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A Sales & Marketing Platform for Car Rentals

Online markets are crowded with Web Agents / Brokers selling car rentals at attractive low prices. While this has boosted online business, customers and car rental companies are facing the following challenges.

Minimal Information: Customers have minimal information about service providers during the booking process. Brokers/Web Agents' High Margins: Due to high volume of online bookings, agents are able to negotiate low prices from car rental companies and in-turn mark-up prices by 17-20%. This is leading to minimal differentiation among service providers and resulting in price wars. Minimal Branding / Marketing Opportunities: Selective service providers are promoted based on low rates.

Travelauto addresses the pain areas by providing a platform for connecting customers directly with service providers. Customers shall know more about service providers and make bookings with preferred service providers. Travelauto is not a booking agent so it does not alter prices quoted by car rental companies and collects fixed transaction fees from service providers, irrespective of type of cars and rental duration.

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Don't wait! Enroll Now! *Images is being used for illustrative purposes only provides a platform for Travel Transport Service Providers viz. Car Rentals, Limousines, Cab companies to sell/distribute their services directly to travelers without having to go through middlemen, agents and brokers.

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