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Everyday use

•Her story revolves around 'Mama', Mrs. Johnson, a black woman residing in South America with one of her two daughters. It humorously shows the differences between Mama and Maggie, her younger daughter, and Dee, the educated one who looks down upon her American roots preferring 'African Origin'

Exposition •In the exposition, the story opens with background information about Dee and Maggie's life, which is being told by Mama

Rising action

• Dee arrives to the house with her Muslim boyfriend, Mama and Maggie are shocked because Dee changed her name, clothes style and manners. • Dee is looking for old things which were made by her ancestors

Climax • The climax is when Dee asks for the quilts so she can hang them up and show off her old-fashioned heritage; when Maggie passively agrees, saying that she doesn't need the physical quilts to remember her grandmother, Mrs. Johnson puts her foot down and tells Dee that she can have other quilts, but not these. Dee, in a huff, leaves, telling Mrs. Johnson that she doesn't understand.

Falling action

• The falling action in "Everyday Use" is very short and occurs right after Mrs. Johnson makes the decision to give the quilts to Maggie.


• The resolution is that "Mama defends Maggie by telling Dee that she cannot have the household items that she wants

Setting analySiS

•Family objects are the most important part of the setting in "Everyday Use." In fact, an argument that erupts over who will inherit two family quilts brings out two varying definition of the meaning of heritage and its value.

Mama Mama, the narrator of the story, is a strong, loving mother who is sometimes threatened and burdened by her daughters, Dee and Maggie. Gentle and stern, her inner monologue offers us a glimpse of the limits of a mother’s unconditional love Maggie Nervous and maladjusted, Maggie is a figure of purity, uncorrupted by selfishness or complex emotional needs. Severely burned in a house fire when she was a child, her scarred, ugly appearance hides her sympathetic, generous nature

Dee Dee is the object of jealousy, awe, and agitation among her family members, while as an individual she searches for personal meaning and a stronger sense of self.Â

Study guide • Who is the narrator? • Decribe the characters • What is the most important think for Dee? • What is the climax of the story? • Who is the author?


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