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Data Loggers Provide Reliable Emissions Tracking

Overview New federal and state regulations make controlling diesel emissions an important priority for companies in the transportation industry. Collecting data on your diesel emissions can help you make the decisions you need to keep your company in compliance with the law. MadgeTech manufactures lines of reliable, easy-to-use data loggers transportation companies can use to get pertinent, accurate data on diesel emissions.

Diesel Testing Requirements As concerns about greenhouse gases grow, more states are requiring diesel emissions limits and testing throughout the state or in heavily populated areas, including: California Connecticut Arizona Wisconsin Utah

Arizona Colorado New York Tennessee

Why Diesel Emissions Need Monitoring While diesel is a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline, it still has environmental and health impacts, such as: • Diesel emissions can be carcinogenic • Diesel emissions produce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide • Diesel emissions contain particulate matter • Diesel emissions can cause ground level ozone

How Data Loggers Can Help Data loggers can record information concerning your vehicles’ diesel emissions. Using this data, you can determine whether your vehicles are within state regulations. If they’re not, you can make decisions that will help bring you into compliance with the law, such as equipment adjustments to vehicles.

The Best Data Loggers… …will work with equipment measuring these factors: • • • •

Engine exhaust gas temperature Gas back pressure RPMs Differential pressure across particulate filters

Data Loggers Also Need… • Analog connectors to link up with monitoring devices. • A USB port for easy data extraction. • Storage capacity for one-to-four weeks of information.

Adjustments To Comply With Regulation Using the information gathered by your data loggers, you can make decisions on how to comply with regulations based on: • The engine’s load • The engine’s duty cycle • The engine’s exhaust temperature

Choosing The Right Monitor To ensure you pick the right monitor, check for these characteristics: - Manufacturer with a reputation for reliability. - Wireless capability on monitor. - Opportunity to demo the device.

About MadgeTech MadgeTech, established in 1996, provides data logging equipment for many industries in need of reliable information collection and recording. Our data loggers serve the transportation, aerospace, medical and several other industries. We pride ourselves on well-made products, accessible customer service and tech support and hassle-free online ordering. For more information, visit

Data Loggers Provide Reliable Emissions Tracking | A growing number of states are stepping up diesel emissions requirements. Diesel monit...

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