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Social Circles - Designing a self-sustaining volunteering model -

Nikole' Puskas,  K1262996   MA  Design  for  Development  


I have  decided  to  research  and  go  deeper  into   the  field  of  psychology,  and  socio-­‐psychology,   because  I  would  like  to  understand  why  do   people  have  barriers,  why  are  there  many  who   would  not  volunteer.  I  would  like  to  know  their   honest  opinion,  without  any  pressure  or  making   them  feeling  guilty….therefore  I  decided  to  go   towards  psychology,  and  create  a  friendly,  easy-­‐ going  and  fun  survey  for  them…  

Socio-psychology InvesIgaIng society   Individual  characterisIcs  –  group  characterisIcs   Features  of  group  behaviour  /  interacIons   Reasonableness   CharacterisIcs  of  cooperaIon   Mutual  dependence  (how  do  we  affect  each  other’s   behaviour)   •  Rivalry   •  Social  interacIon   •  Prosocial  behaviour  (aim  is  to  do  good  for  others)   •  •  •  •  •  • 

Observations •  Importance of  communicaIon  in  our  lives   •  There  is  exisIng  interacIon  as  long  as  the  exchange  is   profitable   •  People  are  always  moIvated  by  money…take  it  out  of  the   equaIon  and  subsItute  with  other  –  be'er  –  things  to   moIvate  them  

The last  point  really  got  me  thinking  and  I   realised  there  are  be'er  things  to  offer  to   people  other  than  money…things  they  truly   crave  for,  but  cannot  buy  it,  get  it  easily…..for   example,  the  idea  of  bringing  blind  /  speed   daIng  and  community  work  under  the  same   roof….they  can  find  ‘the  one’  in  a  non-­‐ pressurized,  non-­‐sterile  environment,  while   doing  something  good  for  society….  

Lets create the survey! – psychology of survey making The statement  bears  the  evaluaIon   Order  of  quesIons  are  essenIal   General  –  special  influences   AssimilaIon  –  contrast   Atmosphere  of  the  ‘interview’   Influences:  people’s  feeling,  morale,  community  values,  public   opinion   •  Norms   •  •  •  •  •  • 

Aim: Get to know why wouldn’t people be willing to do community work? (factors of it) -> What would make them participate…

Hopefully a^er  I  evaluate  the  survey  it  will  point   me  to  the  right  direcIon,  and  prove  the  raison   d'étre  of  my  theory  of  offering  something  to   people  which  brings  real  values  in  their  lives  and   make  it  complete.  This  would  be  a  perfect  win-­‐ win  situaIon  and  based  on  good  experience  and   happiness  I  am  quite  certain  they  would   introduce  it  to  other  people  as  well….    


At the  Ime  of  my  presentaIon,  I  have  already   received  some  impressively  quick  response,  but   sIll  awaiIng  on  more,  so  I  can  make  staIsIcs   and  come  to  conclusions.  This  is  the  next  step,   which  will  be  a  big  help  for  the  Define  phase.  

Nikolett Puskas - Social Circles Presentation  

First presentation, for the discover phase.

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