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“The Lottery” Weakness Is a Crime Written by Shirley Jackson Analyzed by Bella Barbiere


magine having a city tradition and gossiping together when you realize people are not what they seem? In the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson written in the 40’s clearly identifies weakness, impact on society and selfishness. Weakness was notable and often was a common thing written about in the 40’s. The villagers keep on doing the same lottery tradition and no one ever stands up for it wanting it to change. People back then did not try and voice their own opinions and disapprovals. So many people were held under so much power by their husbands and rulers they were too afraid to take a risk. Instead there is anxiety and fear of the worst to happen. Furthermore, there was a impact on society. When Tessie handed

in her sheet in blank and the villagers threw a rock at her head killing her it took a major toll on some people. Townspeople ganged up on Tessie following everyone else knowing it was wrong but felt they could not change it because of being under too much control. Additionally, selfishness is present. Mr. Summers was given the description, “He was a round faced, jovial man, and he ran the coal business, and people felt sorry for him, because he had no children and his wife was a scold”. He actually was a cruel ,selfish man who pursued to killed a innocent person. It shows how evil society is and how people in that time could be really selfish and only cared about themselves and entertainment. Imagine having a city tradition and gossiping with everyone on a bright summers day when you realize people are not what they seem?

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The lotteryfix  
The lotteryfix