa Charism. Therefore, she holds a place of great reverence and love in the Kithu Dana Pubuduwa. This point has been discussed in previous preparations also. (Discuss in small groups. If time permits share in common too.)

Share your experience of My Hour and being in constant awareness of the Holy Spirit.


Daily bread: Genesis 12:1; Hebrews 11:8 God called Abraham. He places his total trust in God and responds to God’s call. 21

Exodus 3:10

Hebrews 11:27

Moses accepts the call to be obedient to God’s commands. In Hebrews, chapter 11 it is revealed that the Old Testament is full of personalities who responded to God’s commands simply on the basis of their trust in God. They were ready to surrender their will completely to respond to God’s will as a result of their deep faith in God.

The response

given by our Blessed Mother based on her deep faith in God was a response that brought salvation to the world. This is because she had completely committed herself to the will of God. Jesus Christ fulfilled the will of God completely. What do I need to do? … It is nothing but the will of God. To do the will of God we need to constantly seek it. It is the Holy Spirit Who constantly reveals the will of God to us personally as well as a community. Therefore, it becomes essential to have the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know the will of God. Only the Holy Spirit knows the mind of God completely and therefore is able to teach us about the will of God. Finally, it is the Holy Spirit who is God’s trustee to gives us the power to put into action the will of God. Therefore, if God’s will is to be fulfilled, should we not constantly be seeking advice from the Spirit of God and come to an understanding about it? It is our belief that the Holy Spirit who fills us with God’s grace has also been leading Pubuduwa to do the will of God. This is our experience spreading across the 40 years of Pubuduwa’s existence. It is the Holy Spirit who has been the Guide that enabled Pubuduwa to do the will of God.


04.Discussion: 

How long since I/we entered the Pubuduwa journey?

Do you experience a growth in your thirst to do the will of God?

 Discuss how you permit the will of God to happen in your personal life, family life, and in the community.  How is your awareness about fulfilling the will of God in the country?

05.Throughout the Day “Let us be like the Blessed Mother” “Here is your mother!” - Let us become aware of the inner essence of this theme throughout the day.

06.Final Praise:


9th PREPARATION – FEAST OF PENTECOST 2011 Holy Spirit!…………….Command me.”

01. Initial Praise: We as the Pubuduwa community have been the recipients of innumerable gifts. We have been blessed with the singular gift of our unique Pubuduwa charism. We can lay claim to the legacy of a vast array of experiences related to Christian community life. We who are children of Holy Mother the Church need to praise God for the tremendous mission to which we have been called. Let us enter into praise singing Hymn no.434 of the new Pubudu Geethanjali hymn book. “I rest between and amongst the ten fingers of thy sacred hands”



We reflected on how total submission to the will of God is evidence of a deep life of faith. We discussed yesterday of how what is necessary is doing the will of God and how we must persistently ask the Holy Spirit as to what we must do.


Daily bread:

John 15:12-17; Revelation 2: 4-5,7; Revelation 3:15-19.


Group Activity: i. Break up into small groups and read the above passages reflectively. ii. What does the Lord command us to do? Share with one another. iii. Focus You did not choose the Lord, but He chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide. By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciples. (John 15:8) What is the meaning of bearing fruit? “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. This I command you, to love one another. (John 15:12-14,17) Briefly put in plain words the two passages from the book of revelation. Where do we stand in relation to what is stated in them.


Discussion: ( in small groups)

If I say that I have been called to a journey of Christian community I need to ask myself the question: “Am I trapped in my egoist self? How do I measure up as a member of the community?” Have I acknowledged the command to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Though daily praying “Thy Kingdom come….” What have been my priorities when making 25

choices in my personal and family life? Have we given up the mission that we accepted to engage in a way of life to liberate society from its enslaving system of false values and life-styles? Have we long forgotten the calling we received from the Lord to be the voice of the voiceless masses of the poor, destitute and the marginalized? Have we lapsed in our mission to be a people who loved society by challenging its consumerism by our simple lifestyle – dressing up in white for Holy mass and on feast days, simple weddings; protecting the environment? Let us share in common what we shared in our groups.


Final Prayer: Let us pray that we may be empowered to accept what the Lord commands and obey them during the new year that we have ahead of us.  Lord! Command us as to what we should do. Command us to take steps to put the word we receive from you into practice.  We the Pubuduwa is for the sake of our Holy Mother the Church, our nation and the whole of God’s Kingdom. Give us thy command as to how and what we should do towards this end.  Final Hymn no.192 “I raise up to You Lord myself, my community, my nation………” 26


Let us earnestly desire to hear the command of the Holy Spirit. Let us be sensitive to the mighty works of the Holy Spirit throughout the night and praise Him. AMEN!!! AMEN!!!



THE FEAST OF THE PENTECOST 2011 Preparatory novenas  

As the Pubuduwa steps in to the 40th year in 2011, the theme the Lord is giving us is ‘Holy Spirit I Adore You, I Worship You, Command me as...

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