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RFCurrent2000A Wireless Current Data Logger The RFCurrent2000A is a wireless current data logger with advanced features that make it versatile and viable for numerous applications. The RFCurrent2000A measures DC current signals when connected directly to the source, making it suitable for battery usage studies as well as energy monitoring. In addition, the device can be interfaced with flow meters, pH transmitters and other current output sensors. Readings may be converted into different units of measure and displayed directly on the device’s LCD screen as minimum, maximum and average statistics and more. Users can utilize the keypad to reset the statistics in order to track the readings over various time periods. All data can be downloaded to the MadgeTech Data Logger Software for further analysis. The RFCurrent2000A is one of the many products from MadgeTech Inc., designed and manufactured in the United States. MadgeTech data loggers are widely recognized for their cutting edge technology, solid design and affordability. The MadgeTech product line also includes data loggers and data logging systems to measure pressure, humidity, temperature, shock and more. The MadgeTech data logging software and monitoring systems are heavily used for pharmaceutical production, energy monitoring, food processing and many other industries. The RFCurrent2000A can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with the RFC1000 wireless transceiver to transmit data to a central computer or create a network of loggers to cover a large area or facility. To transmit data over a greater distances multiple RFC1000 transceivers can be implemented as repeaters so they can transmit data up to 1000’ line of sight between transceivers. The data logger network can include hundreds of data loggers, measuring a combination of different parameters such as temperature, humidity and more as desired for the location. There are 3 direct selection buttons on the RFCurrent2000A: the scroll, units, and wireless. They can be used as follows: Scroll

Use to scroll through readings, observe the average stats and device status information as it is displayed on the device’s LCD screen.


Change the units of measurement, A and mA Engineering Units.


When this button is held for 5 seconds, the wireless communication is activated or deactivated.

Manuel Reset Option

Press and hold the Scroll button for 3 seconds to manually reset statistics to 0 directly at the device. Any data that has previously been recorded will be saved.

The logger also features three LED indicators in green, blue and red to indicate when the device is logging or operating in wireless mode, or to indicate an alarm condition. Users have the option to use the alarms on two levels. Alarms can be configured within the software or programmed

specifically to the data logger. This allows the user to utilize alarms while recording in real-time with the added benefit of implementing features like email and SMS notification. Alarms can alert the user from the logger itself, either by flashing the appropriate LED, through and audible alarm, or through local LCD notification. An added value of the RFCurrent2000A and all MadgeTech data loggers is the power and versatility of the MadgeTech Data Logger Software. With the MadgeTech software, recorded data can be viewed in graphical or tabular formats, with summary and statistics views available for more in-depth analysis. The MadgeTech data logger software also exports to Excel速, allows for data annotation, digital calibration and more. Company Bio MadgeTech ( is a global company based in New England that has set the industry standard for data logger manufacturing and technology. Their products are used in many industries to measure current, humidity, temperature, pressure, shock, motion and other vital parameters that businesses rely on for their operations and continued success.

RFCurrent2000A Wireless Data Logger  
RFCurrent2000A Wireless Data Logger | The RFCurrent2000A is a wireless data logger from MadgeTech, the world leader in data l...