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Interior Design by Jump Studios for RED BULL Heaquarters London, UK 2006

Interior Design by HMKM for NIKE TOWN London, UK 2005

Orca Active for the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2007

Library by Jo Coenen Architects Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2007

Interior Design by Jump Studios for BLOOMBERG Heaquarters London, UK 2008

Design by FEEK for Virgin Holidays Heathrow, UK 2008

Sony Bravia lounges in London and Berlin, 2007

FEEK for the Univeristy of Edinburg, UK 2009

FEEK for B runel, NL 2009

FEEK for SHELL, NL 2009

FEEK for Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum NL 2009

FEEK for Leventio Museum, Cyprus 2010

FEEK for Virgin Atlantic, UK 2011

FEEK for High School Amsterdam, NL 2011

MaderaGarden feek_coated_projects USA