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Regulation Makes Diesel Emission Monitoring a Growing Priority An increasing number of federal, state and local rules regarding diesel engine emissions are making monitoring emissions increasingly important. Quality data logging equipment can help companies avoid running afoul of these new regulations. In recent years, various legislative bodies have taken a firm stand against harmful emissions from vehicles. California has passed some of the toughest laws in the nation regarding emissions, and federal National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE NESHAP) also increase the regulatory burden. To stay in compliance, companies reliant upon diesel engines need specific data logging software and hardware services in order to obtain the information they need to properly maintain their diesel engines. A quality data logger for monitoring diesel emissions will work with devices monitoring engine exhaust gas temperature, gas back pressure and RPMs, as well as a pressure sensor that keeps track of differential pressure across particulate filters. Monitoring this data will allow owners of the diesel engines to determine the right strategy for reducing diesel emissions, as there are several technologies available to accomplish this. Which method is appropriate depends on the engine’s typical load and duty cycle, and the temperature of its exhaust gas, among other factors. A good data logger will include several analog input channels to connect to the various sensors with which it will need to communicate. The logger will also need a means of connecting to a computer to download data. The latest data loggers use USB ports to connect to a computer, or to record data on a flash drive. A growing number of datalogging devices have wireless equipment that allows users to monitor them remotely from a central PC, increasing user convenience. An appropriate data logger for this application will also have the capacity to measure and record information over a period of one to four weeks. When seeking a solution for monitoring your diesel engine emissions, keep these parameters in mind. Be sure to consult your data logging vendor about their devices’ performance record and reliability, and ask if you have the ability to demo or rent the device before making a purchase. By obtaining quality, reliable information from a data logger, companies can make the adjustments and retrofits to their diesel engines necessary to comply with the law. As penalties for non-compliance can be costly, making the investment in good data recording equipment is a smart investment for diesel engine owners particularly businesses with fleets or commercial applications. About MadgeTech MadgeTech manufactures data loggers for a variety of industries. Whether food, aerospace, medical, transportation or one of the other industries we serve, MadgeTech can create a reliable, easy-to-use data logger that will improve record-keeping and accuracy. MadgeTech has been providing clients with quality data logging equipment,

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Regulation Makes Diesel Emission Monitoring a Growing Priority | Increasing regulations are putting a heavier burden...

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