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Tottenham Community Choir / Camden Market Business Owners

Being active, using my body supports me mostly at the moment Without my family it would have been hard many times

Be an example and promote your own experience

I don´t care much about other people. I am good at the moment. Problems from outside, not inside

Courage, wisdom and humankind. I offer my help wherever I can and people are thankful for my offer

Relationships with people - when they are bad you learn and move on

Survey on Mental Health and Wellbeing 1. Are you aware about mental health issues growing rapidly? yes / no / dont´know 2. How much relation you see between mental health and self-knowledge? no relation a lot relation 3. Are you currently doing sth. to change your life to be happier and learn about you? yes / no / dont´know 4. Where do you learn about a healthy lifestyle and mental wellbeing?

5. How do you think you can support change also for others?

1. be there (power of presence), listening, asking 2. sharing own experience, advise, be an example 3. sharing knowledge /time 4. discussion, communication, talk 5. creating awareness (photography project) 6. no change for others: 3

6. Do you think true happiness is linked to the concept of community? yes / no / dont´know 7. Do you agree with “Change the way you look at yourself and that will change the way others look at you.” don´t agree totally agree 8. Do we need spirituality to find happiness? yes / no / dont´know

Mikrokosmos Camden Market

Where do you think can we find people who would like to change? Body be active Mind keep learning

Planet Care

People connect

Are you doing anything for your personal expression? Place take notice

Spirit give People connect

(art, craft, music, creative activity)


What keeps you from changing? Red Marker: What I do now to stay healthy Blue Marker: What I would like to do more often in the future

no time

passive, disengaged

Priority Targetgroup Roughly 25-50 (core 30-40) seekers and drivers established in job / people who are forced to change (jobloss or in grief)

People who want to change healthy lifestyle

unhealthy lifestyle

actively engaged

People with “change� story

Everybody wants to be here!

Persona 1 - who wants to change (seeker)

Persona 2 - with “change” story (driver)

Claire-Helen, 32 London, Camden Town

Johnathan, 38 London, Hackney

Occupation Costumemaker for the BBC

Occupation Business Owner Fair Trade Tea / Coffee

Fears Worried about her economic situation. Sees many bad things around her, in her circle of friends people are depressive and very concerned. Very often she is stressed in her job working long hours. Doesn´t know why she ended up like this ... Pleasures Tries to keep her mind free by practising yoga and sometimes trying meditation.

Fears Is concerned about economic situation, politics, and the environment but through his engagment he feels overall positive and inspired that the future is going to be good. Pleasures His free time he spends mostly out in nature, going hiking and sailing with his family. He is actively engaged with his local community currently setting up a self-help bike repair center.

Persona 1 Barriers


- worried of job change or job loss - financial worry in unsecure times - gets lost in routine - no time, stressful job - works hard to keep living, london so expensive - negativity and complaints (hard to leave the comfortzone) - my friends around me don´t change, only few people, maybe they are jealous if I change?



- is already doing something (yoga) to feel better - sees positive movement and people changing and wants to be part of this movement (sense of belonging) - likes to share and communicate, socialising - looking for meaningful, fulfilled life

Designbrief “Promoting Wheel of Wellbeing�

Background: (Mental) Health issues depend on the personal situation of each person (environmental / lifestyle and genetic interplay) and on blow of faith (e.g. lost of a loved person, unemployment) are factors which can unbalance a person. Many times this means a change in several aspects of life. People are realising that their wellbeing depends on their lifestyle and are on the move. A deeper insight and support by people with similar experiences can help them on their journey. Targetaudience: Roughly 25-50 (core 30-40) established in job and who would like to be happier (seekers) but don´t quite know how. People who are forced by a change (jobloss or in grief) and might not yet know, that support would benefit them. Further people who already changed (drivers). Key problem: Where do we approach seekers and drivers and how can we create an intervention that works for both. A tool / intervention that is open enough for self development but also effective and helpful.

Designbrief “Promoting Wheel of Wellbeing”

Aims and objectives: Research reflects, people like to socialise and see the connecting aspect as the biggest catalyst for change. Further, people wish to be more physical active and felt that personal expression is important for their wellbeing. People identified as “drivers” saw it as challenging to be part of someones journey e.g. as their coach. The goal is to design an intervention (maybe some kind of toolkit?) or any kind of form that helps the seeker and in the best case connects him with the driver and at the end the seeker becomes a driver for others. Considering: - create an environment where self-acceptance / self-knowledge can flourish - trust, respect, joy - we like to learn by playing, umcompetitive and relaxed - we learn best if we realize we did it ourselves!

Define Anne Schoettle  

Wheel of Wellbeing

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